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Common Problems With Little Guy Mini Max

Common Problems With Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy Mini Max is a small camper that is lighter in weight and easy to tow with any vehicle. People prefer to select them because of their high-quality hardwood. The wooden accessories are made of maple wood, which is durable.

Common problems with Little Guy Mini Max include less width of the awning, small size, and issues with window screens. Moreover, you can face issues due to rusting and chipping of the front end, less water tank capacity, and less space under the table.

You can keep the campers clean and regularly service them to avoid any issues. In addition, you can increase the durability of the parts by maintaining them properly.

Little Guy Mini Max Problems Solutions
Less wide awning Use free-standing awning
Less space Add rugs and prefer floor bedding
Window screens issues Patch holes to prevent UV light
Chipping and rusting on the front side Tow the campers carefully
Less capacity of water tank Use disposable utensils
Less space under tables Add legs under the table

Less wide awning

Awnings are the extensions present on the side of the RV to protect the exterior from ultraviolet radiation.

You can open this extended area while sitting outside in rainy weather. It provides shade and prevents sun heat when you want to enjoy an open space.

It also reduces the direct entry of heat and ultraviolet radiations inside the cabin. In addition, it protects the furniture and carpets from fading because of the inhibition of UV radiation and heat.

The awnings in these campers are of a shorter size and cannot cover the whole interior. So the company added the smaller ones because of their size.

Moreover, a size reduction also reduces fabric costs. You can fix the issue by purchasing the free-standing awning from the market and keeping it with you during camping.

Foldable ones are also available in markets and take up less space in your RVs. These contain a free-standing base and provide shade.

You can select the size according to the size of the window and the space you require for sitting outside.

Less space

Many people do not want to select this camper for camping because it is less spacious. In addition, the interior is not roomier, which causes an issue with walking.

You cannot add extra accessories to them because of the limited space. The beds are also of small size and have less distance between the mattress and the roof.

The limited distance between the mattresses and the roof cause problem for people getting in and out of bed.

It is unsuitable for tall people because they cannot feel comfortable sleeping on these beds. In addition, they cannot sit on the bed because of the lower height of the roof.

It is the manufacturing fault, and no such method can increase the interior space. Instead, the company makes them smaller, so it becomes easy to tow them.

Decreasing weight for better towing is necessary so it cannot damage the other vehicles. You can fix the space issue by removing the bed from the interior and prefer floor bedding.

Use the carpets and rugs for sitting rather than the sofas and chairs present in the dinette area. Floor bedding and carpets provide accommodation for more people while consuming less space.

Window screen issues

Window screens cover the windows and stop the entry of foreign materials from outside.

Window screens have holes that allow the entry of bugs inside that can damage the various parts and furniture.

Moreover, these holes also cause the entry of dust into the interior cabin, and you have to clean them frequently.

Holes in window screens come when wind collides with their surface. In addition, these are also age-related holes that are hard to repair, and you have to replace them.

Direct exposure to sun heat and UV lights weakens these screens and produces small holes. You can fix the issue by patching small holes using a needle and thread.

It is necessary to replace them if the holes are larger to prevent the entry of bugs and dust. You can also patch the damaged area with a new window screen.

Chipping and rusting on the front side

Many people face chipping of paints on the front side of these Little Guy Mini Max campers, giving them an old look. The paint starts to chip because of the excess moisture.

The paint layer starts to chip when these are exposed to a humid environment. In addition, the issue also comes due to manufacturing faults and poor surface preparation.

Applying paint with poor surface preparation and without removing dust makes the paint layer less adhesive and starts to come off after some months.

The exterior layer of paint starts to come off, and scratches are also present on them during towing.

Scratches cause metal exposure to the environment, and you can see oxidation there. In addition, it produces brown marks on the front side due to rust.

Chipping also comes due to a damaged fiberglass layer and improper seals. You can fix the issue by protecting it from scratches and exposure to water.

Tow the campers carefully to avoid any scratches on the front side.

Less capacity of water tank

These campers have small tanks of freshwater because these are less spacious.

The water tanks can only store 18 to 20 gallons of freshwater which is not enough for long trips. Moreover, it is hectic to unload the tanks, fill them with water, and reload them again.

The tanks have less freshwater capacity because they can increase the weight of these campers and make them heavy.

You cannot use water freely to shower, clean, and wash dishes. You cannot increase the capacity of these tanks but store water in small containers.

Moreover, you can fix this issue by limiting the use of water. Use disposable utensils for eating purposes so you can waste them after eating.

Less space under tables

Tables that are present near the dinette area of the drivers have less space under their legs. These are screwed with floors and do not have legs for accessories storage.

Little Guy Mini Max is less spacious, so you cannot store anything under them. Moreover, it also causes a problem for tall people to sit near them.

It is highly uncomfortable to sit near these tables because of the less space to relax the legs. However, you can increase the height of the tables by adding legs on their lower side.

Cut the four pieces of wood and screw them on the bottom side of the table using bolts and nails. You can cut the wooden pieces according to the required length.

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