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Common Problems With Alliance RV

Common Problems With Alliance RV

Alliance RVs are common among people due to their broad interior and luxury designs. These trailers have minor issues, but you can ignore and fix them with minimal repair costs.

Common Problems With Alliance RV include the separation of awning seals, disconnected wires of slide-outs, low-quality wood of drawers, and poor working of ovens. Furthermore, you can also face issues due to broken refrigerator locks, moldy walls, faulty recliners, and faulty remotes of fireplaces. 

RVs are a costly investment, so it is necessary to check the reviews when you want to make a purchase. It gives a rough idea about their reliability and durability.

Alliance RV problems Solutions
Separation of awning seal Reweld the awning seams
Issue with cables of slide outs Check wirings of slide outs
Drawer problem Add plywood in bottom region
Oven not working Check propane level in tank
Poor plumbing Seal the leaked lines with tape
Poor heating of the bedroom Remove dust from heat vents
Broken refrigerator lock Open and close the doors carefully
Moldy walls Turn on exhaust fans for air circulation
Recliners stop working Add new recliners
Faulty fireplace remote Change batteries of fireplace remotes

Separation of awning seal

The seals are the stitching points that connect the awning fabric and keep them in its place. These are electric awnings; the seam is welded on their fabric material.

Many people complain that seam strips on the fabric start to separate and cause an issue. The fabric also gets separated and sags on the rear end.

The welding of the seams loses its strength after a specific period. Moreover, dust accumulation and water exposure also damage the welding of joining ends.

Exposure to sunlight during summer causes the seams to separate. Clean the awning seal and remove dust from its surface.

Protect the welded material from rust because it destroys the metal material completely. You can also reweld the joining points to assemble the fabric.

Issue with cables of slide outs

Slide-outs stop working and cause an issue when you open and close them. Many people complain that they cannot close them completely.

These are the electric component and are operated by the motor. The motor sends power through several wires for their opening and closing.

Sometimes the slide-outs do not open or close when you press the switch. The issue comes due to disconnected wires and poor power supply.

The wires get disconnected due to frequent opening and closing and jammed components. Moreover, driving on bumpy roads causes this problem.

The faulty wiring harnesses cannot supply the power from the motor to this component. Therefore, it is better to check the wirings when you cannot operate them with a switch.

Rejoin the cables that are not connected properly and secure them in their place.

Drawer problem

The drawers of these RVs are constructed with low-quality wooden material to decrease the overall cost and introduce the cheaper variant in the market.

You can see the noise from the drawers during driving because of their poor adjustment. Also, the bottom part or base starts to sag when you add heavy accessories because of low-quality wood.

In addition, you can see the stain marks and yellowing of wood after some time. Drawers also come outside when your drive on unpaved roads.

The rail mechanism of the drawers also fails after some time, and these can fall on the floor. You can fix the issue by using the plywood piece to support the lower bottom end.

Install the new rail mechanism for smooth movement.

Oven not working

Propane gas is used to operate the electric accessories in these trailers, including the oven. The primary issue comes with working ovens, which suddenly turn off.

These turn off after 5 to 10 minutes when you put your food in them. You can face the problem because of propane tanks and their supply lines.

The decreased propane levels in the tanks produce insufficient heat and cause them to shut off. Moreover, the propane supply valves become faulty and cannot ensure enough supply.

Sometimes these valves get stuck at the close position and inhibit the propane supply. You can fix it by checking the gas level in the propane tank.

Open the propane supply valves if closed and change the faulty ones.

Poor plumbing

The plumbing lines in these RVs are also very bad, and you can see gray and blank tank water mixing.

Mixing this water is challenging, and it occurs due to the poor fitting of two separate lines.

You can also see the leakages from the pipe, but these are hard to identify. People often face issues with the water supply because of their poor valves.

You can see that no water is coming from the kitchen or bathroom faucets. The problem comes due to faulty supply valves of the black tank.

Moreover, water supply issues also come when there is insufficient water in the tank due to leakage in plumbing lines.

You can fix the issue by identifying water leakage in the plumbing lines. Moreover, check the valves of the black and gray water tanks.

Sela the small holes with aluminum tape, but it is not the permanent solution.

Poor heating of the bedroom

It is challenging to survive in a cold room during cold and snowy winter days. The temperature is too low, and you cannot feel comfortable there.

The heater fans are weak and not working correctly to warm up the different areas. The weak fans are not enough to provide cold air in your bedroom.

Sometimes the fans stop working and cannot raise the temperature of the interior. In addition, the fans become weak due to their frequent use and faulty motors.

You can fix this issue by removing the dust and debris from the heat vents for enough flow of warm air. Seal the doors and windows of the room properly to prevent heat loss from these areas.

Broken refrigerator lock

You cannot close the refrigerator doors of these RVs properly because of their broken locks. It can cause the loss of cooling to the outside and cause spoilage of food.

The locks can break due to improper handling, poor installation, and the use of low-quality material. You can face this issue when you use the wrong key to open refrigerator locks.

The frequent closing and opening to put foodstuffs cause them to break. Moreover, temperature also causes the malfunctioning of the weathering strips.

The side strips become weak due to their age and accumulation of dust. You can prevent the door locks from going bad by regular cleaning.

Open and close them carefully because they can cause the strips to come off.

Moldy walls

Water leakage is common near the walls, which can cause molds to grow there. Moreover, molds grow on walls because of high condensation and humidity.

The AC fans of these trailers are weak and cannot supply enough air to remove humidity from the interior. In addition, the molds can damage the furniture and floor plans that are made of wooden material.

The leakage through internal lines of the plumbing system increases the humidity and makes the place favorable for mold colonies.

You can fix the issue by opening the air vents and turning on exhaust fans to remove humid air. Reduce the moisture by checking the plumbing system and leakages from the roof side.

Recliners stop working

Recliners are present in the Alliance RV so people can rest on them when they get tired of long trips.

The recliners are of low quality and stop working after some months. These stop working because of their poor assembly and faulty internal components.

You cannot recline them when you want to rest or work while sitting on them. The poor wiring of these sofas makes them bad.

You can fix the problem by checking the wirings and sockets of this furniture and that these are fine. Moreover, add the new high-quality recliners to have a comfortable time.

Faulty fireplace remote

Alliance RVs come with an electric fireplace so people can gather around them during cold and winter days. It can make the interior cozy, and you can also cook something on these.

The fireplaces need electricity for their functioning and are operated by remote. Sometimes the electric connections and wiring are fine, but you cannot turn them on.

The problem comes due to the faulty remotes that cannot start them. Weak or dead batteries of the remote cause malfunctioning.

Moreover, signaling issue comes when metallic objects cause interruption. Change the remote’s batteries when you have to press the on button multiple times to turn on fireplaces.

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