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Common Problems with Chevy Traverse

Common Problems with Chevy Traverse

Chevy traverse is a midsized, crossover, comfortable and appealing SUV with 7 to 8 seats by providing comfortable trips and traveling. 

Also, the 3.6-liter V6 engine provides high-speed conditions at several miles but has a higher tendency for technical engine and cabin problems. 

Furthermore, inadequate engine performance affects fuel level and frequent tank filling. Also, it destroys the user budget and develops frustration. 

However, the 2009 to 2015 models comprise disastrous problems, and later the manufacturer resolved the recalls and upgraded the systems, but problems still exist. 

Chevy Traverse has common problems of faulty transmission, malfunctioning engine, smoking hood, inadequate acceleration, and noise production. Also, it has an inappropriate speed range, frequent engine light warning, stalling, faulty spark plugs, and engine misfires. Furthermore, these SUVs have a vast range of faults with constant power loss, high fuel consumption, and broken seatbelts.

In addition, the SUV has an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years with an annual mileage of around 16000 to 17000 miles.

Also, the repairing of engine and transmission problems costs you around $350 to $750. Also, it varies depending on the severity of the malfunction.

Furthermore, 14% to 16% of American users replace the old models with the latest upgraded SUVs and avoid all problems. 

Moreover, faulty brake system and the worst engine efficiency increases accidental situations, and it is a constant threat to human life. 

Also, the constant shaking, trembling, and engine vibrations turn on the warning light and indicate the driver about the engine faults. 

What are the different models of Chevy traverse with their problems?

I have mentioned all models of a Chevy traverse from 2009 to 2021 with their problems. If you plan to buy a Chevy SUV, the below data is beneficial for you.

Go through the data and check the pros and cons. It saves money and time consumption without any accidents and driving fear. 

Also, contact an expert, take guidelines about the required variant, and select them accordingly. 

2009 Chevy Traverse problems

Generally, the 2009 model is the first SUV with a stylish appearance, appealing interior, and multiple other facilities. However, it has a pattern of steering wheel problems with inappropriate control. 

Also, the mechanical fault appears while the model completes around 112000 miles to 113000 miles. 

  • Inappropriate wheel turning
  • Sudden steering wheel failure
  • Insufficient handling
  • Transmission failure
  • Expensive repairing costs
  • Broken brakes and inefficient control system
  • Stalling at acceleration
  • Challenging start 

2010 Chevy Traverse problems

The engine failure is one of the most prominent problems in this model, with inadequate SUV performance, inappropriate miles, and faulty speed conditions. 

  • Faulty air conditioner
  • Failure of heater
  • Engine failure with blown-out motor
  • Inappropriate speed
  • Steering wheel issues
  • Frequent engine light turn on due to internal engine damages
  • Issue of timing chain code
  • Power lose while driving

2011 Chevy Traverse problems

Typically, the 2011 variant can cover around 210000 to 220000 miles without technical machinery problems. 

But, it has engine failures, turbulence, and inadequate speed faults at 71000 to 72000 miles. 

  • Inappropriate lifespan
  • Engine failure
  • Frequent turbulence and faulty acceleration
  • The engine takes more time to start
  • Engine stalling
  • Expensive repairing procedures for minor issues

2012 Chevy Traverse problems

People have reported several complaints about the brake system and faulty drivetrain. Also, the engine compartment is not stable and results in multiple repairing procedures.

The manufacturers resolved a few recalls, but the faults originate in this model. 

  • Inappropriate performance of steering wheel
  • Damages in the engine cylinders with constant stalling
  • Excessive consumption of oil with a few miles
  • Faulty timing chain and frequent replacement
  • faulty timing chain with engine light turns on
  • Faulty spark plugs and malfunctioning electric passage
  • Frequent misfires

2013 Chevy Traverse problems

One of the most problematic categories of this variant is the electric passage, electronic features, and voltages. As a result, multiple feature failures happen at different speed conditions. 

Across the USA, 2013 Chevy traverse users have reported around 20000 complaints in the last year. 

  • Power loss with engine faults
  • Engine light indications and warnings
  • Traction loss
  • Unsafe driving conditions

2014 Chevy Traverse problems

It is one of the most unfortunate models with several issues, inaccurate performance, and multiple repairing procedures.

Also, it suffers from various engine faults with failure and broken components. In addition, a few prominent faults are as follow that made it one of the worst SUV model.

  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Destroyed fuel economy with disturbing user budget
  • Broken seat belt with inaccurate performance
  • Faulty airbags with safety hazards
  • Power loss and sudden engine failure
  • No speed control

2015 Chevy Traverse problems

Typically, it is one of the most advanced, competitive, and vast SUVs but has several technical problems. Also, these issues are resolvable but absorb a lot of money. 

In addition, it has several benefits of excessive cargo space, comfortable accommodation capacity, and convenient interior. But, below are a few cons of the SUV, 

  • Engine consumes a lot of fuel.
  • Faulty fuel economy
  • Inappropriate performance of infotainment system
  • Intolerance towards heavy loads
  • Inadequate acceleration

2016 Chevy Traverse problems

It has maximum problems, but people do not complain about these issues. Instead, they prefer repairing procedures and use their SUVs. 

But, due to constant faults, the overall performance reduces. In addition, I have mentioned multiple common issues of the 2016 Chevy traverse, 

  • Brake failure
  • Faulty transmission
  • Seatbelts failure
  • Broken windshield wipers
  • Uncomfortable seats 
  • Gauge failure with non-precise reading
  • Failure of airbags with sudden inflation

2017 Chevy Traverse problems

Typically, the lifespan of a Chevy traverse 2017 is around 210000 to 215000, but it has several transmission problems.

Also, the shift is inappropriate with frequent stalling and poor acceleration. It requires fluid replacement every 35000 to 62000 miles.

  • Along with the transmission faults
  • Constant sound production
  • Faulty oil consumption
  • Fluid change

2018 Chevy Traverse problems

It has several engine faults, sudden failure, and inadequate control problems. Also, it has significant drivability faults. In addition, a few other unfavorable conditions are as follow, 

  • Constant stalling
  • Worst acceleration and start conditions
  • Power loss
  • You sent
  • Jerking
  • Hundreds of complaints against gauge reading
  • Auto stops engaging at traffic light spots
  • Sluggish feeling

2019 Chevy Traverse problems

It has significant transmission issues with significant shift delays. Also, it has multiple faults with a faulty electrical system, malfunctioning of voltage passage, and defective control mechanisms.

A list of its prominent faults is as follow, 

  • Steering faults
  • Inappropriate brake system performance
  • Malfunctioning of electric passage
  • Shifting delays
  • Jumping acceleration
  • Grinding and turbulence
  • Constant shaking
  • Burning smell from the hood compartment
  • Whistling and unnecessary sounds from the engine

2020 Chevy Traverse problems

It is one of the most frequently recalled SUVs and has around 4200 to 4500 complaints against performance and acceleration.

Also, it has a significant fault in the engine compartment. In addition, the broken or cracked rails result in multiple complaints. 

However, it is the latest model, but the expert suggests this SUV to the customer by informing them about the relevant issues. However, you can easily add a normal baby seat to this vehicle.

Furthermore, it has a vast list of faults requiring repair and control. 

  • Broken seatbelt steel section
  • Inadequate efficiency of airbags
  • SUV stops suddenly without any notification
  • Multiple accidents reported
  • Inappropriate SUV control on different roads
  • Not recommended for off-roading
  • Resistance to the wiring harness
  • Broken seat belt tensioner
  • Non-popular base model
  • Faulty transmission

2021 Chevy Traverse problems

However, they have 5-star certificates for their safety and performance. But, a 2021 model suffers from different technical faults.

Also, it has several recalls due to transmission problems. And, it is one of the most prominent faults with apparent signs. 

  • Average reliability
  • Malfunctioning transmission with inappropriate shifting
  •  No control over steering wheel due to faulty brake system
  • Shaking of the vehicle during off-road driving

How many complaints registered against Chevy Traverse?

Several American users complained about the Chevy traverse models. Also, multiple users reported about one particular variant with various technical faults.

Across the USA, more than 20000 to 35000 people complained about the 2013 to 2016 SUVs. 

But, a few users are unhappy with the latest models because, despite accommodation space, cargo, and comfortable facilities, engine failure happens anytime. 

According to a survey, around 10000 Chevy traverse American users claimed that the SUV has multiple luxurious facilities, but the hood compartment cannot handle such advanced features.

Also, 20% to 35% of people passed positive remarks because they depend on repairing and maintenance procedures and find these faults as standard SUV problems. 

In addition, around 50000 Chevy traverse have had multiple recalls due to trembling and unfavorable sound production in the last 3 to 5 years.

However, the windshield visibility problems exist, but the users only reported around 2 to 3 complaints. 

Which model year of Chevy Traverse has the most problems?

Typically, every Chevy traverse model has a few transmission, engine, and control, and brake system faults.

But, 2011 is one of the most problematic, excessively recalled, and immensely affected models with previous variants complaints. 

Also, the user didn’t rely on this model due to the previous 2009 and 2010 SUVs. It has several technical faults due to which the overall performance becomes unstable.

It includes a variety of problems, and people consider it an unfavorable SUV for local or long-distance traveling.

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