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Common Problems with Northstar Camper

Common Problems with Northstar Camper

Northstar is a famous company in the United States that manufactures different RVs, including campers. 

Common Problems with Northstar Camper include a faulty battery that becomes dead early due to charging in a low ampere socket. It also has poor plumbing due to less space and faulty wiring due to short circuits or damaged cables. It has less space which can cause difficulty in adjusting luggage and other accessories. The alignment of the roof is also not suitable due to rubber material that can lose its strength after some years.

These campers have minor problems that customers need to know before purchasing them. However, many of their trailers are available in the market according to their latest technologies and features.

Battery failure 

The battery is the principal constituent of every RV to run all electrical appliances. They supply power to run your electrical devices.

During the trip, it is challenging for you if the battery becomes out of charge. You cannot enjoy the journey because your stereo systems also need power from the battery to run correctly.

People who use this camper complain that their batteries become out of charge after some time. This issue will come when you use heavy equipment in your vehicles like AC and ovens while charging.

In addition, they issue the drainage of the battery will also occur when your vehicle is not in use for a longer time.

The issue with batteries also arises when using a low ampere outlet of about 20 amp, causing the battery to become dead quickly.

Moreover, this camper has propane heaters and a control panel, always working inside.

The working of these two systems will drain power from the sources continuously if your vehicle is at parking.

Furthermore, these batteries are present in areas where the supply of air is not correct, which can cause overheating.

Due to overheating, the batteries will go bad cannot work adequately. You should fix this issue by properly checking the batteries before going on a long tour.

It is also better to charge them by using an outlet of high ampere that can about 35 amperes so they can last for a longer time.

You should also check the water level in your battery, or you can also use a generator in your RVs to charge the battery when they become dead.

Layout issues

The layout of this camper is good, but people complain that they feel difficulty adjusting their furniture and other accessories.

This camper contains many accessories, including refrigerators, ovens, and air conditioners. 

They also feel difficulty in walking because of less floor space. As a result, some people place their heaters and electric stove near their interior and furniture.

Due to congested space, the damages of different things will also occur due to improper air crossing.

Sometimes the wooden bed frame and cabinets are damaged due to incorrect air passing through them.

The other issue with adding too much luggage than their luggage carrying capacity will also add more weight to the truck’s bed.

People also face difficulty adjusting the things on the lower side of the end of the vehicle because you have to move all the accessories present in front of them.

Moreover, the furniture and other luggage will also damage due to their continuous adjustments and placement at different places.

You should resolve this issue by limiting the luggage in the interior of RVs; you should place one thing from heaters and an electric stove.

In addition, adjust the luggage wisely in your interior to save space. You can also limit excessive movement by labeling the different things and placing them in their respective section.

Dust accumulation

Dust accumulation is the major problem in these Northstar campers which can damage its different parts, and people cannot feel comfortable living in the dirty environment.

When sticking to people’s shoes, this dirt comes to the whole vehicle, and it will give a messy look to your entire interior.

The dust will also enter due to their open doors and windows. The dirt will also accumulate when traveling in areas with dusty air.

This issue will also occur when you drive in an area where dust is more, and you are at high speed. Due to dust, you have to move the material from one place to another for cleaning purposes.

The things can break due to their movement from their actual site and increase the maintenance cost.

The dust will also start to accumulate in your air conditioners, and it is not working adequately due to the presence of dirt particles in its coils and filters.

The spots will also form on the wooden floors if you are not cleaning them regularly. You should resolve this issue by closing the doors and windows while driving in the forestry area.

You can also place rugs at the entrance door so people can enter it after cleaning their shoes. You should also remove dirt from the upholstery of your sofas and chairs by using a vacuum cleaner.

Poor alignment of rubber roof

Roofs are the primary part of every camper to stay inside them and protect them from sunlight, rain, and dust.

The roofs of different RVs are made up of other materials according to the demand of their customers.

The roof of Northstar truck camper is made of rubber material to make them lighter weight so you can haul easily on the bed of pickup trucks.

In addition, the rubber material is also less costly, and they can absorb more energy during the collision and are less vulnerable during crashes and accidents.

Many people who use this vehicle complain that the rubber material roof is not aligned completely.

In addition, rubber has less durability and strength than aluminum, so that it can lose its structure after some years due to different factors.

All sides do not have proper alignment one is moving forward and becoming loose. The change in the integrity of its structure also occurs due to regular exposure to sunlight.

In addition, misalignment of structure will also occur when they become old because rubber has specific life after which it loses its original integrity.

You can resolve this issue by using campers whose roof contains fiberglass or aluminum material during manufacturing.

In addition, you can also use the ones made of rubber by sealing them adequately to increase their life and prevent damage from the heat of sunlight.

Poor plumbing and wiring

The RVs also include water supply, pipes, faucets, hoses, and a proper wiring system to supply electricity to the whole interior.

The hose of the water pipes starts to leak after some time when they become old. In addition, hoses in the kitchen also begin to leak early due to overheating during cooking.

The wires are also necessary to run the Wi-Fi and other stereo systems to make the trip enjoyable.

When the problem occurs in their cables, they cannot supply proper electricity to run these systems.

In addition, these cables can damage due to short circuits, the surge of electrical supply, overheating, and when they become old.

Some people also complain that their electric sockets are not working well when charging their electrical appliances.

The issues in sockets come due to faulty wiring or blown fuse, which can cause tripping when you insert the switch of the AC and oven simultaneously.

You should resolve this issue by hiring a plumber to recognize the faults of the water supply and hoses.

If damaged, you can also check the wiring and remove them and replace them with new ones.

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