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Ford F150 Electronic Locking Differential Problems

Ford F150 Electronic Locking Differential Problems

An electronic locking differential is an automatic gadget present in the back shaft that spins the wheels of the Ford F150 with the same momentum.

Ford F150 Electronic Locking Differential Problems include blown-out fuses and damaged breakers due to loose wires, screws, connectors, plugs, and rusty solenoid. As a result, the locking and unlocking capacity of the truck’s automatic locker is less than the other vehicles. In addition, the vacuum, dirt, and oil pressure in the channel of the vacuum pump is a hindrance to its accurate functioning.

People come with the problem that their vehicle’s locking differential is not giving the tractions on the off-track pitches like muddy grounds.

It is also a common problem that it does not disengage after engaging, which negatively impacts the truck’s wheels.

Broken switch

The physically damaged switch present towards the front side is one of the biggest reasons for the non-working of the locking differential in the pickup trucks.

This locking differential switch has a button to press and allows the wheels to run with the same pace and momentum on a long journey.

Sometimes there comes a situation that this button is not working because of any loosening and breakage.

This will also lead to the disability in the switch, which automatically brings non-functionality of the locker in the vehicle.

The switch may have the problem of breakage in the wire and screws connecting the button to the body of the Ford F150.

There is the possibility that the original two parts switch is of inferior quality and is of a poor brand, and this will not last very long.

This requires the repairing of the button or its replacement in the switch of the electronic locking differential of the modern pickup truck.

Sometimes, the whole switch is the solution to the problem, and try to replace it with a new and better quality switch urgently.

For a short interval of time, you can have a temporary solution to the problem of the bad switch by having the molds for the broken screws.

You have to check that there is no breakage or damage to the button and the switch of the locking differential.

You have to make sure that all the wires and cables connecting it with the truck’s frame are at their original position and have good insulation.

Blown fuse

The switch stops working when there is a problem with the fuse in the electronic locking differential device of your truck.

Usually, a blown fuse is due to damaged wires in the circuit of the automatic device in the truck.

Overheating in the engine can also bring a short circuit and an overloaded circuit to the assembly of the locker.

There is a possibility that the wrong type of fuse is present, or the problem is with the breaker in the switch of the instrument in the axle.

You have to look up at the fuse and check if there are black spots and gaps in the cables of the switch of the electronic locking device in the pickup truck.

These spots and gaps bring a clear picture that the fuse is out of order, and you need to replace it quickly for gripping the vehicle’s wheels.

Ensure there is no overheating in the inside compartments, which can burn the fuse and wires of the gadget present in the back of the shaft.

Electrical Issues

The locker is an electronic device, but sometimes issues appear in the assembly of the module in the system. The damage in the cables, fuses, screws, and plugs are some of the problems in the locker which make it non-functional.

The bare and hot spotted wires in the whole assembly of the locking system are the primary cause of the non-functionality of the device in the Ford F150.

Sometimes there is an issue with the fuses present under the bonnet and the cabin of the passengers in the truck due to poor quality.

There is an issue that the switch connector is loose that brings the switch not to engage with the wheel even the driver is pressing the button.

The corrosion in the solenoid also leads to the jamming of the switch and button.

You have to check that all the connectors belonging to the switch of the gadget and the shaft present at the backside are tight and at their standard position.

You have to make sure that all the wires and solenoid are well insulated and smooth to transmit the pulse from the switch to the wheels’ axle.

Limited Capacity

F150 pickup trucks with an excellent towing capacity have an automatic electronic locking differential with a limited ability to work.

The pickup with the normal Terrain modes has a 20 mph maximum rate of engagement, 25 mph speed, and its automatic re-engagement momentum is 20 mph.

This brings an obvious and precise view that the control of the locker over the wheels of pickup is impossible beyond this speed.

The alignment of a relay switch with the electronic locker switch can provide you with a better and more capacity to engage the wheels on uneven roads.

You can communicate with professional technicians to make these adjustments for the up-gradation of the locking differential switch.

This will help you control your vehicle’s speed on rough roads when you are on a long journey and you want an early reach to your destination.

Vacuum in vacuum pipe

Vacuum in the vacuum pipe of Ford F150 is a serious problem in the electronic locking differential module, making the driver unable to control the speed.

Sometimes, after engaging, it is difficult or impossible to disengage the electronic locking differential even the driver is pressing the off button.

Moving the truck in the straight line can disengage the locker but not in all cases because the locker will lock up as it turns.

To unlock the locker, disconnect the vacuum pipe, and steer in the onward and backward direction by turning right and left.

You have to check that there is no vacuum in the vacuum channel, causing a disturbance in the accurate functioning of the Ford F150.

Sometimes dirt is also blocking the channel of the vacuum pipe, and make sure that there is no dust and dirt in the pipe.

Blockage in breather pipe

The breather pipe is an outlet helpful in balancing the pressure inside the engine. Any kind of blockage in the vent pipe can create a hurdle in the normal functioning of the electronic locking differential.

Blockage appears when the oil creates pressure in the pipe, and it automatically engages the locker with the wheels without pressing the button.

To have a functional and healthy locker, you have to check that there is no blockage inside the breather pipe of the truck located under the hood.

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