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Common Problems with Vanleigh RV

Common Problems with Vanleigh RV

Vanleigh is an RV manufacturing company working for more than 40 years to provide quality services to its customers. They are making their trailers, RVs, and 5th wheels according to the traveling needs of the people.

Common Problems with Vanleigh RV include a damaged suspension system that causes poor stability and swaying problem. There is also the faulty installation of cabinets behind the doors, causing issues in their opening and closing. Moreover, the sewer smell from toilets is also due to the clogged vent pipes and drainage pipes. The water tank also leaks due to exposure to heat and low-quality manufacturing plastic material. In addition, the vanity slide-outs are cause trouble in opening and closing due to the presence of foreign particles on the sides. Finally, its entertainment system does not work correctly due to the poor connection of cables.

Low-quality suspension

The travel trailer contains the suspension components, including axles, springs, and shock absorbers that connect this system with the wheels.

The connection of the suspension parts with wheels allows the controlled movement of the RVs without any misalignment.

 When you add excessive things in the interior side, which is more than their luggage carrying capacity, then it will cause damage to these springs.

Any damage or wear and tear in these shock absorbers will cause swaying of the vehicles. The swaying is an uncommon situation and increases the risk of damages.

The sagging problem and movement at one side will also increase the risk of accidents and collisions with other vehicles on the road.

Due to loose shock absorbers, the wheels can not maintain the friction on the road, causing a bumpy ride.

However, these shock absorbers will also get damaged when driving on uneven or bumpy roads.

You can resolve this by checking the components when you feel the swaying of Vanleigh RV. In addition, you can also change it and replace them with a new one if they go bad wholly.

Faulty installation of cabinets

The cabinets are the crucial component in the RV for storing different kinds of accessories in the kitchen and living room.

The cabinets are also helpful to place cooking utensils and other electrical components in the kitchen, while in different rooms, people put their cloth in them.

My friends who used this RV complained about the faulty cabinets.

They are located on the backside of doors, making them useless because you feel difficulty opening and closing for placement of accessories.

In addition, it is also difficult to close the doors because of the presence of these cabinets. When they open the cupboard’s doors, it repeatedly hits the kitchen and other rooms’ doors.

The hitting with doors will cause the scraping of the wooden layer and becomes damaged. The scrapping off layers will also cause residues to come on the floor and increase your effort to clean them.

It is also challenging for people to place their cloth and other accessories in the cabinets. 

The mess will also increase the risk of slipping dishes and other utensils when you place them in tiny places.

You can resolve this issue in Vanleigh RVs by using dish racks on the shelves to place utensils. Moreover, you can also prevent their surface from scrapping by opening and closing it carefully.

Water tank leakage

The water tanks are present in the trailer for use in the bathroom, washroom, and kitchen for different purposes.

The leakage in the water tanks will decrease the water level early, and you feel difficulty while washing dishes and other cooking purposes. 

The leakage will occur due to wear and tear on their surface, which can come due to physical stress.

In addition, there is also the manufacturing fault, including the use of low-quality plastic for manufacturing.

The use of low-quality plastic material during their construction will decrease their elasticity, and they can cause the dripping of water.

Moreover, the leakage will also occur when you park the trailers in direct sunlight, where exposure to heat will damage them.

Sometimes the heat from the engine compartment will also affect its surface and cause water to seep from these tanks.

The presence of water is a problematic situation because of the increase of humidity level on the interior side.

The excessive moisture will also make the floor surface fragile and increase the risk of rotting wooden cabinets and doors.

Change the water tanks when they are causing any problem with the new ones of better quality. You should read RV Tank Monitors to fix this issue.

You should also tighten the valves appropriately because they can also be the reason for leakage.

Sewer smell from the washroom

Many people complain that they feel a sewer smell from the bathrooms at nighttime which is irritating.

The dry p-trap will also cause smell due to the absence of water and movement of trapped air towards the washroom.

The issue will also occur when you do not use the toilet sink, and the p-trap becomes dry and produce the smell of gas.

Moreover, the clogged drainage pipes due to hair, residues of soap, and dead skin will also cause the problem.

The air cannot travel outside when the drainage system has blocked vent pipes. This issue is more common in Vanleigh Beacon RVs.

In addition, the general wear and tear in the toilet will also cause seeping of sewer gas inside. 

It will cause a sewer smell from your toilets. The exhaust fans are also present in washrooms to keep all the odors away.

Sometimes the exhaust fans do not work, which can cause accumulation of sewer gas inside and produce a foul smell.

You can fix this problem by appropriate cleaning and regular maintenance of washrooms. In addition, you can also remove any clogging by using bathroom cleaners and plungers.

Problem with vanity slide out

The vanity slide-outs are present in the kitchen to extend the space of cabinets for the placement of dishes and other utensils.

I have used this Vanleigh Vilano, and there are issues in the opening and closing vanity slide-outs.

The issue will come in the trailers due to multiple factors, including a seasonal change which can cause contraction and relaxation of manufacturing material that cannot fit into its space.

Moreover, the problem will also occur when you place wet dishes in them, and water presence can make the surface rust.

The corroded surface will produce more friction and cause issues in opening and closing. The problem will also occur when foreign particles are stuck on their sides.

The accumulation of dust or debris on its sides due to poor cleaning and maintenance will also cause this problem.

Sometimes, the general wear and tear in the vanity slide-out will also cause the opening and closing problem.

You can resolve RV issues by lubricating its sides using good-quality lubricating material for smooth movement.

I recommend placing dry dishes in these vanity slide-outs to prevent the presence of corrosion.

Poor wiring of the entertainment system

The entertainment system is the crucial component in the Vanleigh Ambition while traveling to enjoy the long journey.

The wiring is primarily attached to these systems to provide electricity for their appropriate working.

The wiring issue occurs when this wiring becomes bad and cannot provide enough electrical power.

My friends notice that their TV is not working and there is an issue with their wiring. The problem will also occur when wires are not connected properly.

The improper connection cannot provide enough power to both the systems, including radio and TV.

Moreover, there is also the faulty installation of TV that’s why people face problems connecting them with wires due to long distance.

You can fix this wiring issue by installing high-quality ones and connecting them accurately for their correct working.

In addition, you can also change the location of the TV for easy connection with cables.

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