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Ford F150 Shift Linkage Problems

Ford F150 Shift Linkage Problems

The shift linkage system in the Ford F150 trucks connects the gear shifter to the transmission system for shifting gears and maintaining the speed. Therefore, it is also knowns as the gear shift linkage and transmission shift linkage.

Ford F150 shift linkage problems include damaged bushings, broken shifter selector cable, loose Torx head screws, loose shifter cable pins, overheating, and poor maintenance.

The shift linkage system in these trucks often becomes faulty and loose and causes driving issues. You should repair it quickly for safe driving and changing gears to manage the speed. The scheduled maintenance can also increase the longevity of its parts and decrease repair costs.

Damaged bushings

It is the essential part that is useful to connect the transmission linkage with the shifter cable. It is the rubber covering that decreases the friction between its different parts.

The rubber insulators provide the side to side and front-to-back protection. However, you can hear the grinding noise due to increased friction between parts when damaged bushings.

The worn-out bushing produces the squealing and whirring noise because of the contact of metal parts. In addition, the bushings become worn out due to excessive use and their age.

In addition, these have a specific life, and you must change them after that time. The less lubrication also makes them more vulnerable to wear and tear.

The excessive heat during driving and high mileage also make them bad. In addition, the excessive load on the beds of the trucks also puts pressure on the bushings and causes their failure.

It is easy to replace them and install new ones. Moreover, you can do this procedure in your home, which requires a few minutes.

You need the right equipment and skills to do the complete procedure. It is necessary to wear gloves to protect your hand while removing the old bushings.

Broken cables

It is also known as the shifter cable and connects the transmission gear selector to the shifter mechanism.

It helps shift gears from a high to a low position. It is required in both manual and automatic transmission systems.

You cannot shift from one gear to another with broken shifter cables. The damaged wires also cause a delay in shifting gears which is risky during driving.

The frequent shifting of gears while driving on busy roads can cause breakage of this cable. It is problematic for you to move forward and turn off the vehicle.

The gear gets stuck in one position, and you cannot stop your truck. In addition, the excessive friction between the cables and metal parts due to worn-out bushings causes their breakage.

The steel cable also gets damaged due to the presence of rust and corrosion. The corrosion can eat the metal parts and make them faulty.

You can face the problem due to excessive stretching and bending during driving. The only solution is that you should change the shifter cable and replace it with a new one.

It is necessary to change them early because you cannot turn off the ignition and move forward due to stuck gears.

Loose screws

The shift linkage becomes loose and cannot function appropriately because of loose Torx head screws. These types of screws are helpful to keep the shifter cable in its place.

The screws get loose due to poor driving habits and frequent transmission system use. Moreover, you can also face the problem in trucks that have covered the high mileage.

It becomes loose after covering excessive mileage because of poor road conditions. In addition, you can hear the excessive grinding noise while shifting gears due to the inappropriate contact of parts.

Open and dash and use the flashlight to see slightly above the steering column. You can see the two Torx head screws there present jointly.

Use the ratchet wrench to tighten them properly for a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Loose shift linkage roll pin

The roll pin is a small accessory that is useful to connect the shifter linkage to the transmission system. The roll pin becomes loose due to frequent driving and cause issue in shifting gears.

The shifter lever also feels loose and effortless during changing of gears from lower to higher position.

It is also challenging for Ford F150 owners because they cannot restart the vehicle if parking or neutral gear is not engaged.

You cannot tighten the pins to fix the problem of the loose roll pin.

Take your vehicle to the service centers to install new roll pins.


The overheating in different parts of the shift linkage is damaging to the transmission system and its components.

Overheating occurs due to low levels of transmission fluid and damaged bushings. In addition, the contact of metal parts increases friction and creates overheating problems.

You can feel the delay in gear changes due to overheating issues. In addition, you can also identify the issue with the burning smell coming from the steering side.

The overheating also cause the slipping of gears when driving the Ford F150. You can decrease the overheating issue by scheduled maintenance.

Change the fluid if you are moving in the city areas with frequent brakes and changing gears due to more traffic load.

Insufficient oil

The poor lubrication between the parts of the shifter linkage increases the chances of their wear out and damage.

Insufficient oils for their lubrication can increase the risk of problems. Less lubrication produces more friction between the metal parts and makes them more susceptible to worn out.

In addition, it can also increase the overheating issues, and you can feel the slipping of gear during driving.

You must lubricate the F150 parts and check the levels of oil daily for scheduled maintenance and care.

Poor maintenance

Poor maintenance and low-quality transmission fluid cause this issue in Ford F150. This low-quality fluid comes between the shift linkage parts and damages them.

Moreover, the daily wear and tear worsen the problem in the end. Therefore, change the fluid after covering the specific mileage to decrease the issues.

It is also better not to use dirty transmission fluid because it can damage the other parts.

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