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Common Problems with Fleetwood Elkhorn Truck Camper

Common Problems with Fleetwood Elkhorn Truck Camper

Fleetwood Elkhorn truck campers launched in 1993, and they became famous among people due to their comfortable interior. It is not in business due to some issues with their RVs, but people who have purchased them are using their campers.

Common Problems with Fleetwood Elkhorn Truck Camper include leaking of its roof due to poorly sealed roofs of plastic material. The knobs of their cabinets also get separated after some time and cause issues while opening and closing the cabinets. The floors and walls of these campers are of poor quality. 

Moreover, people also like to purchase them because of their side door, which is beneficial. In addition, they are lightweight that they are easy to attach to the truck’s bed.

Roof leakage problems

The roof of these campers is made of wooden and plastic material to make them lightweight and more resistant to weather.

This material is beneficial because they are less costly, durable, and long-lasting. These campers launched in about 1990s that’s why they contain these materials because people in those eras preferred the lighter ones.

The manufacturing industries seal all types of construction material to prevent leakage from different areas.

The seals start to damage after some time due to different reasons. The seals of the roof damage easily when you park them in an open area with rainwater.

Due to cracks in the roof, the rainwater can quickly enter the roof, damaging the other parts.

The camper’s interior is exposed to moisture for a long time which can also increase the growth of molds there.

The increase in moisture level also disturbs the working of blower motor during winters; the walls remain cool and disturb people’s sleep due to coldness.

Many people complain that the roof racks present on their upper side also damages which can also cause water entry from the upper side.

In addition, he also told me that the bed present in their interior side remains cool, and their last layer becomes damp due to high humidity levels than average.

You should resolve this issue by properly sealing the exterior side of the camper. In addition, you can also use a dehumidifier in your living rooms to reduce the moisture level and bring it to be normal.

You should also check and tighten the bolts if leakage is from damaged roof racks.

Small size 

Some people like small campers because they think these are better choices than staying in a tent during nighttime.

Many of the people complain that they cannot be able to adjust their luggage and other accessories in a small area.

They feel difficulty walking after placing their furniture, which can take maximum interior space.

In addition, many people, when putting queen size beds for their families in these RVs, it becomes challenging for them to get in and out of bed.

In addition, it also has less luggage carrying capacity while people need more luggage when they want to stay for a maximum of a week during their holidays.

It will also cause an issue because it has a small water tank due to its smaller size, which can hold less water, and it is difficult to refill the water in the tank.

The bathrooms roofs also have less height, and tall people can face a problem when taking a shower.

The other drawback due to their small size is that you should have to adjust less luggage in them and it also has less sleeping space for more than 4 to 5 people.

Due to their small size, you cannot place luxurious accessories in them.

You can resolve this issue by adding less furniture; you can also use a simple mattress for sleeping rather than a bed frame which will take more space.

You should also utilize the same area for family gossip and dinette. It will also be better to place things on top of one another to use less space in cabinets.

Poor quality floor

The floors of Fleetwood Elkhorn truck campers are made of wooden material to give them a finishing and luxurious touch.

Moreover, they are easy to clean and less costly to repair in case of any damage. 

People complain that when they place heavy luggage at one side for a longer time, the wooden floors start to sag due to their less strength and durability.

In addition, the problems in floors also come that they become soft and spongy from the kitchen area due to regular exposure to water.

The wood also rots from the corners of walls and other areas where the air crossing is poor. Due to poor air crossing, the moisture accumulates in the corners and causes rotting of wooden floors.

Moreover, the walls of these campers are also of poor quality, which can provide poor insulation, and they remain cool during winter days.

In addition, due to their poor quality, the water dripping from the roof affects them badly, and they start to crack, and different sites and holes are also formed in them. It is common to see soft spots on the camper floor.

You should resolve this issue by properly sealing the floors with a high-quality sealant so water cannot enter the subfloor layer.

If you feel sagging at one side of the floor, you can consult the plumber so he can resolve this issue. You should also prevent the walls from regular exposure to water to increase their life.

Less warranty

The company stopped producing these RVs after 2005 due to different issues and decreasing market demand.

They have launched other campers that are of good quality and have the latest features according to the demand of people.

Many of my friends complain that it becomes very costly to repair their parts. In addition, their parts are not readily available in the market, which is challenging.

In addition, the company cannot benefit them by repairing the damaged parts of their vehicles. They have to fix the faulty parts independently, which is costly.

Some parts of the campers are unique and only available in the customer care centers of these specific vehicles.

If any specific parts get damaged, people face difficulty buying them from another market because they are not available at other shops.

You should use them with proper maintenance to decrease the repairing cost. It is also better to recognize the faulty parts early to prevent further problems.

Weak cabinet knobs

The cabinets in the Fleetwood Elkhorn camper contain knobs of different designs which people can grasp to open and close. These knobs are attached to the cabinets by nuts and bolts.

Sometimes these knobs become weak and come out from the cabinet. They get separated because of loose screws that are not adequately secured.

People face difficulty in opening and closing their cabinets without these knobs. Sometimes the low quality of wooden material can also cause this issue.

You should resolve this faulty by adequately tightening the knobs when they become loose. You can also use good-quality nuts and bolts to secure them appropriately.

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