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Common Problems with Taxa Cricket

Common Problems with Taxa Cricket

Taxa Cricket is a small camper with many luxurious items, but it has some minor issues that are easy to fix. In addition, the lighter weight of these RVs makes them easy to tow with any vehicle.

Common problems with Taxa Cricket include small-sized tables, absence of slide-outs, aluminum exterior, absence of a second bunk bed, failure of the axle, low-quality tires, and poor customer service. Furthermore, the door locks are also faulty, and there is no furnace.

It makes camping easy because of the built-in large cooking area that is attractive for people. In addition, you can easily park them in a small garage because of their small size and portable design.

Taxa Cricket Problems Solutions
Small sized table Add a new table that has a large surface area
Absence of slide-outs Add rugs on the floor to create more sleeping area
Aluminum exterior Refurnish aluminum exterior
Absence of a second bunk bed Confirm from the manufacturing industry
Low-quality tires Do not rely on factory-installed tires
Poor customer service Patiently wait for your turn
Absence of furnace Add small electric heaters
Failure of door locks Lubricate the door locks
Failure of axle Contact the company customer service center

Small sized table

The tables present between the furniture are small-sized, and you cannot put the foodstuffs on them properly.

Things can fall on the floor when you want to adjust them in insufficient space. Moreover, the liquid spillages can ruin the floor panels and decrease their durability.

The manufacturing industry added small-sized tables to these campers because of the small interior. Therefore, you have to decrease the size of all accessories for their proper adjustment.

You can fix the issue by adding a customized table in the interior cabin. You can select the table with more surface on top for placing multiple things but takes less place for their placement.

It is costly but makes things easy for you, and you can put all of your small things on a large surface area.

Absence of slide-outs

Slide-outs is the extended room in the RV that you can open during the day or night for sleeping purpose.

Slide-outs are electrically controlled cabin that comes outward when you use the turn-on button switch. It increases the interior space and provides more area for accommodation.

3 to 4 people can only travel in these small campers because of the limited interior space. Moreover, you cannot add more people because slide outs are not present in them.

Taxa cricket is not equipped with slide-outs because their smaller batteries cannot control the multiple electric equipments.

You can fix the issue by using rugs and carpets to increase the sleeping area of more people.

Aluminum exterior

The exterior of these trailers is made of aluminum material, making them lightweight and easy to tow.

It does not pressure the towing vehicle when its weight is less. The aluminum exterior is shiny but easy to scratch and dent.

Moreover, it is also challenging to refurnish it, and you have to do this more frequently. Finally, it is poorly insulated and does not keep your interior warm due to poor heat retention.

You can fix the issue by coating the aluminum material to maintain its shine and prevent it from dents and scratches.

Add an insulating foam layer to maintain the internal temperature during winter.

Absence of a second bunk bed

Many people complain that the company claimed that two bunk beds are present in these campers, but there was only one when they purchased them.

The interior of the bedroom has only one factory-installed bunk bed. Therefore, it is challenging for people with kids who also have to go camping and enjoy vacations.

The company stopped adding bunk beds in new models these campers.

It is better to submit your complaint to the customer service centers and ask them to add the second bunk bed.

They will send their representatives bunk beds and accessory tools needed for installation.

Low-quality tires

These campers are equipped with low-quality tires that do not last longer during a trip. As a result, many people complain that one of their tires blows out while driving on highways.

The low-quality material of wheels cannot bear the friction between the road and the tires. So the company added these wheels to reduce the RV’s weight and decrease costs.

It is not better to rely on the factory-installed tires of the RVs because sometimes these are of incorrect size and cannot hold the maximum weight.

You can add customized, high-quality tires that can resist the weight of the campers.

Poor customer service

Their customer service and response rate is very slow. People have to wait from days to several weeks to submit their complaints and fix the issue.

The representatives of the customer service center do not reply to your emails or pick up your calls easily. Sometimes, these are not ready to fix the issue by complimenting that it is not factory installed issue.

Furthermore, they are not ready to fix the things on time that comes under warranty of the RVs. the issue comes because of their poor and less experienced staff.

The company is facing issues due to a lot of complaints submitted by customers.

You can fix the issue by patiently waiting for the given time by the customer service centers to get your things done.

Absence of furnace

The furnace is the primary heat source in RVs, which helps make the interior warm. In addition, these devices use propane and electric source to keep the interior warm and cozy during winter.

The company does not add excessive things in the campers because these are smaller in size than trailers and have less interior cabin area.

It is difficult for people to enjoy trips without a furnace or electric heater. You can resolve this problem by adding a small-sized furnace and connecting it with an electricity or propane source.

In addition, you can also add small electric heaters that run on low voltage supply.

Failure of door locks

The door locks fail to perform their function in these small campers. Therefore, it is challenging for people to come out in emergencies because of the failure of locks.

The locks get stuck, and you cannot open the door when you want to come outside. In addition, the door locks fail due to poor lubrication of the locking mechanism.

Rust on the keyholes blocks the entry of the key, and you cannot open them. Sometimes the strike and latch plates are not aligned properly due to manufacturing faults.

Moreover, the locks become dry due to the accumulation of dirt and cannot open. You can fix the issue by lubricating the door locks on time with high-quality lubricant spray to reduce friction.

Keep the dust and dirt away from them, and use the correct key for their opening.

Failure of axle

Axles are present on the lower side of the campers, which is the rod attached to the front and rear wheels.

These are helpful in wheel rotation and proper weight distribution to protect tires from damage. Its axle is of low quality and bends easily after two to three trips.

The failure of the axle occurs when you drive the Taxa Cricket camper on off-roads and hit potholes. Moreover, the excessive overloading of the interior and the cargo area stress the axles.

The axles failure occurs because the company adds low-quality axles in these RVs that can fail after some time.

The axle repair is costly, and you have to spend a lot of money fixing the issue. In addition, these parts come under warranty, so it is better to contact customer service centers.

It takes some time, but they will fix the issue, and you do not have to spend the maximum amount on them.

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