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How to Keep RV Surge Protector From Getting Stolen?

How to Keep RV Surge Protector From Getting Stolen?

Here are the 12 easy methods to secure the RV surge protector from getting stolen. You can use any of these techniques to protect your device.

How to Keep RV Surge Protector From Getting Stolen? You can use different locks to protect the RV surge protector from getting stolen. Use a high-quality chain and padlock to secure it. You can also use cable locks, alarm locks, lock hasp, and power ball plug lock to enclose plug-in cords of the surge protector. 

The surge protector monitors the voltage supply of the electric system. When we plug the RV into an electrical input system, the electricity voltage can get up and down.

It acts as a buffer system to protect the RV from damage. We plug in the protector to an external source then connect the RV to the surge protector.

It ensures a stable supply of electricity to the vehicle. It protects all the electrical appliances from damage.

How to Keep RV Surge Protector From Getting Stolen?

A surge protector is present outside the RV with the power cord. A thief can easily approach it whenever the RV is alone.

We have to secure it to prevent it from getting stolen. Here are different ways you can use it to protect it.

Secure it with a bicycle chain

A bicycle chain is a readily available tool to secure the device. It is the cheapest among all the locks which we use for protecting it.

You can also find it at home in the garage or with your bike. You can also buy it from the bike shop for few dollars.

You can wrap it in along the protector and lock it with a padlock. A padlock will fix the chain around the device tightly. A thief cannot cut it with a knife cutter or a saw.

The bike chains are made of hardened steel and weigh 4 pounds. Its chain is approximately 1 inch thick and contains a U portion.

Bicycle chains are not long; you will find it difficult to protect both the protector and power cord. 

Use chain and padlock

The chain locks are designed especially for the surge protector. They are durable and heavy-duty even bolt cutters can not cut them.

It is made of high-duty steel, or aluminum cutting or grinding is a noisy process.

There is a high risk for thieves due to time consumed and noise. Thieves not having the proper tool to cut it will not be able to open it.

Its thickness and cross-section make it harder.

The links of the chains are heat welded to make a strong bond between links.

The case hardening process makes the metal hard and difficult to attack by bolt or copper cutter.

You can make it secure by running it along with the device.

Wrap it multiple times and bring the ends together against the top cord of the protector. Then insert the padlock bar through the chain links to create a strong loop around it.

Master locks

It is a lock containing a cable with a padlock. It is unique has a vinyl coating on the steel body to make it scratch-proof.

It provides a dual locking system with brass locking keys. The cable is 3 to 4 ft long and 5mm thick.

You can wrap it multiple times along the surge protector. It contains a 4 or 5 pin cylinder that prevents picking by thieves.

Python keyed lock

It is a keyed cable lock consist of braided steel. It is 2 m long and 9mm in diameter. It has its lock with a key means only you can open it with a key.

It provides more strength and flexibility around it. Its lock is adjustable, which makes it fit at any position around the device.

It is weatherproof; its cable is vinyl coated which is difficult to cut. Bolt cutter can cut it but produce too much noise to warn the people. High noise due to cutting will increase the risk for thieves.

Wrap it around the device by placing it against the electrical cable. Then run it through the open tunnel to create a tight loop. Then turn the key in the slot to lock position.

You can use two cables to secure it, wrap one on the top and the other at the bottom of the protector box.

You can tighten it from a length of 5 inches to 5 feet. It is expensive than other locks but provides long-lasting security,

Locks with audible alarm

It is an advanced form of lock that tightly locking the surge protector also has an alarm system. It means each time a thief trying to steal your valuable sound will produce.

It also serves as a potential threat to the thief when he tries to cut the lock. In the market, different locks with audible alarms are present.

You can choose any of these depending upon your choice.

Oxford alarm D pro

It is a cheaper alarm lock with a steel body. It produces a noise of 120db loudest sound among all of them. It is weather and heatproof; even a bolt cutter can not cut it.

ABUS Bordo alarm

It is less heavy than other audible locks with mounting brackets. It can produce 100 dB loud noise when anyone tries to open it.

Its disadvantage is that a thief can cut it with a bolt cutter. It is made of hardened steel and weighs approximately 1.2 kgs.

ABUS 770A lock

This alarm lock comes with a rechargeable battery having a lifespan of three months. It is a keyless operation; you can connect it with a mobile to control it. It is more expensive and weighs 1.8 kgs.

Power ball plug lock

It is a different type of lock that encloses the surge protector plug ends. It consists of a high-density polyethylene ball that is UV resistant.

This property increases its durability for many years. It will protect the connected plugs so that no one can unplug them. In this way, they hinder the thieves from stealing the electric device.

This plug lock is spherical and has holes to drain the water when it is raining.

It will also prevent your children from messing with the power cords. Power ball plug locks also have a small padlock.

It consists of hardened steel but light in weight. The thieves are not able to cut it even with a bolt cutter. Attempting to cut it will draw the attention of all people nearby.

To attach it to the device, place it around the plugs and close it around them. Then lock it with a padlock to secure the surge protector. For extra strength and security, you can add a cable or chain lock to the device.

Lock hasp

Lock hasp is similar to the ball plug lock but differs in design. It is square with a plastic body; before enclosing the device, plug in the RV outlet to the power cord receptacle.

Then orient cords in the half shell of the lock. After this, mate both half-shells by clicking the locking tabs and slid the slides until you hear a click. Then secure the hasp lock using a padlock.

You can remove the lock by pushing in the closing tabs. It can fit both 30amp and 50amp RV surge protectors. Due to its plastic body, it weighs only 0.7lbs.

It encloses the device anyone trying to steal has to pull apart the whole lock hasp. You can use other locks separately on the surge protector beside the lock hasp.

Use Lockbox

It is a box that locks both the surge protector and its power cord. The lock manufacturers come with an idea to protect both the device and its cord in one box.

These locks box consists of heavy-duty metals that are impossible to cut with ordinary cutters. These locks boxes are easy to use and install on the outside RV.

Just place the device and cord in it, Then lock it with the padlock.

Some lockboxes are equipped with a keyed lock. A specific key or digital lock password is required to open it.

You can install it at a hidden place where it is difficult for a thief to find them. It is available in different sizes to accommodate all models of surge protectors and plug-in cords.

Hardwired surge protector

Unlike the portable protector that is present outside, the hardwired protector is right before you. So there is no chance of thieves stealing it from the RV.

One thing to do is lock the whole RV before leaving it anywhere. It is not only protected from thieves but also rain animals and sand storms.

Its installation process is complicated; you will need a technician for this purpose. It does not require separate lock protection. 

You can not detach it and move from one RV to another RV. It is serviceable; there is no need to buy a new one every time an issue occurs.

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