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Ford F150 Rear Window Defroster Not Working

Ford F150 Rear Window Defroster Not Working

Ford F150 Rear Window Defroster stops working due to faulty electrical components, distant sensor, bad wiring, broken fuse and circuit, rear window sliding problems, poor cooling system, and broken window tints.

Ford F150 Rear Window Defroster Not Working

A rear window defroster is like a fog cleaner from the glass. It helps to provide maximum visibility and support to the driver. A defroster gets its power from the electric sources of a Ford F-150. 

There are numerous reasons due to which the rear window defroster stops working. 

Faulty electrical component

The electrical component lies in the electrical panel of the truck. It can stop working due to electric issues like circuit breakdown and burnt wires. 

Few electrical cables break due to the intense flow of electric current from both directions simultaneously. As a result, it impacts the performance of the forester.

The electric device stops working immediately in such shocking conditions. It is unfavorable in foggy weather and other cold environmental conditions. 

Monitor the electrical panel carefully and find out the problem. Access the point of the issue by reading the manufacturer’s manual of the truck.

The replacement of faulty electrical components is the only solution to this problem. Check all the electrical supply before leaving your place for long-term travel. 

Distant sensor of the Rear Window Defroster

The rear window defroster in a Ford F-150 contains a sensor that indicates weather conditions. It offers proper signals at the time of need. The sensor is the control system of a defroster.

In some models of the trucks, these sensors are away from the device. The distance restricts the accurate channeling of the signals from one end to the other. The poor censoring conditions inhibit the performance of the defroster, and it stops working. 

Access the location of your sensor and understand the standard distance. Take your truck to the professional and narrate your issue.

The only solution to this issue is to reduce the distance between the sensory device and the defogger. 

Bad wiring and fuse

The fuse of the defroster instrument plays a vital role in its performance. The fuses are present in the home circuit of the truck.

Sometimes the fuse blows out due to improper traveling of current inside the system. As a result, the fuse burns out. Some of them lose their capacity to stay in connection with the electric panel walls.

The loose fuses are not able to supply enough electric supply for the accurate performance of a defroster. The electric system stop working at any time and any place. 

It is shocking for the user, and the driver feels helpless to control the deadly weather conditions.

Check the fuses in the electricity man circuit. If there is a blown-out fuse, then the replacement is the only possible solution. Tighten all the loose fuses back into their positions.

The defroster starts working instantly by resolving these problems. Never touch the electric panels without taking a precautionary measure. Wear a protective uniform and use leather gloves during the replacement of the electric fuse. 

Damaged defogger switches on Ford F-150

The electric switches that supply electric power to the defogger are an essential part of the system. When the electric switches stop working due to excessive heat, then the defroster also restricts. It is the worst condition because it can happen at any time. 

The defogger works vigorously in cold weather conditions. In these cases, the flow of electric current increases more than casual. The mixing of electric signals damages the switch.

Observe all the electric switches in the control panel. Identify the problem and replace the burnout switches immediately. The defogger starts working after this replacement. 

Faulty defogger grid

It is a common issue due to which the defroster stops working immediately. The grids of a fog defroster move with the slides of windows, and in this type of process, damages occur.

These grids offer maximum heat to deep clean the rear window of the Ford F-150. The grid comprises a vast network of electric cable systems. 

The damage occurs to these electrical cables. Sometimes a solid mass rub with the wires of the grid. It results in immediate breakage of these tiny systems. The electric circuit breaks down, and the defroster stops working.

Identify the problem and remove the harmful matter from the rear window. Replace the broken grids, and the systems start working immediately. 

Rear window sliding problems

There are numerous tabs on the slides of the rear window structure. These tabs are the electric supply sources, and they connect the rear window electricity with the circuit of the truck. 

The defroster connects with the electric circuit through this passage. The rear window work as positive and negative ends of electricity.

Sometimes one of the electricity sources stops working due to an issue. Electric damage of broken electric wire system leads to such problems.

In these circumstances, the defroster stops working immediately. It is not a favorable condition, and you should resolve it as soon as possible.

Observe the sides of the rear window that comprise all the electric tabs. Identify the problem by checking the electric system. Change the broken or burnt electricity cables with a new one. 

Bad cooling system

The worse cooling systems of the Ford F-150 cause the sudden breakdown of the defroster. They do not work because of inadequate electric supply to them.

HVAC system troubles

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems of the truck ford. When the HVAC system stops working due to electric breakdown, it affects the defogger. The defrosting device stops working instantly without providing any signal. 

Access the HVAC system after checking the fuse and switches. Identify the issue and replace the particular instrument. 

Broken circuit

A broken circuit in the electric control panel inhibits the performance of the rear window defroster. It happens due to the breakdown of the electric tool, and the signals stop. 

Identify the issue and remove the problem from its roots. Replacing the broken electric circuit brings back the system to its original position. 

The old age of defroster

An old age defroster means a device that has a manufacturing date. It is an electric instrument that loses its conductivity when time passes. It cannot bear and supply the electric current as it does in the beginning. 

The striking of some heavyweight matter leads to shocks like breakage of electric grid and sources. As a result, the defroster becomes poor in its performance. 

Observe the manufacturing and maintenance records of the defroster. Read the manual of the manufacturer and consider the warranty dates. The only solution to this problem is the replacement of the old defroster on the Ford F-150 with a brand new device.

Broken window tints

The rear windows have tints on them for better vision and access to the road. The application of the tints on the glass is a tricky thing. The mechanics perform this method without detaching the glass from the rear window setup.

It results in the continuous striking of tint brushes and other instruments with the grids of the glass. The installation of the tint causes restriction of cooling and heating system.

The whole setup becomes vulnerable due to broken grids and electric sources, and the defroster becomes in-operate able. 

Always apply tints on the rear window with maximum security. Cover all the grids and sides of the rear glass window.

Use plastic sheet covers, and hide the window to its climax. It helps in the protection of the defroster from any irreversible damage.

Stuck button 

The defroster works by pushing a specific button. It gets stuck in its original spot due to constant pushing. In these situations, the defroster refuses to work even when all the electric systems are appropriate.

Check the button by pushing it twice or thrice. Replace the button with a brand new one to fix the Ford F150 rear window defroster.

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