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Tesla Model 3 Key Card Not Working

Tesla Model 3 Key Card Not Working

Tesla introduced small and thin key cards to control the different features of their cars. These are so thin and smaller that you can place them in your wallets and handbags. You can use them to lock or unlock your vehicles, make horn sounds, and fold or unfold the mirrors.

Tesla Model 3 Key Card does not work due to interference of wallet material, other cards present in the wallet, and chipping or cracking of their external surfaces. The problem is also due to misconfigured key cards, the listing of more than one card in the system, software issues, improper contact, paring issues, and change in weather conditions, like cold weather.

People always want to buy this automobile because of its attractive and latest safety features that grab customers’ attention. Sometimes these cards fail to perform the function because of frequency issues.

Interference due to wallet

Many people place these Tesla key cards in their wallets to protect their chips and other parts. These accessories work on the principle of the electromagnetic field.

The frequencies do not match when you touch them while placing them in your wallet. The field is also generated from the other cards in your wallet and causes the interruption.

Material interference also occurs due to the fabric of your wallet. As a result, you cannot open the doors while tapping it from your wallet.

The system does not recognize the exact electromagnetic field because of the presence of different cards.

People place them in their wallets for protection purposes and to prevent them from chipping.

You can use the other type of covers for protection purposes. For example, soft silicon covers are available in different stores, and these are soft and provide complete protection.

In addition, the use of these covers reduces the chances of interference. The carbon fiber material covers are also a suitable option for this purpose.

Chipped or cracked card

The chipping and cracking of Tesla key cards are also the main problems that can cause an issue in the door’s opening.

The doors do not open until you tap them several times on the B-pillars. The chipping issue comes when it gets old and expires.

The frequent use can also decrease their durability and cause chipping of their color. The radio frequency identification chip is preset on them, which is essential to open the door.

The chip gets damaged with time and due to frequent usage. Sometimes the children love to play with these cards and also put them in their mouths.

The moisture enters this chip and causes the issue. Moreover, chipping also comes when you often open the car doors with them for fun purposes.

The bending issue occurs when you place them in your back pocket and sit on the hard seats. It can also cause breakage when you add more weight to them.

You should place them in soft cases after their usage and not put them in the back pocket of your pants.

It is also necessary to keep them away from the reach of children. You can also purchase the new card pairs from the Tesla stores in case of complete damage.

Improper contact of key card

It is necessary to touch them appropriately on the b pillar present on the passenger seat side. You should place them slightly lower than the camera so their chip comes in contact with it.

The improper contact causes the problem and disturbs its normal functioning. Sometimes, people do not know how to use them or make proper contact to open doors.

The wrong or incorrect placement of the B-pillar and camera cause issues. The wrong and incorrect placement issues mostly come in the morning when you are late from the job.

You can put them in the wrong position because you are in a hurry and cannot maintain good contact. In addition, people face the issue when they have to open the doors in emergencies.

You can panic and not know what to do and how to place them on the cameras for correct identification.

You have to reset the system in case of the wrong detection. So put your Tesla Model 3 in the parking position for resetting purposes.

Press and hold the scroll-down button present on the steering wheel for a few minutes. You can see the Tesla logo on the screen, which shows the restarting of the touch screen.

Rain and cold weather

The rain and fluctuations in temperature affect the working of these small accessories. The exposure of chips to the rainwater makes them faulty, and they cannot work efficiently.

Most people complain that the identification issue occurs in the winter due to drastic cold weather.

The electromagnetic field cannot release waves of different frequencies to match the b pillars’ cameras.

The humidity can also damage internal components, like copper wires and chips. So you should protect them in rainy weather from moisture.

Place them in waterproof cases to keep the moisture away from them. However, it cannot work well in the winter season when you directly place them on b pillars. You can fix it by placing it in your hand to warm it.

Wait a few minutes and rub it in your hand to warm them.

Updated software

The misconfigured key card issue comes after an update of the software. Some updates of the software cause issue and cannot function for some time.

You can restart the system to fix the software issues. However, the system cannot recognize the cards after getting updated.

Wait a few minutes to reset the software and fix this problem.

You can also contact service centers if your software is causing issues after the update. However, you should not try to repair these issues because you can cause more damage.

Schedule a service call to the Tesla centers for repairing software and hardware.

More than two cards listed in a system

Many times, more than one key card is listed in the system, and it cannot detect the right one. The issue comes when you add the new ones without removing the access to damaged ones.

You should uninstall the malfunctioned ones, and the new ones will work correctly. Open the control section in Tesla Model 3 and find the lock icon on your touch screen.

These keys are present on the screen; select the one you want to uninstall. Then, click on that key and click on the trash icon for deletion purposes.

You can make sure of the deletion of this specific key by tapping them on the sensor.

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