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Ford Raptor 3rd Brake Light Not Working

Ford Raptor 3rd Brake Light Not Working

If your Ford Raptor 3rd brake light is not working, you should know its causes and methods to repair it.

Ford Raptor 3rd brake light can stop working due to damage by water, continuous plugging, bad switch of the light in ford raptor, bad fuse conditions, ground wire problems, improper wire configuration, corrosion, and hills, current from the opposite side. In Ford trucks, the third brake light associates with many other systems. In the case of damage, all of these systems stop working.

Ford Raptor 3rd Brake Light Not Working

A ford raptor third brake light contains three light-emitting diode bulbs. The brake lights in the ford are indications for the other drivers.

Whenever the driver slows down the vehicle, other drivers on the road get a signal. In those circumstances, when the 3rd brake system stops working, and it results in accidents.


The penetration of water inside the brake system is one of the reasons. The source of water can be rainwater or other normal tap water.

There are different ways by which the water gets inside the brake light areas. Few people wash their trucks using high-pressure pipes.

These tubes throw water directly on the whole structural body of the truck. The pipe’s water contains the tap water qualities that have more moisture and other such materials. 

Another source of water penetration is rainwater. It happens in those trucks which remain in the parking of an open area.

Shelters help in the protection of this phenomenon. In the absence of a protected area, the water gets deep inside.

The moisture accumulates in the system of the brake light. It is not suitable for the proper functions of the brake and light-emitting diode bulbs.

All of them absorb moisture, and they break the electric source. As a result, the 3rd brake stops working.

Take an air blowing device and dry it until it loses all the moisture. Dry it under the sunlight. Always put it on a stable surface to prevent it from damage.

Allow it to dry for at least 10-12 minutes. The third brake starts working when you install it back in its original position. 

Continuous plugging

There are few truck drivers who utilize it for distant traveling. These are high-performance pickup vehicles that help in transmissions with heavy masses.

It stays on the plug-on mode all the time. It results in the constant flow of electric current for the precise working of the brake lights and their bulbs. 

The continuous plugging leads to high heat conditions in the specific area. The outer side of the bulbs gets hot, and it is not in a suitable condition.

The bulbs can burst in high-temperature and heat conditions. When the light-emitting sources detect high limits of heat, and they disconnect themselves from electric power.

The sudden disconnection causes the breakdown of the whole brake system. The lights stop working and it is not advisable. 

Resolve this issue by approaching the roots of the problem. Check the upper surface of the third brake light areas. In those circumstances, when the top is hot, then park the ford raptor.

You can stay somewhere for 15- 17 minutes. They automatically start working once they have cooled down.

Bad switch of the light in Ford Raptor

All of these third brake lights in the Ford F150 get their power from the switches. Sometimes this electric device becomes so old that it is hard for them to work efficiently.

You cannot rely on such fuses, especially when you are traveling to a long-distance destination. The electric switch stops working anytime and at any place. 

Identify the problem by checking the manufacturing date of the switch. Check the installation and maintenance record of the electric fuse now and then.

The observation helps to prevent sudden shocks. Replace the electric switch with a new and high-quality tool. The brake light immediately starts working after the replacement. 

Bad fuse conditions

Fuses are usually in the electric control panel of the ford truck. The fuse controls all the electrical lights and other such tools. Sometimes the fuse stops working due to a reason.

A sudden road jerk loses the fuse from the panel. As a result, the electric supply becomes inadequate for the brake lights.

The third brake light-emitting diodes are one of the most sensitive devices. They stop working right after the worst fuse conditions.

Locate the control panel, and tight all the fuse back into their positions. It helps in the instant start of this brake system.

Ground wire problems

There are multiple electric cables on the floor of the ford raptor. These wires have more impact on the road problems.

A rigid rock or concrete road causes damage to these underground cables. Sometimes an electric wire breaks, and it affects the whole system. It can stop working due to improper power supply and spread. 

Access the problem by checking all the electrical wires. You can lift the vehicle to observe underneath the electric system.

Change the rotten parts with new and high-performance equipment. 

Improper wire configuration

Few users clean their trucks by removing all the wires. The removal of electric cables is a tricky process. These people do not use any marks or signs for reinstalling the system accurately.

It leads to the false arrangement of the electric setup. The improper electrical cable configuration stops the third brake lights from their casual functions. 

Read the manual carefully and avoid any mistakes during configuration. In case of a pre-existing issue, you should alter the settings.

Insert a particular electric line in its power panel. The brake lights start working within the blink of an eye. 


The moisture leads to corrosive surfaces of all the metallic surfaces. Few people do not focus on the complete drying of the light-emitting bulbs in the brake areas. The water stays there because there is no passage of air inside it. 

It causes rusting of the bulbs and surrounding. The screws are metallic, and they get rusting and turn into green color.

It is one of the worse conditions of rust. The circuit of the brake light burns due to such changes. It happens even when the brakes are not working. Tank’s rusting produces its heating, and it causes damages.

Use an air compressor to remove all the moisture and replace the dead circuits. Replace the bulbs of the brake light area. It starts working after these amendments in the setup.

Sudden jerks

People use the third brake lights for proper guidance to other drivers and signs on the hills. The weather conditions change drastically on high positions like mountains. The rainwater goes inside the brake light system.

Sudden jerks also break the electric circuits that provide electrical power to the brake lights. The hills’ effects lead to sudden restriction of brake lights working. 

Use the ford raptor carefully on the high hill areas. Remove the moisture and cover it properly.

Electric current from opposite sides

The improper setting of the electric panel stops the 3rd brake lights. It is due to the negative supply of electric current. The power flows in the system but not in the right direction.

Check the electric panel and adjust the wires according to the manual. Mark the wires with numbers to prevent future hazards. 

Does the Ford Raptor 3rd Brake Light have to work?

  • Yes, the 3rd brake lights have to work for safe driving.
  • It has to work accurately to offer signals and directions to other drivers.
  • It has to work for security from accidents.
  • They indicate the proper functions of electric panels and the absence of moisture.
  • The 3rd brake light has to work to make the ford raptor appealing.

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