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Common Problems with Thor Ace RV

Common Problems with Thor Ace RV

Thor Industries Inc. is one of the largest American-based companies manufacturing a wide variety of RVs. Thor Ace is famous due to its good features and unique interior.

Common Problems with Thor Ace RV include its low-quality air conditioner due to improper flow of air caused by the accumulation of dust in coils and filters. The refrigerators also do not work when you are using the air conditioner due to heavy loads on switches. In addition, the awnings do not come out due to faulty bolts and poor lubrication. 

The company started in the 1990s and had some small issues in their motorhomes, but people like them due to their reasonable price tag and vast interior. 

Air conditioner problems

Many people complain that their air conditioner is not working correctly and sometimes it is working but not producing cooling in the room.

Sometimes the inappropriate working is due to a faulty temperature control sensor in the room. Due to this faulty temperature sensor, the AC will work at maximum, but the heat in the room remains the same.

During summer days, people can’t survive due to heat in the interior side. Due to this hot temperature, the people cannot survive and enjoy their trip comfortably.

The air filters are also present in your air conditioner for air crossing. When these filters are present outside, the dust, dirt, and other airborne particles come into contact.

The accumulation of dust and other particles clogged these filters, and air crossing is not proper, leading to inadequate cooling in the room.

Sometimes your air conditioners are running but cannot affect the room’s temperature; it is due to the clogged coils of the condenser.

The leakage of refrigerants will also affect the working air conditioner unit. Heat pumps are present on the outside, and they also play a role in cooling.

The damaged heat pump interferes with cooling operations, due to which the cooling will not produce in your interior during summer days.

You should check the room’s thermostat that shows the correct reading for the appropriate working of the air conditioner.

In addition, you should also clean the coils and air filters to remove the dust and dirt from them. You should also check the compressor to ensure that refrigerants are at optimum pressure.

Faulty refrigerators

People also complain that their refrigerators are not working correctly for several reasons. However, the most common reason that affects the working o refrigerator is an electrical problem.

Many of my friends who used this RV complain that their refrigerators will not produce cooling when they start with an air conditioner.

This condition occurs due to a faulty electrical system that shuts off due to heavy loads of this equipment.

Due to poor working, people cannot save their perishable foods for a long time with safety. They tell that their food becomes spoiled due to temperature differences after some time.

The other common issue responsible for its malfunctioning is that the refrigerator is running consistently when the refrigerator temperature is set at low and accumulation of dust around condenser coils.

The frozen line also becomes clogged, leading to water leakage from the supply line. The leakage of water from these lines also causes malfunctioning of refrigerators.

The refrigerators also need extensive energy supply for their running; when the power supply from the battery turns low, they will fail to perform their function.

You should check the clogged filter and frozen supply line in the motorhome if dust or other particles are present in them. You should regularly maintain them by cleaning dust.

It is also better to charge your battery correctly for its appropriate electric power supply.

Windows lock problems

People who use this RV also complain that the passenger’s side’s power windows are not locked properly.

Their lock opens again and again, which can decrease the vehicle’s safety system. The improper locking system of windows is due to lock-out buttons.

Window regulators are also responsible for the movement of windows through cables connected with the window motor.

When these regulators go wrong due to damage to cables, they cannot perform their specific functions. The passenger side windows are often not appropriately locked because the fuse of this size is blown out.

The bad windows motor also causes this issue in the Thor Ace RVs because the power is not supplied towards the regulators for their opening and closing.

This issue will also come when the seals are inappropriate, and they are coming off from the doors, due to which they cannot close adequately.

In addition, people also face this issue when traveling in the area where the temperature is low, and snow comes in that area.

The exposure to snow falling causes the sticking of windows to their frame, and the regulators are also unable to make them separate for their opening and closing.

When stickiness and debris accumulate on the gasket, it will also hinder the window’s closure due to less friction for movement.

Specific wires are present to connect the windows switched with the motor when these wires damaged the windows not appropriately closed after some time.

You should change the gasket and seal if you face this issue. 

You can also fix this faulty by replacing the window regulator system if they go wrong.

Poor shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are crucial for every vehicle to control the uneven spring motion. It is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The shock absorbers of the Thor Ace start to get damaged after a few years due to several reasons. The damage of these absorbers will lead to uncomfortable drive.

The continuous exposure to bumpy or uneven roads like potholes also affects the shocks and struts. In addition, when you are driving on dirt roads, the dust particles will accumulate in shock and suppresses their function.

Driving on muddy roads also causes the accumulation of mud in their seals, decreasing their lives.

Moreover, it can also cause wear in tires surfaces due to poor friction and consistent bouncing. Finally, when you continuously drive with these bad shocks, it will affect the brakes system and reduce its efficiency.

It will also lead to poor stability due to continuous rolling and swaying vehicles. Moreover, it will also damage the other components of the suspension system.

They can produce rattling sounds when they get damaged due to suspension and coils’ up and down movement.

Due to faulty shocks, the steering wheel also starts to vibrate and increases accidents’ risk.

These absorbers are replaceable and repairable, so you should tackle this problem according to the situation.

You should not drive your motorhome on bumpy roads for a long time. It will also be better to avoid driving on muddy roads and in areas where air pressure is high.

You should also replace the shock absorbers if you hear rattling sounds and vibrations from the steering side.

The awning not coming out

Awnings are flap-like structures present in many motorhomes to prevent the direct entry of sunlight into the interior of the RV.

Moreover, they are also best for outside camping you can use them for the shed. Most people also use them at nighttime to cook in a shady area to enjoy the trip at night.

Most of the people in my friend’s circle who used this RV complained that their awning did not come out after their usage.

The problem in awnings movement occurs due to poor lubrication, which will decrease the friction between the surfaces.

In addition, if their bolts are too tight, it will also restrict their outside movement. Finally, it would cause an issue if any particle or insects stuck between them.

When they do not open properly, people cannot enjoy camping during the night or on sunny days. In addition, the direct entry of sun heat also reduces the efficiency of AC due to temperature differences.

If you face this problem with your motorhome, you should use suitable lubricants for their continuous movement. You should not tight their bolts and nuts so they can come out quickly.

You should also clean and maintain their cleanliness and prevent the entry of dust to resolve this problem.

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