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Should I Fluid Film My New Truck?

Should I Fluid Film My New Truck?

Many people have a coat of fluid film on their new trucks because it is more efficient than other coating materials.

It consists of treated wool wax combined with some polar agents and rust inhibitors, producing a wax-like formulation.

Should I Fluid Film My New Truck? You can fluid film your new truck by cleaning its surface and using a paint sprayer. Many people prefer this product due to its low cost, easy availability, and ability to long last, without being flaking. The fluid film prevents corrosion by preventing the accumulation of dirt and moisture content, thus also helpful in descaling the rustThis dielectric grease material is superior to silicone-based dielectric grease materials, and it allows the smooth functioning of the battery terminals and electrical connections of a vehicle. It is easy to reach all parts of the truck, and it does not evaporate because it has wax and oil-based products. 

The fluid film has many applications, but most commonly, you can use it for protecting the battery terminals, wheels, hinges, rims, and locks.

You can coat it in every season, but autumn is the best for this work as after this winter approaches to set in, and in winter, you cannot beat its efficacy.

I am using fluid film coating on my pickup, and I must say it has worked for me for three years which is the age of my vehicle.

How to apply the fluid film on a new truck?

First of all, prepare the surface for the coating, and this purpose makes it clean from dirt and mud.

New trucks seldom require water washing, but sometimes it is necessary.

You can immediately apply the fluid film on the wet surface, but sunlight is better to have its application because sunny days warm it up.

Airless sprayers are most suitable for this purpose because, by spray, there are more chances to spread the coating to the whole surface without leaving any crevice.

The prescribed standard for pressure is above 1800 PSI, and a thick film of about 4-5 mil is better to protect the vehicle.

It becomes heavy upon setting, and by continuous shaking, you can make it thinner due to its thixotropic nature.

Brushes and rollers, slush, dip, and floatation methods are also helpful, but many people find the sprays as a better option.

The floatation method is in use by many mechanics on a commercial scale, but it does not account for 100 percent accurate results.

You can avoid mixing the fluid film with water because mixing enhances premature gelation, which is hazardous.

Why should you fluid film your new truck?

There are many reasons, for people want to fluid film their vehicles even a new one to protect them from the environment.

It is suitable to renew this coating by an interval of every 12 months, but some parts like wheels and bumper require more frequent coatings as these are more prone to damage by road dust.

Cheaper than other coating materials

The fluid film is easy to apply and requires less money to buy from the market with equal efficiency to protect the metal.

No special tool is required, and you can apply it with a paintbrush and garden sprayer.

You can easily coat it by yourself, and no need for a professional technician.

Prevent corrosion

The fluid film is perfect for preventing corrosion, and it is better to have it soon after bringing a new truck.

Wool wax and petroleum oils act as corrosion inhibitors, but there is no solvent in their composition.

The already rusted surfaces find it perfect for descaling the rust, and many people use it for this purpose.

It has been in use for more than 65 years due to its ability to stop oxidation caused by environmental changes.


The fluid film is a durable product, as it lasts for many days without undergoing any general wear and tear.

The sufficient application at an appropriate time, temperature, and pressure increase its efficiency to protect the vehicles in a better way.

It stays on the vehicle even after washing with water, but frequent washings are hazardous because the coating can flake off at high pressures.

It does not peel off by the scorching temperature of the sun and does not become dull in its appearance because of high-quality wool wax and oils.

Repel water and dust

There is no solvent in the constitution of the fluid film, and due to this reason, it never becomes gummy, and no mess up of dirt due to this non-sticky nature.

The floatation method of application is more helpful as it attacks the ferrous material of rust and displaces the water more readily.

The fluid film is a waterproof material and helps shed the water molecules because of the presence of wool wax.

As it does not collect the dust thus helps to maintain a shiny surface, especially for the wheels and rims.

Easy to apply to all truck parts

The fluid film secures its position as a perfect material for protection because you can apply it to all parts of your truck.

It has a fluid nature due to which it can swim to the minute parts, and just a single spray is sufficient to reach these hidden places.

It can migrate to the pores of the metal and works well to descale the rust on the surface of the metal.

It takes time to dry and keeps on flowing till it dries out.

Resistant to cracks

The fluid film creates a flexible surface on the vehicle as many people want to have it for the underbodies of their pickups.

It is soft and does not prone to tracks due to extreme weather changes and rainstorms because it has waxy compounds in its chemical composition.

Sometimes, cracks start to appear after two years because of the old coating, but the nature of cracking is so minute to see.

It has a self-healing capacity that allows repairing any physical trauma by itself, and the original performance of the coating remains functional.

Dielectric grease

The fluid film acts as dielectric grease for the electrical connections in the truck as it has a non-conductive property.

You can use it for battery terminals to have a smooth flow due to the grease that keeps on precise performance.

This replaces the silicone dielectric greases because there are chances of corrosion by coming in contact with the moisture.

Ends squeaking

It acts as a lubricant allowing the inner parts like battery terminals to work efficiently and without any hurdle.

Sometimes, there is an annoying noise coming from the nuts, bolts, and other mechanical parts of the truck that is difficult to analyze.

This lubricating material helps end the squeaks because it allows the nuts and bolts to remain at their appropriate position without being hard to move.

One of my friends applied fluid film on his truck, and he is happy with his decision.

Keep the truck locks from freezing

Winter causes locks to freeze due to various factors like dirt inside the assembly and a lack of lubrication.

The fluid film helps find a solution and helps keep the locks from freezing due to its lubricating capacity.

The petroleum oil in its composition keeps the oily surface inside the assembly and does not allow the moisture build-up that can create ice on cold days.

Suitable for all types of metallic surface

It is equally suitable for every metal and easy to apply on every surface by a single spray.

It is helpful to protect the lid, tin, steel, copper, brass, and chromium from pitting and corrosion.

It protects the magnesium, lead, and aluminum from the oxidation process due to extreme weather.

The fluid film moves to the pores of the metals and provides a protective covering against the build-up of rust and corrosion.

Required in less amount than other coating materials

Coating a vehicle is usually an expensive process.

It is beneficial in this regard since its small amount is enough to provide a protective coat on the truck’s surface or underbody.

A single gallon is sufficient for a new truck, and this amount is easily affordable for every person having a pickup.

Suitable for applying over truck paint

The fluid film is suitable for the new pickups because it does not damage the paint, and you can use its direct spray on the painted surface.

With a high-pressure wash, one can easily remove the coating from the painted surface without damaging it.

It can lead to some swelling on the plastic and rubber products, and you should take care of this problem.

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