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Toyota Remote Start Not Working

Toyota Remote Start Not Working

The Toyota remote start is a keyless system to lock and unlock your cars. In addition, you can also use them to turn on and off the engine. The use of keyless entries is the best because of their fewer chances of damage.

Toyota Remote Start does not work due to a faulty remote connect app, free trials ended, and low battery. The problem also comes when the remote is in valet mode, damaged buttons, loose hood pin, broken remotes, or change of battery and vehicles are out of range. 

It is beneficial during the winter because you can turn on the ignition with a single click and wait for the engine to warm up.

Issue with app

The Toyota remote start system works through a specific Toyota app. Sometimes the bug is supported in the app, which can cause malfunctioning of the system.

The system cannot recognize the device due to a corrupted file and cannot help to lock and unlock your cars.

Moreover, the new models of these vehicles do not support the remote connect app.

You can face the issue when the server of the connected app is down. In addition, many people forget to complete the registration process after installing the app on the computer system.

You should complete the registration process to decrease server issues. You can also contact Toyota directly to fix the app problems.

Ended free trial

The manufacturing industry provided a free trial to their customers for 3 years. So you are subscribed to the audio plus free trial for 3 years.

This package has no subscription fee, and you can enjoy this feature. However, the remote start does not work after completing this free trial.

You must purchase the premium trial for 10 years after this free trial. Many people forget the subscription date and try to open the door with this keyless entry system, but it is not working.

You should remember the free trial date to subscribe to the new premium package. In addition, you have to pay for the activation of the premium package.

Battery issue

The keyless entry system uses the battery to supply the power for its functioning. As a result, you cannot lock and unlock your car by pressing its button.

The lights will turn on, but you cannot hear the clicking sound of unlocking when you put your car in the parking position.

The battery becomes low due to frequent usage for a longer time. In addition, kids also use this small remote for fun purposes.

The consistent use for locking and unlocking purposes can make their batteries dead. Moreover, the use of low-quality batteries also has less durability and longevity.

Most remote starts use lithium coin cell batteries for their functioning and power supply. Therefore, you should remove the old battery and install the new one to fix the issue.

Valet mode

Many people put their cars in valet mode to save fuel and slow the speed. In addition, you can also activate the valet mode in the remote starts by pressing its different buttons.

The valet mode activation disables this device’s lock and unlocks feature. Additionally, you can see that no lights will turn on your car, and you cannot turn on the engine using this device.

The valet mode also activates when you place them in your valet. In addition, many people put them in their pockets, and accidentally pressing the button activates this mode.

Children do not know about their functioning and press the different buttons, which puts them in valet mode.

You should turn off the valet mode by pressing the brake pedal with your foot and putting the keys in the ignition.

Tap on the F function button present on the sides and then press on the lock icon to disable this mode for normal functioning.

Broken hood pin

The hood pin Is also known as a hood pin switch that is essential for their functioning. You cannot enjoy this feature due to a broken hood pin.

The corrosion also makes this metal hood pin faulty and cannot work anymore. You can see that the parking light will turn on several times, but you cannot start your car.

You should not have to completely replace the remote to fix the issue. Replacement of hood pin or switch is the better option to restore its functionality.

Out of range

These remote starts emit the specific radiations that are helpful to start and stop the vehicles. The frequency difference can occur when you are far away from the cars.

Many people press the lock and unlock button from a distance, and the app cannot get any signals for appropriate functioning.

In addition, obstacles between this keyless entry system and automobile cause connection problems.

You should maintain the minimum distance between them for their correct functioning. Removing the metal objects causing the hindrance between them is also necessary.

Battery change

Many people complain that the issue comes when they replace the batteries of their automobiles. Then, you have to re-enter the keyless fobs or remotes in the app for its recognition.

The apps cannot recognize the devices after the addition of new batteries. The remote start is losing its programming, and you cannot receive any signals after pressing the different buttons.

You should restart your cars after adding the new batteries to them. Turn off the ignition, disconnect the terminals of the battery, and wait for several minutes.

Connect the battery’s terminals again after several times and check the working of the small keyless entry device.

Problem with buttons and broken remotes

Many times, the issues come when you press the buttons hardly. In addition, inappropriate handling and care can also decrease their durability.

The button also breaks down due to mechanical stress and when you put extra pressure.

The frequent pressing of the buttons also produces malfunctions them. It is the electrical component, and exposure to moisture can damage its internal parts.

The risk of breakage increases when you put them in your pockets and sit on the hard seats. The extra weight can cause wear out and faulty button functioning.

Moreover, these can also fall on the road when holding different things in your hand. So the frequent falling on the road causes the problem.

You can fix it with proper handling and care and press its button softly. It is also better to take out the remote from your pocket when you want to sit on the seats.

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