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Common Problems with Casita Travel Trailer

Common Problems with Casita Travel Trailer

Casita travel trailer is popular among people due to its fiberglass protection on the outer side. The company used good-quality parts to maintain its integrity with the trailer every season.

Common Problems with Casita Travel Trailer include leakage of bathroom faucet and low-quality seat cushion. Its large size requires more fuel to cool the internal environment. Its refrigerator does not work because the door remains open. Sometimes people face trouble due to the broken cabinet latch and cracking of tires.

Moreover, the customers prefer it, especially when they go to hilly areas. The manufacturer used steel and aluminum instead of iron; it does not rust in rain and snowfall.

Large size

The large size of the trailer provides more space for more people. Furthermore, you can also adjust more things according to your requirement.

Sometimes people face cooling issues due to its large size. You will need to turn ON the air conditioner to decrease the room’s temperature in summer.

As a result, it will require more fuel, load the battery and ultimately affect your budget. It is also difficult to clean the large size trailer.

Many people face trouble driving when they tow the large-sized travel trailer, especially passing through rocky surfaces.

There is a chance of its damage when you suddenly take the turn on either side. The other problem people face is that they do not have a large vehicle to tow.

You can solve the air conditioning issue by replacing the Ac with the larger one. The professional also recommends making the proper ventilation for proper aeration.

It is better to close the windows and doors when you pass through the dusty area. In addition, hang the full-length curtains so that the dust does not enter the cabin. It remains clean and does not require much effort in cleaning and dusting.

Leakage from bathroom faucet

The proper plumbing and supply of water to the kitchen and bathroom are necessary. There is a freshwater tank that supplies the freshwater through pipes.

Once a family took Casita’s travel trailer for a tour and returned after a month. They mentioned that the bathroom faucet leaked while they were on the way back home.

First, they took it to the workshop and replaced it with a new one. The sediments of minerals inside the faucet also cause it to drip.

Sometimes people close it tightly, which affects the function of the o-ring and washer in it. The loosening of the ring inside wastes the freshwater from the tap.

When you do not close it properly, there is a gap that allows the water in a small amount to pass through it. So, first, you should check the valve, close it, and recheck the dripping faucet.

Sometimes, people refill the water tank from that area with mineral-rich water. Then, the plumber cleans the deposition by opening and solving the leakage issue.

You should replace the corroded faucet with a stainless steel tap to avoid further damage. The replacement of a defective o-ring solves this issue.

Broken cabinets latch

The manufacturer attached the cabinet with the frame through latches. It allows the movement of doors of the cupboards to open and close.

The cabinets latch break when it cannot hold the door’s weight. It occurs due to the use of low quality and weak latches.

I opened the door of the kitchen cabinets, and it separated from the joint. When I picked the broken latch, there was a layer of rust.

The rust weakens the metal and creates holes when it remains there long. Moreover, the opening and closing of the cupboards frequently loose the nuts and screws.

Sometimes the professional install a less number of hinges in the door. It cannot hold it and start sagging, and ultimately, hinges break.

The use of high-quality latches and timely cleaning increases its life. The professional should consider the weight of the door and attach more hinges.

Cracking of tires

The trailer runs on the tires and holds its total weight. The rubber and tread of the tire increase its traction with roads and provide stability when you take it to the steep surface.

People complain about the early replacement of the Casita trailer tires. Its rubber breaks from different points and creates holes in it.

Sometimes you pass through the chemical containing water, which remains on the wheels. When you do not wash it after the rip, it penetrates the rubber and damages the internal surface.

The long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays and hazardous elements also cracks the surface of the tires. As a result, it reduces the tread pattern and ultimately decreases the tire traction with roads.

The low-quality rubber has less flexibility and gets cracks on uneven surfaces. In addition, the use of the same tires for a long time causes an issue.

You can increase its life span by washing it with soap and water after the trip. Then, call the repairer or take it to the workshop for proper maintenance.

Cover the whole trailer to protect it from the rays damage. Also, inflate the tires o time according to the professional’s recommendation.

Incorrect position of accessories

The accessories, for example, TV, air conditioner and other electrical appliances facilitate the people. These provide the entertainment and comfort zone when you are on the way to your destination.

The placement of things matters a lot in the travel trailer. For example, there is a TV, but the manufacturer placed it near the window, which is not suitable.

The light coming from the window interferes when you watch TV. Furthermore, the moisture and dust come inside on the TV screen.

It will give blurry vision and also affects the sound quality. In addition, many people complain about the sagging of the TV and oven stand.

Many people prefer wooden furniture and cabinets, while others place metal furniture inside the trailer. Both of the material makes the interior stunning when you organize things.

The use of low-quality wood or mold growth damages the wooden stand. On the other hand, the weak metal stand does not hold the appliance’s weight.

You should change the position of the TV if it is near the window. Also, tighten the screws and nuts of the stand to restrict it from sagging.

You can close the windows and hang curtains in front of the windows while watching TV. However, it will block the entry of lights from outside.

Low-quality seat cushion

The cushions provide comfortable seating and are an essential part of the RV. You need to rest on the seat for a long time.

Many people complain about the uncomfortable cushion of the seats and couches in the Casita trailer. However, once a family got this trailer and took it for their vacation.

Unfortunately, they were uneasy when they sat on the sofa. This is because the company used low quality to reduce the cost of maintenance.

When you put heavy objects on the cushions, it damages the outer cover. The dragging of sharp edges material makes the holes and large holes.

As a result, the internal material comes out and reduces the thickness of the cushion. In addition, the use of rugged fabric and leather cover reduces the pillow’s softness.

You can place the additional cushion on the seat to make it more comfortable. Sometimes the company replaces it with a new one within the validity of the warranty.

RV Refrigerator problem

The company placed the refrigerator in the travel trailer to take the food and drinks. However, sometimes it does not work correctly and maintain the temperature.

The dust particles gather on the coil and clog it. It restricts the cooling system from working efficiently. Moreover, the low propane level and interference in the power supply also create a problem.

It happens that you do not close the door properly. It remains open and wastes the cooling, so the foods spoil. Sometimes the irregular temperature of the thermostat alters the cooling system.

There is rubber around the door frame on both the refrigerator and door. Sometimes it does not catch the door and hold it.

It happens due to the low quality and use of the same refrigerator for a longer time. The door hinges break when it gets moisture. It weakens the bond and also damages the nuts through rust.

Take the food and water from the refrigerator at once for all the members. If you do not open and close the door frequently, it will stick to the rubber for some time.

You can apply enamel on the hinges to prevent them from corrosion. Check the temperature of the thermostat and propane level.

The coils should be cleaned timely and change the rubber of the door. It is better to change the refrigerator after returning from the tour.

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