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Common Panoramic RV Problems

Common Panoramic RV Problems

Panoramic RVs are famous for having innovative and new technologies. In addition, the excellent view from the panoramic roof provides the sense of being close to nature.

Common Panoramic RV Problems include a small size bathroom that lacks a wider shower and sink. Many people complain about the improper transmission linkage in this motorhome due to the faulty and broken cables. The panoramic roof puts a heavy load on the vehicle and affects its balance. Sliding of the window curtains over the rods can distract your attention, and a small wine rack will not hold the bottles in it.

Panoramic roof problems

Many people like the vehicles with panoramic sunroof because it looks stunning. It makes your motorhome spacious and brighter by allowing the daylight to enter through the roof.

You can open it during driving in fantastic weather to enjoy the fresh air. Moreover, it also reduces the cost of fuel without turning on the air conditioner.

Some people complain about the issues with its panoramic sunroof. The installation of this roof puts extra load on the vehicle and affects its efficiency.

It will use more fuel to take the heavyweight when it carries significant weight. As a result, the engine will work more than its capacity, and most of the time, it becomes out of order due to excessive heat in the engine compartment.

The replacement of a panoramic sunroof in place of the ordinary top also gets damaged when you drive it on uneven roads and rocks.

It wobbles the RV, and the risk of accidents increases because the driver will lose the steering control. It bends the vehicle and turns at one side in rear cases.

It has less strength as compared to conventional roofs.

People owing this roof in their motorhome complain about rain leakage into the cabin. The dust and dirt gather at the drainage hole, and water will remain on the top for a long time.

The water makes its way and starts dripping into the interior. It also increases the internal temperature of the cabin as the sunlight direct comes inside.

You should clean the drainage point of the roof for proper water flow. It is better to cover it with dark color glass and turn on the AC to maintain the temperature.

Bathroom problems

The bathroom is necessary for the RV for long tours and vacations. It should be clean and large enough so that a person feels comfortable.

The company fixes the bathroom and other things according to the design and suitable place. The size of the bathroom and sanitary items also depends on the customer’s demand and need.

The Panoramic RV is not small, but it has a small size bathroom. Therefore, you cannot add the other things in the bathroom for your convenience.

Many people mentioned that it lacks a bathtub and has a small shower. In addition, the small width of the shower does not allow the water to sprinkle appropriately.

When you replace the wider shower with the shorter width, it is also a trouble for the walls. The water will fall on the walls and damage the sealing.

The long-term falling of water in the same place swells the enamel and creates a hole. More moisture will travel all over the surface and harm the furniture also.

It also lacks a sink in the washroom for hand and face wash. Instead, you have to open the shower or the only tap in the bathroom to wash your hands instantly.

This RV has a small size toilet and needs timely repair and maintenance. Additionally, pressing the foot pedal will not flush the toilet properly due to the block and rust in the pipeline.

You can place the small size tub in the bathroom for your convenience. If you want to use the wider shower, hang the curtains on the walls to prevent moisture damage.

Furthermore, you should repair any leaks and blocks in the water pipelines on time. Finally, the bathroom should be at the side and near the water tank to get water.

Small wine rack

The manufacturer designed the Panoramic motorhome with almost everything you need in your home. 

Many people like to drink different drinks and juices, so they bring them along. There is a wine rack on which you can place the bottles and glass.

It is better to put the bottles n the rack because it prevents scratches. In addition, it also keeps them away from each other and allows the air to pass between them, so the chances of spoilage decrease.

Although this vehicle also has a stylish and durable wine rack, it is small. It does not hold the beverages in large bottles.

There is a specific place in the vehicle to place a wine rack where it will not get damaged on a bit of jerk. The bottles fall on the floor when you put them in smallholders.

There will be scratches of broken glass on the floor. These are mostly glass bottles and break on falling.

The small size rack cannot hold the large and different shapes of bottles. Many people like the bulk and take the extensive drinks but cannot save it in this RV.

You can fix it by wrapping the rubber around the neck of the bottles. It will keep them at their place, and the bottles will not slip.

You should take the small size wine that fits in this holder along with you. If there is fewer portion in the rack, you can also add them.

Improper transmission linkage

The transmission linkage is the system in the vehicle that shifts the gear to the park, neutral, and overdrive position. Moreover, it also turns the gear at the first, second, and third positions according to needs and driver demands.

The manufacturer makes the transmission linkage of the motorhome according to the model. There is transmission fluid in the system; the working of the transmission also depends on its quantity.

Sometimes the gear is stuck at one position, and you cannot shift it to the desired position. It happens both in manual and automatic transmission.

You will hear unwanted sounds like bumping, squealing, and bushings when you shift the gear due to the low transmission fluid level.

The poor alignment of the system with the vehicle structure will also damage the wires that transmit the current.

This system gets the current from the battery, so the faulty battery and low-quality wires affect the normal working.

If there is a problem in the parking shift, the vehicle will be at risk of accidents. 

As a result, it will lose its bands and become hot due to excessive heat production. In addition, you cannot stop or start your motorhome with a faulty transmission linkage.

You should take your RV for repair when you hear the scratching sound on gear shifting. It is better to check the transmission fluid when the gear sticks in one place.

Faulty window curtain

This luxurious and updated vehicle has a large window to see outside. The interior is also visible to the passerby when you slide the curtains and open the window.

Many people slide the blind and do not open the window to avoid dust and foreign particles. However, you can enjoy the trip and beautiful places while sitting inside.

For this purpose, you have to slide the curtains at one side so that the outside scenario is visible to you. However, some people complain about the curtains sliding on the rods.

When you clear the window by sliding the blinds on both sides, it will cover the window after some time.

Driving this motorhome on bumpy roads also moves the curtains on the rods freely. Sometimes you open them to get enough light inside for reading and doing something else.

When it moves, it irritates you and distracts you from concentration. Moreover, some people also mentioned that the company used low-quality curtain rods.

These cannot hold the weight of the heavy curtains and break early. Moreover, driving the motorhome from the rocky and uneven roads affects the interior, and things move from their place.

You can keep the curtain at the side by adding the magnet. Attach the magnet at one end of the curtain and the other with the window frame. It will cover or uncover the window glass according to your need.

You can also tie the curtain with a ribbon and pin it in the hook. 

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