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Will GMC Sierra Tail Lights Fit a Silverado?

Will GMC Sierra Tail Lights Fit a Silverado?

GMC Sierra and Silverado cannot swap the tail lights due to numerous differences, cost variations, and non-identical installation procedures. 

Will GMC Sierra Tail Lights Fit a Silverado? GMC sierra tail lights do not fit a Silverado due to different bulb sizes, non-identical designs, and dissimilar lumens. Also, they are not interchangeable due to incompatible installations, different manufacturing materials, and the cost difference. Furthermore, non-matching assemblies, light count, and associated functions resist this tail lights swap between these trucks. 

Typically, the tail lights of GMC Sierra comprise an assembly of dual LED lights which are specific for brake, reverse indicators, and road visibility.

Also, Silverado users want to add these tail lights for appeal, the maximum amount of lumens, protection, stylish appearance, and GMC touch.

Why does the GMC Sierra tail light not fit a Silverado?

Generally, never purchase a used Silverado with the tail lights swap because the system does not work appropriately on such vehicles.

Both trucks have several non-interchangeable parts, but tail lights are one of the most prominent ones. Also, they have different design and appearance that prevents interchange. 

Dimensional difference

The size of the bulb, light, outer covering, inner body, and mounting area is different on both vehicles. As a result, you cannot fit the light sources of either of them. 

Also, the average size of a GMC sierra tail light is around ‎18x13x6 inches, while a Silverado light is 19x13x12 inches. 

Different light pattern

These trucks have a different taillight pattern with size and count dissimilarities. It indicates that the swap is not possible even with modifications and professional interference. 

Also, the bold and massive GMC Sierra tail light assembly does not support a small mounting spot on others.

A comparison chart of GMC Sierra and Silverado tail lights 

Features GMC Sierra tail lights Silverado Tail lights
Design They have an elongated, appealing, clear, and concise design with a slight blink of internal light-emitting diode lights.

Also, they add to the truck appeal by bright lenses and broad outer covering. These thave plastic glass insulation for resistance against water penetration.

In addition, the factory-built products come in pair with a black and white dual shade. Also, a tube-like appearance provides an attractive look, and these cover a standard spot.

The Silverado tail lights have long bodies with protective glass covering and cover maximum surface after installation. Also, it is a tool with a light-emitting diode inside it.

Due to their unique style, they do not fit similar brands and require multiple modifications.

Bulb type The bulb assembly comes in two pairs, and collectively four of them work on each side.

It contains halogen, and you can handle the beam level according to your requirements.

Also, you cannot add one bulb during the replacement and addition procedure.

Due to packaging, each requires a similar bulb for maximum brightness.

In the GMC sierra models, the bulb comprises a side marker lamp for protection and light spread.

On average, it costs you around $15 to $30.

It contains a light-emitting diode bulb rather than a standard incandescent light source.

Also, it has halogen gas and costs you around $10 to $15. However, the brightness and visibility are higher.

Also, they increase the road view clarity up to 30% to 45%. However, these are less complex but are specific in terms of installation.

The number of tail light bulbs is lesser than on a GMC Sierra. It is a prominent reason for non-interchangeable conditions.

Bulb size It has a specific bulb count with a different size for each of them.

Also, the furthest and side maker lamp comprises a 194 bulb.

They have turn signal indicators and parking brake bulbs.

Both of them share a similar bulb size, and it is a 7444 bulb on both sections.

Moreover, the reverse signal bulb is present on the tail middle section with an 1156 bulb.

Typically, the taillight works as indicating tool on a Silverado and includes the brake lights, parking bulbs, rear, front turn signals, outer and rear side markers. All of them use an A7443 with clarity and brightness. Also, the license plate has a separate bulb 12961 for working.

Moreover, these bulbs work longer than a standard light.

However, the reverse lights, turn signals, and brake lights comprise a bulb size 921.

Brightness A 7444 bulb is around 13 to 13.5 volt and provides up to 315 lumens per bulb.

In short, four bulbs on the tail side can provide brightness up to 1300 lumens simultaneously.

Also, the reverse light 1156 bulb provides around 2880 to 2900 lumens with clarity and high brightness.

With these bulbs lights, the indicators work appropriately, adds to truck security, and provide high performance.

Silverado tail lights share a similar sized bulb for several indications. An A7443 provides around 1000 to 1100 lumens per bulb. Also, it adds to the brightness on both sides of the truck and provides excellent visibility.

In addition, the license plate bulb facilitates 50 lumens for a better view. However, the reverse lights have a brightness of around 190 to 195 lumens on every bulb.

Outer covering These have a plastic cover on the topside with lining and different designs. Also, there is dual tape on the inner cover corners.

It is a protective layer for resisting water penetration and external dirt particles.

With convenient installation, they protect the light bulbs and help in the light spread.

They have complex cuts and different lining patterns. They have appropriately cut and shaped covers. These covers are specific for such lights because all of them have a standard shape.

Also, they are known as tint covers, and the color interferes with the bulb light.

It is like a transparent layer over the plastic box. And, the factory-built covers are strong to repel the environmental effects.

Inner material They have an ABS or PC/ABC plastic material.

Also, the manufacturer utilizes synthetic plastics like acrylic for its manufacturing.

The inner housing consists of ABS plastic.

Also, a synthetic plastic polycarbonate is part of the manufacturing process for stability, survival, and durability.

Installation procedure The manufacturer assigns one bulb to each light and distinguishes between their functions.

As a result, they have a plug-and-play installation method with complex electric wiring and takes around 46 to 50 minutes.

The installation method is different on a Silverado, and you cannot add the GMC sierra tail lights on it without handling the complex electric connections.

It takes less than 30 to 34 minutes.

Seal and insulation It has LED tail lights with protection and visibility. It has a lens, bulb, and security coverage but lacks the side marker lamp with each bulb.

They have seals that combine with the mounting brackets but are conveniently detachable.

Its bulbs have better insulation and seal due to a protection lamp.

It covers the bulb, security from damages, and increases the light lifespan.

Type of packaging The packages come in a pair of blue and black colors. It divides into two halves with two bulbs on the top and bottom sides.

The package contains an instruction manual that helps in installation procedures. Also, the lens color is white or comprises a different shade.

It has a smoke-colored lens with dual tail lights and inner light-emitting diode bulbs.

They have a black exterior with a red and white internal body. The shapes vary according to variants, but the curves are permanent.

Cost These are expensive due to multiple LED bulbs, high-quality manufacturing material, and appealing appearance. On average, they cost you around $20 to $890. These are cost-effective and have an average price of around $55 to $300.

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