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2022 Winnebago Journey Class A Motorhome: Facts To Know

2022 Winnebago Journey Class A Motorhome: Facts To Know

Many people are looking to buy Winnebago motorhomes due to their superior design quality.

Its latest model has improved chassis design, a stylish exterior with refined aerodynamics, a soundproof interior, and luxurious features.

Winnebago has launched its new Journey series of Class A motorhomes in 3-floor plans to be available in 2022. The presence of unique design, performance and luxury features makes them the best of their class and, in a true sense, a home on wheels.  

2022 Winnebago Journey Class A Motorhome

Winnebago Journey belongs to diesel engine-powered, class A motorhomes providing the most extensive floor plans of the available RVs in the market.

It is available in 3-floor plans of variable lengths and slideout options to increase the living areas further.

Moreover, a large HDTV with a sound system provides the facility to enjoy the theatre at home.


Diesel-powered Journey Class A motorhome has an XCM chassis frame as a foundation.

It is the most popular choice amongst luxurious motorhome manufacturers as it provides more space and strength, resulting in high payload ratings of the vehicle.

Moreover, frame rails have configurations to offer durability and ruggedness suitable for rough terrains.

Other components of the driver cabin, including steering and drivetrain, are also reliable and customized according to the customer requirements.  

Aerodynamic design

It has significant improvement in the exterior body shape’s aerodynamics to reduce the air resistance to a minimum level.

It has rounded corners and an integrated electric-powered canopy throughout the windows’ length to avoid rainwater entering the home, minimizing the air resistance.

Moreover, slideout areas have narrow trims, and cargo cabinets are latch-free with an electronically-controlled operation for a smooth ride. 

The windows have double-pane and are thermally insulated to avoid excessive temperature variations inside the cabin during the summer or winter.

They also have tinted and frameless glass panes with slight contouring to enjoy the beauty of nature while traveling. They enhance the view angle to give a panoramic sight of the natural scenery.

Insulated front end

It has an insulated front end to dampen the engine’s sound entering the driver’s cabin.

It provides a soundproof environment for the motorhome’s generator or engine to talk and enjoy the music free of noise.


Diesel engines have higher torque ratings than gasoline ones and are suitable for high payload applications.

Therefore, it is equipped with a diesel engine to pull a fully furnished luxury home load. 


8.9 liter Cummins diesel engine with powerful torque ratings to provide high torque performance and payload capacity.

It is low weight, efficient, and compact with a high power rating closer to 400 hp and 6 cylinders. It has a side radiator design for maximum performance.

Reliability linked with the Cummins engine makes them a premium choice for camping applications.

Moreover, the 6-speed transmission provides smooth gear operation.

Loading and towing capacity

Due to its durable chassis design, it offers an excellent weight rating and towing specifications.

The standard hitch available with it can safely pull a trailer of 9,000 lbs. However, you can haul more than that by taking few preventive measures. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is about 39,000 pounds.

Simultaneously, the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating is ~49,000 that is cumulative of both towing and payload capacity, including the motorhome and attached camper or trailer’s empty weight. 

Suspension system

It is a part of the XCM chassis frame and provides efficient performance in rough terrains to ensure a comfortable camping experience.

The front axle has Neway AS140 air suspension that is steerable with a steering wheel.

Rear-axle has V-ride suspension by Freightliner that can withstand a whopping load of 23,000 pounds to 25,000 pounds, resulting in increased overall loading capacity. 

Sachs shocks provide superior performance, comparable with other top-quality brands like Bilstein at a lower price.


A lot of electrical power is required for appliances like air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, and lighting.

Batteries will not be sufficient to fulfill the power requirements of such utilities. Therefore the presence of an onboard diesel generator is mandatory for the smooth operation of these appliances.

According to the floor plan, it has a powerful diesel generator by Cummins, having a power rating of 7000-10000 watts, sufficient to fulfill all the power requirements during camping.

Moreover, it has soundproof housing to ensure quiet operation to avoid disturbance while running.


It has Michelin XZA2 Energy stylish tires with alloy rims. They have excellent fuel efficiency and a wet road grip with quieter operation.

They are suitable for long trips and therefore installed with this motorhome to provide extended road coverage without heating or deterioration.

The high front wheel cut also provides good maneuverability. A high wheelbase provides stable operation with larger loads on the board. 

The front axle has air disc brakes with ABS, while the rear axle has air drum brakes to ensure safe operation even in brake failure.

Driving System

It has an advanced driving system as a part of the chassis assembly. The steering wheel has a design for comfortable driving without stress on the driver’s neck or back.

Front driver and passenger chairs have adjustable armrests, and a swivel function allows their use as lounge chairs.

The GPS-based navigation system will enable you to drive by keeping your eyes on the road. The latest model has high-performance LED lights with enhanced brightness than previous models.

The one-piece panoramic windscreen provides more visibility of lower objects during driving. Moreover, there are large teardrop chrome mirrors for better visibility. 


It has both AC and DC distribution systems throughout the motorhome. Power outlets are available in each portion of the cabin.

Furthermore, the available power sources are 6 deep cycle batteries, a generator, and solar panels as an additional option.

It has a standard 50 amp wiring circuit, and a 7-pin plug is available to provide the towed camper with a power supply. 12VDC and 110VAC are the usual supply voltages.

Infotainment system

It has a 12″ color LCD touchscreen, available to display essential vehicle parameters, rear color camera, and play music.

Other systems are a Wifi router for internet, radio, and antenna with sim card for entertainment channels on HDTV.

SiriusXM radio is also available to stream or listen to music and other entertainment-related media.  

Safety Features

Multiple safety features are available to protect it from any short circuit or fire incident and generate an alarm well in time to take necessary action.

Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors are to detect any fire or high CO levels during a fireplace operation.

Ground fault interrupter and circuit breakers detect any ground fault or short circuit to protect wiring and human beings from the risk of electric shock.

All the appliances have been firmly attached to their metal structure to avoid the risk of falling while traveling. Moreover, there are seat belts for both driver and passenger seats as per government regulations.


It is available in 6 stunning exterior shades with stylish designs to fulfill customer requirements.

Interior flooring and upholstery of furniture items are also available in multiple colors. Therefore, you can select your customized interior and exterior designs.  

Winnebago Connect App

It is an app with complete floor plans of the motorhome available. You can control lights, storage, and other essential functions of the RV using this app.

Moreover, it shows all supplies’ status, including water, fuel, batteries, charge, etc., on a single panel. It is available on mobile, tablet, or a touchscreen installed in the RV.

Luxurious Features of Living Area

It is well equipped with state-of-the-art amenities with unique interior decoration for a beautiful and luxurious camping experience.

Here is a brief detail of prominent features for camping enthusiasts intending to purchase it.

Floor plans

It is available in 3-floor plans according to their size and slight variations in available features. All the 3 options have similar vehicle specifications with differences in the size of living areas and facilities arrangement.


The smallest floor plan has an exterior length of 34-36 inches with 3 slideouts. 2 slideouts are on the rear and front of the driver side, and 1 is on the passenger side extending throughout the cabin’s length.

It has about 2000-3000 lbs less Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating due to the front axle’s lesser capacity. Space for exterior storage available is also lesser due to the smaller size. 


This floor plan has an increased exterior length of 36-38 inches with 3 slideouts with slightly modified amenities.

Due to increased size, it has a large bathroom with shower, toilet and 2 sinks available. 


It is the largest of the three measuring exterior lengths in the range of 40-42 inches.

It has 4 slideout options, 2 on each side with dining facilities outside the motorhome while partying with friends.

Moreover, it has 2 bathroom options, one for the master bedroom and the second for guests in the common area.

It has similar loading specifications as 36K, with increased exterior storage due to the larger size.  

Sleeping Area

It has a spacious bedroom in its rear section to provide comfortable sleeping. A wooden sliding door separates it from the rest of the area.

A king-size bed in the center with a comfortable mattress and pneumatically adjustable headrest is the bedroom’s highlight.

The bedroom has space on both sides to walk around and nightstands to place books or other stuff at night.

Moreover, it has a ceiling fan for comfortable sleeping. There is also a storage option with a lock underneath the bed to store any valuable things.

40P floor plans have more extensive storage options and a dedicated master attached bathroom with the bedroom to provide increased privacy.

Other amenities available in the bedroom are a large size, smart high definition TV display on the front wall of the bed, a sophisticated wardrobe, and availability of power outlets and USB ports.

Cooking Area

The cooking area is an essential place in an RV to fulfill the food requirements during camping.

According to the floor plan, you can locate the kitchen in the center of this RV. It has a double burner with a marble top with induction heating.

There is an exhaust hood on top of the burner with a fan installed in a vent in its wall ventilating oil fumes during cooking.

There is an extendable marble countertop to increase the cutting area or place items during cooking.

Other amenities available are stainless steel sink with faucets, a dishwasher, pantry area for storage purposes, microwave oven, convection oven with fan, and an extendable countertop for dishwashing and drying racks.

There is also a medium size, 500 liters, residential refrigerator with 2 doors. One is for the freezer to make ice. It also has a dispenser to cool drinking water during summer.   

Bathroom (Shower/Toilet)

All the 3-floor plans have dedicated bathrooms with shower, sink, and toilet options. 40P has 2-3 bathrooms due to more space available.

The smallest of 3, the 34N, has a bathroom with all three facilities. The shower area is spacious with dual-head showers to provide a better bathing experience and flexible operation.

A porcelain toilet with an electric flush system is efficient without causing any foul smell in the cabin.

There is also a black holding tank of about 60-gallon capacity and a grey tank with a whopping 100-gallon storage capacity.

Bathrooms have all the facilities at our homes, including a tissue holder, towel bar, and hook and vent in the bathroom roof with a rain sensor to enjoy bathing.

Dining Area

The dining area has different settings according to the type of floor plans selected. 34N and 40P have Glide-N-Dine tables and chairs between the bedroom and lounge area.

It provides an extendable dining area according to the number of guests for a buffet or to manage a cocktail party.

36K has a Dine-O-Workstation in the lounge area that you can interchangeably use as a workplace and dining area. These arrangements are an intelligent way to utilize the available space optimally.

Lounge (sitting area/theatre)

The lounge is on the front side with slideouts on both sides to provide a spacious area to host parties.

It has various seating options available, including comfortable chairs to work and sofas while enjoying watching TV or listening to music.

According to the floor plan, there are 2 sofas with lap tables either on the passenger or driver side.

There is a provision for a pop-up 50″ TV with a superior sound system to gain theatre-level entertainment at home.

Other seating options available are 2 small seats convertible to chairs, footrests, or storage options. There is a central vacuum system to provide easy cleaning. 

Storage space

The company has introduced electronically actuated cargo door latches for easy operation in these vehicles.

Moreover, sliding rail designs for storage compartments facilitate the campers to open them.

Central storage has 2.5 feet in height at few places to store large items.

The fresh water tank has a capacity of about 100-110 gallons with an auto-retractable hose pipe for its refilling on the driver side.

Achievable fuel tank capacity of 80-90 gallons up to the tank’s safety switch to avoid overflow. There is also storage for six deep cycle batteries with additional space for 4 more batteries.


All appliances available onboard are electric-powered. 

An electric fireplace is present in the lounge area with adjustable temperature settings. On top of the fireplace is an extendable HDTV for entertainment purposes.

Moreover, heated flooring throughout the cabin also provides the best and comfortable experience regardless of outside weather.

There is a network of hot water-carrying pipes beneath the flooring to keep the temperature in control during winter.

An electric heater is available to continuously provide hot water for household use and other bathing requirements. 

Air conditioning

It comes with large floor plans (36K, 40P) have 3 high-efficiency air conditioners of about 1-ton cooling capacity installed in various areas of the cabin to fulfill the cooling requirements.

34N has 2 air conditioners of 1.25 ton capacity for temperature control in summer.  

How much will it cost to purchase a 2022 Winnebago Journey Class A Motorhome?

Winnebago Journey belongs to class A of motorhomes with luxurious features. Therefore, it demands a high price of versatility, comfortability, and advanced features available.

Its price can vary according to the floor plan and optional amenities installed on the motorhome. They will be available in 2022 at a starting price of $400,000. 

Where is Winnebago Journey Motorhome Made?

Journey Class A motorhomes come out of Winnebago Industries Incorporation’s production line in the US in Winnebago county, Forest City, Iowa.

Freightliner Custom Chassis provides the XCM design with primary foundation parts from its factory in Gaffney, South Carolina, United States.

Few other parts like generator, alternator, and batteries come from different manufacturers having their plant located in various parts of America.

Its factory has the workshops to complete the remaining wood, Aluminium, plastic, interior decoration, wall panels, and interior work. More than 80% of the Journey motorhome parts have US manufacturers and suppliers.  

The company has a skillful team of engineers, designers, and mechanics that bring innovation through technological advancement and luxurious features in the motorhomes.

Michael Happe is the current president and CEO of Winnebago Industries, responsible for its routine operations.

At the same time, a board of directors governs the overall corporate control of the company. The Journey is the latest motorhome brand introduced to provide a luxurious and more powerful alternative to its Forza class A motorhome.

Is Winnebago Journey a reliable Brand of Motorhome?

Winnebago symbolizes motorhomes having a cult status in US traditions due to its more than 60 years of experience of building RVs and luxury vehicles for fantastic camping enjoyment.

The company has a complete assembly line of Class A, B, and C motorhomes, RVs, and campers to fulfill each segment of society’s demands.

Due to its reliable operation throughout the years with good customer care services, people opt for these products to have quality products with a home’s comforts on wheels.

The Journey is a new variant in the category of motorhomes introduced by Winnebago. However, it has all the major parts from trusted suppliers like Cummins, and Freightliner tested in their’ previous models.

Is Winnebago Motorhome Safe to Travel?

It has plenty of safety features associated with modern chassis designs, including automatic emergency braking, collision protection, and blind-spot detection cameras.

It also has 3-point seat belts for driver and passenger seats. According to Department of Transportation recommendations, the company has tried to provide basic safety features to ensure driver and passengers’ minimum safety level. 

However, large size Class A motorhomes require careful training to control and maneuver the vehicle. Moreover, it lacks front airbags to protect in case of collision.

Moreover, besides front passenger and driver seats, the rest of the seats don’t have seat belts or only with lap belts’ availability.

Therefore, it can be less safe than class B motorhomes and require careful driving to ensure your family’s safety and other people on the road. 

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