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Do Class B Motorhomes Have Bathrooms?

Do Class B Motorhomes Have Bathrooms?

The Class B motorhomes are smaller than other similar structures. It is a moving living and comprises a separate bathroom for a shower. 

Do Class B Motorhomes Have Bathrooms? In general, the majority of Class B Motorhomes have a bathroom with limited space and few facilities. The setup comprises a wet bath system, and it is around 3.5 feet long. 

The wet bath systems support such limited space structures. They have equipment for the entire bathroom and toilet features simultaneously. 

Do Class B Motorhomes Have Bathrooms?  

Class B Motorhome provides all the luxurious experience with small space. In addition, they have separate water containers to provide water supplies to bathroom sections. 

These are usually present in the middle of motorhomes. They have separate sections with the water control system. 

The bathrooms have complete privacy with doors and a lock system. However, the wood doors have no visibility to the passengers.

The glass doors have curtains to enhance the privacy of the showering person. 

It happens due to less space, and the idea of a bathroom requires vast areas. 

6 Examples of Class B Motorhomes with bathrooms

These bathrooms are fancy and appealing. Moreover, all the internal bodies are durable and suitable for the passengers. 

COACHMEN GALLERIA Class B Diesel Motorhome

  • Wet bath system
  • White color
  • Floor with tiles
  • Shower with handles
  • Space for one person
  • Pipelines
  • Wastewater system

Pleasure-Way Lexor Class B Motorhomes

  • Standing space for one person
  • Shower with hot and cold water control
  • Floors of block tiles
  • Pipes with constant water flow
  • Water containers for water supply
  • Hand shower
  • A draining system with a filter

Pleasure-Way Ascent Class B Diesel Motorhome

  • Wet bath system
  • A small window with exhaust
  • Glass rolling door
  • Sink with essential facilities
  • Pipelines with temperature control
  • Fresh and wastewater system
  • A drain of accurate size
  • Shower with constant water flow
  • Internal lock for privacy

Pleasure-Way Plateau FL / TS Class B Diesel Motorhomes

  • Water supply with separate containers
  • Appealing sink with soap container
  • Faucets and valves with water control
  • Shower and hanging rings for towels
  • Walls with water-resistant ability
  • Filtration equipment on drain
  • Pipelines with insulations

Pleasure-Way On-tour and Tofino Class B Motorhome

  • Separate sink
  • Shower with a temperature control mechanism
  • Wet bath system
  • Wood door
  • Handles and rings for towels
  • Insulated pipe system
  • A window with a curtain

Winnebago Revel Class B Diesel Motorhomes

  • Exhaust fans to reduce suffocation
  • Separate appealing sink with soap and container
  • Walls with water-resistant ability
  • A ring handler for toilet paper
  • Pipe and freshwater hose
  • System for wastewater drainage
  • Drain with a filter system

Bathroom Interior

The limited accommodation space leads to a variety of bathroom designs. In addition, they have beautiful walls with a water-resistant ability. 

The floor sections comprise tiles of high quality. It helps in the cleaning process and maintains hygienic conditions. 

Its doors and windows 

The doors are wood and glass material. The glass doors have rolling abilities, and they provide a fancy appearance. It is also present in class C motorhome bathrooms.

The door shave locks and handles for privacy and convenient movements. The windows are part of few designs, and they have a curtain and lid for security.

Accommodation area

The accommodations space is only for one person at one time.

You can also adjust a small kid on the toilet seat during the shower conditions. 

Water supply and pipelines

The water supply is through a separate water hose. They provide water through insulated pipelines.

All of its appliances get equal water with the same flow. As a result, you can utilize multiple tools at one time without any hesitation.

Toilet seat

The toilet seat is sufficient for one person.

In addition, it can tolerate the weight of a person at one time. The design and parts of the toilet seat are similar to other models. 

The side contains a toilet paper hanger, and the hand shower facility is also available with this seat. The water pump and other valves are of high quality. 

Sink with other facilities

The sink has soap containers and temperature-controlled equipment. 

The water can flow through the entire valve with the accurate handling of such tools. The sink bowl is enough to discard the wastewater with a small draining filter.

Shower with levers

The showers have a separate shower head. 

In few cases, water flows without any interruption through these instruments. 

They have levers for the control of water speed. The hand showers are also part of few designs.

Exhaust system 

The exhaust system removes the suffocation and steam.

They are usually on the roof of these structures. The filters allow the free-flowing of air and smoke from these tools. 

What is the Wet Bath system of a Class B Motorhome?

The Class B motorhomes have a wet bath system with an approximate space of 3 x 4 feet.

Their width is more than the length. Therefore, the Wet bath system is smaller than the dry bath system.


The wet bath system comprises the showering system, a sink, and toilet seat in one place. 

In addition, the presence of a sink in this small space provides a cleaning facility.

Shower system of a wet bath 

The shower head is in a direct link with the sink faucet. Therefore, there is a constant water supply.

Hand shower facility 

In few designs, the hand shower facility is also present in the wet bath system.

The hand showers are a facility to utilize the small space with the same features. Again, the level pulling leads to a sprinkling of water all around.

Splitting of wet bath system 

In few new designs, the manufacturers are upgrading the idea of a wet bath by splitting it into two halves.

The installation of a shower curtain separates these showering systems. The toilet compartment becomes another room in the same place. 

Few models comprise the bathrooms with split doors facility. You can shut off one side when you are not using it.

The location of the sink is not permanent, and the manufacturers change them according to their needs. As a result, few models comprise them in front of the toilet seats. 

The showerhead nozzles and faucets with eater supply are also determining factors before purchasing such equipment. 

Water supply for bathrooms

The fresh water tank capacity of a class B motorhome is around 21 to 42 gallons. The shower and sink faucets get water directly from this water hose.

The water freely flows through the pipelines and reaches the appliances. The hot water tanks are separate to provide steam baths. 

These water containers can comprise at least 5 to 7 gallons of water. Long showers can reduce the water levels instantly, and it is not a suitable condition. 

The toilets are also in the same section, and they ran out of water. The new models come with a heating device. It depends on the selection of design and the buyer’s budget. 

The appliances can work together due to the separation of flow through pipelines. In addition, these structures have insulations that prevent all types of damages. 

Its Drainage system

There is a separate drain system for the removal of wastewater. Therefore, there are minimum chances of any water accumulation in these compartments. 

The drain removes the water through the filter. However, the solid material retains on the top area of the filter.

The toilet seats discard the waste matter through separate pipelines. The wastewater accumulates in the motorhome containers. The owner removes them in the dumping stations weekly or according to use.

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