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Common Problems with Holiday Rambler Motorhome

Common Problems with Holiday Rambler Motorhome

Holiday Rambler is an American-based company launched in 1953 that is primarily manufacturing RVs. Their motorhomes are famous because of their large tans, aerodynamic features, and luxurious interior.

Common Problems with Holiday Rambler Motorhome include faulty stereo system and radio that are not working adequately due to incorrectly connected wires. In addition, the rear tires can blow due to the placement of heavy loads or when they are not in use for a longer time. The trailing arms will also go bad, which can cause bumpy and uncomfortable rides due to a poor suspension system. The hot water tank starts to leak due to use the poor quality tank. 

They manufacture different motorhomes according to their specified features, 5th wheel towable and bumper pull towable. Their motorhomes are large and have many facilities, including a sleeping area, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Problem with stereo system

The stereo system is crucial for every vehicle to make your long journey enjoyable with your friends and families.

In addition, a stereo system is not only necessary for vehicles, but its quality also matters a lot. It should be of good quality and have high bass that cannot produce any uneven noise.

If uneven noise comes from this system, people get irritated and turn off the radio or auto-play due to distortion, and their journey remains boring.

Many people who use these motorhomes complain that the stereo system in these RVs is not of good quality; it can shut off suddenly and produce distortion.

In addition, they also tell that the radio is not working correctly; it can be due to improper capturing of signals from the nearby satellites.

The issue in the audio system is due to damaged and incorrectly attached wires, which can cause a sudden shut-off.

In addition, this fault will also arise due to poor maintenance and the use of low-quality equipment during their manufacturing.

Sometimes, the stereo system is not working adequately due to the receiver’s circuit problems and blowing off the fuse.

Furthermore, it also needs power from the battery to run; therefore, any defect in the battery can cause its inadequate functioning.

You should resolve the issue by checking the wires if any type of damage is present. You can also check the blown fuse that can hinder their working.

If there is a problem with the receiver’s circuit breaker, you should reset them to resolve the fault.

Faulty trailing arms

It is the part of the suspension system that connects the vehicle’s axle with the chassis structure to maintain the friction of the suspension parts.

They also act as cushions for the suspension system and keep the tires correctly while maintaining their axis.

The primary function of these trailing arms is to absorb the vibrations and shocks that come from the road hurdles and potholes while providing a smooth and comfortable drive.

These are necessary for the motorhomes while driving on bumpy roads to reduce the stress to other parts like the transmission system and axle.

These trailing arms are made up of rubber material, and they are also in the exposure to extreme heat, which can damage its rubber material and go bad.

These rubber materials will also wear out due to some accidents, which can cause misalignment of the suspension system.

Due to the misalignment of the transmission system, the motorhome will put extra stress on the wheels, and they will go bad after some time.

Due to extra stress and poor alignment, their surface wears out. These trailing arm bushings will also go wrong if the leakage of coolants or petroleum comes in contact with them.

You can recognize this issue if the steering becomes loose and out of control on the turning points.

Moreover, you can also hear the clunking noise because the metal surface comes in contact with the other metallic surface due to improper cushioning of the suspension system.

You should also resolve the issue by removing the damaged rubber trailing arms and installing the new bushings for proper functioning.

Electrical issues

The electrical system is a significant part of the motorhomes for adequate functioning of the electrical appliances.

If there is an issue in this system, you can face issues working the electrical appliances like air conditioners and ovens.

Many people also think that their equipment is faulty that can cause the issue, but in reality, it is due to a fault in the electrical system.

The electrical system in this motorhome has low-quality wiring that can be damaged when you turn on heavy equipment like refrigerators and heaters simultaneously.

These wires cannot bear the heavy load and consequently starts to melt on different sides. The melting from different areas can cause hindrance in the proper flow of current throughout your RV.

In addition, if this system drains more power from the battery, it will go wrong and damage permanently.

Due to faulty wiring, sometimes a surge of electricity comes towards the switchboard, which can also melt them, and when you insert the switch of your electrical appliances in them, it will not work.

You can resolve this issue by proper maintenance that you should not turn on the heavy equipment at the same time in your motorhome.

In addition, also check that all the wires are properly insulated and there is no wear out or melting at any site.

You can also replace the melted wires and switch breaker for the correct functioning of electrical equipment.

Hot water tank leakage

Hot water tanks are also present in RVs to supply warm water during winters. People also like this facility because of its comfort during cold days.

It is a good facility, but many people also complain that the hot water tank starts to leak in their motorhome.

My friends who used Holiday Rambler motorhomes told me that the hot water tanks keep leaking all over the night, and their floors become wet.

He also told me that due to regular leakage of about one week, the soft spongy patches are formed on the entrance door, and the floor surface also becomes fragile.

The leakage from the tank can occur because of their poor quality material that can wear out quickly after some months.

In addition, it will also start to leak when they become old because they will start to lose their strength and become less durable.

Most water tanks are made up of plastic material, and notably, the hot water starts to leak because hot water can also damage the plastic material.

The water leakage will also cause damage to the exterior paint of the vehicle, and it will start to scrape off from the outside walls.

The small invisible holes will produce in them from which water is coming out. You can fix it by installing a high-quality tank for hot water.

In addition, it will also be better to change the water tanks after some time when they become old. Finally, you should also fill the racks using a concrete bonding agent.

Tire issues

Tires are a vital part of every vehicle for their smooth and comfortable movement. In addition, they will also control the stability of motorhomes by maintaining their friction on the road.

People complain that their wheels cannot last long due to their low quality and poor strength to the road hurdles.

The wear can produce on them, which can damage easily because of hitting with potholes and other hard materials.

Some people also complain that Holiday Rambler tires wear out early after some years. Cracking or wear out is due to driving the vehicle with underinflated tires.

The tears in wheels will also produce due to problems with the suspension system, which can put unnecessary stress on tires.

Some people also complain that their rear tires will blow out during traveling. The blowout of the rear wheels will occur due to the placement of heavy luggage and accessories on the cargo side.

They also said that their tires would blow out when their RVs were not in use, and they parked them for a long time.

You should resolve the issue by removing the old tires and replacing them with new ones of good quality and strength.

You should also inflate them properly before driving and check the tire pressure before going on the trip.

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