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Ford F150 Body Control Module Problems

Ford F150 Body Control Module Problems

A body control module in Ford F150 is a computer system with an input and output system installed that controls all the vehicle’s working, including windshield wipers, doors lock, power windows, air conditioners, and heater.

Ford F150 Body Control Module Problems include dashboard lighting issue that does not show the signals in an alarming situation. The sign is not received on the dashboard if the engine produces more heat due to faulty BCM. Windshield wipers and keyless entry does not work due to this fault. High impact shocks lead to the malfunctioning of the system because the bumps create problems in the connections.

The module provides a display for the activity of different systems to keep a check on them. It is the system in the vehicles which helps to monitor its working.

Dashboard lighting issue

The body control module (BCM) controls the lighting on the Ford F150 dashboard. There are different color lights on the dashboard which show the system’s working.

When the red light turns on, it shows the alarming situation. The yellow light is for the sign of malfunctioning of the truck at an initial stage, and the green light is for normal functioning.

These lights are a good indicator for everything like air pressure in the tires, engine temperature, fuel of truck, etc.

You can face the problem of dimming these lights when the dashboard sensor is not working.

Sometimes this issue occurs because of more daylight, and the intensity set for these lights is kept low.

You can have the faulty lights of your truck when there is some loose connection of the wires, and it cannot provide enough energy to the system.

The lights can get dull when the fuel is low than the average level, and it can affect the working of the dashboard.

The sensors of headlamps are also present on the dashboard, which do not respond when it is raining outside. Moreover, the brightness issue prevails in this situation which worsens the situation.

The issue can prevail if the battery is not working correctly and not providing enough energy to the dashboard lights.

You can check out the fuse in the F150 if the lights are not working at all. In case of a faulty fuse, you can remove it and fix the proper fuse.

More heat production by engine

When you turn your vehicle on, it starts producing heat. A cooling system in your truck keeps the engine’s temperature at normal.

You can feel some problem when the indicator on the dashboard shows a thermometer signal. It is an alarming condition for the vehicle overheating.

This issue arises when the coolant of the engine is out of order. As a result, the water pipe may leak, or the radiator may get faulty.

If the head gasket blows out, the vehicle gets overheated, and you can see white smoke coming from the outer pipe.

Your ford shows the thermostat sign on the dashboard, and it is necessary to sort out the issue soon. It would help if you do not keep driving in this condition; otherwise, the situation can get worse.

The thermostat or water pump gets faulty, which causes the overheating of the engine.

This issue mainly occurs because of the water pump, and you can replace it quickly because it is not expensive.

Sometimes the fan of the radiator is not in an excellent position to keep the temperature of the radiator regular and let the air move through it.

It makes the engine difficult to work when the cooling system is faulty.

You can solve this problem by changing the water pump, checking the radiator and replacing it with a new one.

Windshield wipers and keyless entry not working

Windshield wipers are used to remove the dust or any barrier on the vehicle’s front screen. It can get faulty because of climate change, just like ice present in snowy weather.

If the windshield is not working, you can check out the motor connected to it. 

The BCM also controls the windshield washer mounted parallel to the windshield wipers. If it gets faulty, there comes a barrier in driving because of the dirty windscreen.

The body module system can get faulty because wipers and keyless entry sensors do not work correctly.

The electronic system of the Ford F150, including keyless entry, opening & closing of the windows and doors, and air conditioner working, all are controlled by BCM.

If you take the keys close to your truck and the sensor does not unlock the doors, you must check the control module.

The keyless entry requires a code that works when the keys come within the range. Sometimes, the code does not match when the truck is old, and its system becomes faulty.

You can check out the body modulating control immediately if you see any issue regarding electronic connections.

High impact shocks

When you drive your truck in such places where there are a lot of bumpy tracks, then there are chances of getting problems in the system of your vehicle.

The continuous jumps disturb the connections between different modules and affect their communication and accessibility.

You can find issues in security functions like anti-theft systems or keyless systems.

Sometimes Ford F150 does not start as there are problems with the connections. 

Many of my friends complained about its malfunctioning when their F150 faced high-intensity shocks.

They faced many problems like improper functioning of the power window. Others faced issues with the radio and other wire connections.

If your truck undergoes an accident, you can have significant issues and the body control system gets damaged.

When your truck faces high-intensity collisions, then your BCM is in complete danger. The reason is that the vehicle undergoes severe damage, and the dashboard does not work correctly.

You can solve this issue by driving carefully and controlling your truck by applying brakes efficiently.

Faulty electronic connections

All the electronic systems in a truck are connected to the control module. It works according to the power supplied to it by the battery.

The body module controls all the working by providing a signal for the vehicle’s interior. In case of malfunctioning of any part, the dashboard shows signs.

You can control everything like lights, door lock, power window, controlling air conditioner and heater in this system through electronic supplies.

When there is an issue with any electric supply, the system can become faulty, and it can lead to enormous loss if you do not fix it.

Ford F150 does not start when the battery is not connected or gives a low voltage current.

You can fix it by driving slowly on the unsmooth tracks to avoid barriers to electric supply.

You can replace it, but slight negligence can worsen the situation. If some moisture remains there while cleaning, it can lead to other issues.

It needs special care to remove the faulty system from the vehicle. It is not easy to remove electric connector locks.

Once you remove the connectors, it is easy to replace the faulty BCM with a new one that can work correctly.

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