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How do you Reset the Tailgate on a Toyota Highlander?

How do you Reset the Tailgate on a Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota Highlander tailgate features a big opening that allows you to put the things on the cargo bed.

How do you Reset the Tailgate on a Toyota Highlander? You can set and reset the tailgate on a Toyota Highlander manually by pressing the button present on the rear hatch. In addition, you can reset the tailgate automatically by using the keys on the dashboard. The solenoid converts the electrical signals into a magnetic field and transfers the signals to the back gate. You can open and close it using the dashboard button, key fob, and button on the tailgate.

The tailgate works on an activated spring locking mechanism. The professional installed the solenoid for the power supply to the back gate.

It converts the electric energy into a magnetic field and lifts the back door by pressing the button in a close position. Sometimes the solenoid is not receiving the electrical current properly and causes an interruption in the normal working.

There are two main and highly acceptable methods to reset the height and angle of the tailgate. First, the height of the rear hatch depends on the height of the person owning the Toyota Highlander.

The manufacturer installed the new and updated features in this SUV to make the passengers feel relaxed and easy during the long journey.

Automatic Method to Reset the Tailgate on Toyota Highlander

The first method is resetting the height of the back door through the set installed in it. It opens from the bottom and goes upward so that you can manage the luggage in cargo space.

Open the front passenger door, sit on the driver seat, and turn on the vehicle. A screen shows some features in the middle of the fuel meter and speed meter behind the steering.

Now proceed toward the main buttons, which are present at the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard. Again, the manufacturer designed the buttons with arrow marks on them.

Every button has an indication in the form of arrows: upward, downward, left, and right. The professional arranges these in a circular or square shape, and there is a center button to open the selected function.

Keep in mind that you have started the engine and press the center key. You will see the activated center screen behind the steering.

Press the lower button and take the cursor to the setting icon. Now press the center button to open the details and go to the right side until you have reached your primary setting.

Almost the cargo wheel set will be the second last or last option. Open the cargo setting and take your cursor on the tailgate option. Select the back gate setting and pick the adjustment point.

You can change the height of the back gate through this point. Scroll down and select the height adjustment on the screen. You should also estimate the weight of the Toyota Highlander.

It is interesting to set and reset the rear hatch by this method. However, there is a scroll-down mark when you press the height adjustment or hatch adjustment.

The Toyota Highlander has advanced technology that shows the animation of the tailgate height when you select the suitable option.

The availability of choices varies from model to model. You will see the 1,2,3,4 and 5 different height adjustments in almost every vehicle, which has huge cargo space in it.

Set the angle according to your requirement and organize the luggage at the backside. You can do this by opening and closing the door at any time without facing disturbance.

You can reset it by selecting the default option, and the door will come to the previous angle. This method will take 4 to 5 minutes if you try for the first time. However, the experienced person will reset the automatic tailgate within minutes.

Manual method for resetting the Toyota Highlander tailgate

Sometimes your vehicle has a technical issue with the proper power supply to each part. It is necessary to know about the manual procedure in case of emergency.

The company has installed specific power buttons at particular sites to control the movement of the rear hatch. Use the key fob to open it even from a limited distance.

If you are standing outside the vehicle and having the key fob in your hand, then press the back door or cargo door button.

It will open, and you will see the power button say the bottom of the gate. When the door reaches the desirable angle, press this button and hold for a few seconds until you hear the 4 beeps.

The door will memorize the position where you have locked it. Then, use the key fob and press the button again to close the door.

Again open it to check the height; it will be the exact position where you have locked the rare hatch. In this way, you can again reset the height of the door by pressing the same button until you hear the extra two beeps.

Easy Methods to open and close the tailgate of Toyota Highlander

There are three ways to open and close it to load and unload the luggage and goods. Many people prefer to buy SUVs because they are fond of camping and long tours with friends and carry their things with them.

Key fob

The company provides the key fob with almost every vehicle for your convenience. For example, you can open and close the back door in a second by pressing the button on it.

Button on the tailgate

A power button on the rear hatch will unlock the rear hatch immediately. You can hold the door and lift it if the automatic system is not working.

Button on the dashboard

There is an additional button on the dashboard to lift it up and down. You can open it by pressing the button while sitting inside the Toyota Highlander. In addition, you do not need to come out if this power key is working properly.

You should check the main supply of the tailgate if the above methods are not working. This is because the manufacturer placed it at the side of the glove box.

The gloves box is present in the dashboard, open it and see it on the left side. It is the main supply of the rear hatch. All other ways will work effectively after turning it on.

Why would you reset the tailgate on Toyota Highlander?

Setting and resetting the tailgate depend on the need and requirements of both the SUV and passengers.

Height of the driver

The main factors that force you to set the angle are the height of the person or owner. The short-height person will lower the position, and the heightened man will set it on the higher angle.

You can load and unload the things within no time on the cargo bed. The heightened person will not bend his neck and take the head into the vehicle in a steep posture.

The short heighted man will not reach the door if there is trouble with the automatic system. Therefore, it is not convenient for him to jump repeatedly to close the door.

Size of luggage

You need to change the angle according to the size of things that you are loading. It is better to reset the tailgate before placing the luggage. Many people take camping materials, cricket accessories, and other sports kits with them.

You should set it at a maximum angle if you buy the fridge and other electronic machinery and load it on the cargo bed of the SUV.

Can you disable the power tailgate on Toyota Highlander?

The professional connected it to the power supply, and you can disable its automatic function at any time.

Some people prefer to reset it manually. That is why they disconnect the power supply. Take the vehicle to the mechanic to disconnect the cable.

The professional will cut the main connection, and the automatic system will transfer to a manual system.

You can disable it temporarily for some time if you want. Just turn off the main button at the side of the glove box to disable the automatic function.

How do you open a stuck tailgate?

Sometimes the back gate is stuck at a different position due to technical issues in the vehicle and rust at the folding rods and support.

The other main cause of the resistance in the efficiency of the back door is the dryness of the sockets. Apply the mineral oil and another lubricating agent around the joining point.

Many people complain about the improper power supply that will stick the tailgate. So instead, use a jumper cable, bypass the solenoid, and transfer the electric signal from the motor directly.

If it opens the stuck back gate, you should take your vehicle to the mechanic for repair. You can open it manually by holding it with both hands. Press the door inside slightly and lift it.

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