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Ford F150 Trailer Plug Not Working

Ford F150 Trailer Plug Not Working

The ford f150 trailer plug stops working due to worse electrical conditions like poor electric cable connections, old and broken plug. The bad fusing in the electric panels stops the normal efficiency and work performance of the trailer plug. 

Ford F150 Trailer Plug Not Working

A trailer plug of ford f150 provides electric power to backup lights. It helps in towing the heavy trailers and cargo systems. 

The towing capacity of the trailer plugs prevails to the trailers of heavyweight equipment and even car haulers.

 The ford f150 has a vast weight carrying capacity, and it distinguishes it from other Ford and their models. It is a high-performance pickup truck with all the essential trailer plugs. 

Multiple causes stop the working of the trailer plug. It is a miserable condition because it suddenly stops all the tail lights of cargo. There are few reasons described below with their solutions.

Poor electric cable connections

There is a vast network of wires that connects to the trailer plug. The network supplies the electric current to the wires of cargo plug and other backside appliances.

There are moveable tailgates and backlights in the trucks. When the supply of electricity becomes insufficient, then this plug stops working. It demolishes many other electric systems instantly because they are in link with the trailer. 

Here is an explanation of the wiring system in the ford f150 that exists in the whole vehicle. 

  • Yellow wire – left side/turn brake lights.
  • Blue wire- all the electric brakes
  • Green wire – right side/turn brake lights
  • Orange wire – offers 12 volts electric power.
  • Grey wire – electric power to the tail lights 
  • Pink wire – reverse brake lights

The electric supply breaks in any of these electric wires, and the plug stopped working. As a result, the cargo trailer loses all of its capacity to show indications.

The brake lights and light-emitting bulbs on the tailgates stop immediately. It is an alarming condition of the trailer. The connecting wires also fail to work, and it leads to a damaged channel. 

 Check all the ground/underground electric cable systems, and identify the specific culprit electric cable.

 Remove, and replace it as the only solution for such issues. 

Trimming of the wire from the front area also helps in emergencies. It is not a permanent solution. Remove and replace the worse wire as soon as you can. It harms the whole electric supply system.

Bad fuse in the trailer plug

The trailer plugs associates with the electric plugs in the main panel. 

 In some cases, the situation gets worse. All fuses stop working simultaneously, and the trailer plug fails to work. A sudden shock to the electric panel leads to loosening fuses. They do not fit in their specific socket because they lose their pins. 

It breaks the electric supply to the cargo plug area. It stops, and the backlights stop working instantly. This situation is harmful to the drivers and passengers of the truck.

Check the whole wiring system, and if it is working accurately, then the problem is somewhere else. Observe all the fuses in the electric panel.

If you find out that a fuse is in an outward direction, then take immediate action. Turn off the electric power supply and remove the ignition key to get maximum security.

Leave the truck for some time so that it reduces heat and electric power. Wear protective gloves and never touch the electric fuse directly.

Push the loose fuses back into their positions. If you find any damaged fuse remove it by using a screwdriver. Replacement of the burnt fuses is one of the best opting to resolve such issues. 

Old age plug

Every electric device has its manufacturing date and lifespan. The life duration of the trailer plug-in a ford f150 is short.

They are not fragile in their performance, but age affects their work efficiency. The old-age plugs lose their capacity to carry electric flow in them.

It can stop working anytime at any place. It is not advisable to use old plugs for long-distance traveling. Sudden change cause accidents and other drastic events

Resolve this problem by keeping an eye on the efficiency of the trailer plug. Check the manufacturing date of the electric plug after every passing month. Make and maintain a record about its age. 

Check the record before leaving for long-distance traveling. It helps you to change the plug before any hazard to your ford f150.

You can perform replacement by yourself or consult a professional person. The new plugs enhance the work efficiency of your ford f150. 

Broken plug

The broken plugs are not suitable for a ford trucks. The electric plugs do not stop working when their parts break, but they decrease the towing capacity.

The lights do not work with a broken trailer plug. It affects all the other appliances of the trailer that connect with an electrical cable system.

You cannot rely on a damaged trailer plug for the transmission of heavyweight masses. The trailer plug can stop anywhere, and it causes damage to the vehicle and budget. 

You can resolve this particular issue by observing the trailer plug weekly. This process offers information about the present state of the ford f150 trailer plug. As a result, you can make changes according to your desire. 

Replacement of the broken trailer plug is one of the best options. You should perform the replacement even when the trailer plug is working.

It loses its electrical power anytime, and it is not advisable for the drivers. These pickup trucks are high-speed vehicles, and you should keep everything in an excellent state for best performance. 

How to test the Ford F150 trailer plug?

You can test the trailer plug, and it’s working by following these steps. It helps in maximum protection from sudden shocks and undesirable changes. 


Ignition of the truck helps in checking the work efficiency of a trailer plug. Take the help of a friend when you carry out this process. Ask your helper to turn on the ignition key, and you should reach the trailer area. 

Make sure the lights of the truck turns on, and instruct your helper to rotates the ignition.

Turning on signals

Check the trailer plug by turning on the right and left side signals. These signals are indications of the brakes when you move your truck in any direction.

Check that the reverse gates, brake, and lights turn on when you move in the right and left directions. These indicators are essential for safe driving.

Press brake

Ask your helper to press the brake and check the backup lights. They should turn on due to this pressing. 

Turn on lights

Instruct your friend/helper to release the brake area. Tell him to push the brake light buttons and observe the light pattern in the back area of the truck.

What is the trailer harness system?

A tail harness system of wiring is a network that connects the entire electric panel to the trailer lights. The trailer plug in the Ford F-150 will not work in the absence of this harness system.

The wiring harness system offers communication with other drivers through light signals.

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