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How to Reset Ford Battery Management System?

How to Reset Ford Battery Management System?

The Ford trucks contain a battery management system to optimize the battery’s overall condition and increase its performance. The process is beneficial because it is helpful to reassess the voltage and its capacity while troubleshooting possible errors.

How to Reset Ford Battery Management System? You can reset the Ford battery management system by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery’s negative terminal and using scanner tools to read the errors and recalibrate them. You can also try the manual method by keeping your vehicle off for 8 hours. It is also better to use the ignition switch method and check the flashing of the battery icon on the screen. 

The systems drain more battery when you do not reset the Ford BMS, decreasing their longevity and performance.

It is also necessary to read the owner’s manual before resetting the procedure because some companies do not provide free repair services after recalibration.

What is the Ford Battery Management System?

It is the latest system in most Ford trucks to determine the battery’s condition. It uses various sensors, electrical modules, and onboard to collect and analyze the data.

It collects the data and then transfers it to various systems for power conservation. The system, in return, uses this data to manage the electrical components.

It minimizes the electrical supply to save the charging. In addition, many people use electronic accessories when the engine is off.

The use of these accessories drains power from the system for its functioning. These include headlights, USB ports, and radio devices.

You need to turn on the USB port to charge or connect your phone and USB devices. The BMS system limits the headlight timing to 10 minutes.

It means that headlights will automatically turn off when the engine is off, and your vehicle is in the park position.

The USB ports and charging points turn off after 75 minutes. As a result, many people turn on the radio while waiting on the road to listen to music.

The radio automatically will turn off after 60 minutes to save power.

How do you reset the Ford Battery management system?

You need to reset this system to decrease the stress on the different components. In addition, the systems like heated seats, navigation systems, and climate control also stop working to reduce extra drainage of the battery.

Manual reset

The manual resetting takes more time, and you have to wait several hours to complete the procedure.

Moreover, it is not an authentic method to restore function and improve efficiency. However, it is the simplest procedure because you do not need to use any scanner tool for this process.

It is a less costly procedure because you do not need a scanner tool and help from the technician. However, in this procedure, you have to charge the battery for 40 to 45 minutes.

Wait for the whole night or 6 to 8 hours to restore its functioning. You have to turn off the ignition switch and all the ignition components this time.

Turn on the ignition after completion of 8 hours and keep the engine turn off. Next, press the brake pedal and check the functioning of the headlights.

Using scanner tools

You can do this procedure at home or take help from the technicians. In addition, you can also take your truck to the service centers for this procedure.

Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal to cut off the power supply from all the electrical systems.

Open the truck’s hood and find the Ford BMS’s fuse box. Remove the fuse and then connect the scanner to the computer system.

Turn on the scanner screen and open the diagnostic option. You can see the reset function there and click on that icon.

Attach the negative terminal and fuse again once the resetting procedure completes.

Turning on the ignition switch

Sit inside your vehicle and ensure that all the doors and power windows are closed correctly. Use the keys and turn on the ignition.

On the screen, you can see that the battery icon will flash several times.

Press the brake pedal and simultaneously release it quickly. Then, repeat the same procedure and see that the symbol appears on the screen after 10 to 15 seconds.

The flashing of this icon 2 to 3 times within these 10 to 15 seconds shows the resetting of the Ford BMS.

You can do the same procedure after 20 to 20 minutes if no icon appears on the screen. Then, turn off the vehicle and ignition switch and wait for approximately half an hour.

Disconnecting negative terminal 

Disengage the negative terminal and find the reset button on the side of the positive terminal.

Press this button for 3-6 seconds to restart the battery management system. Then, connect the negative terminal again, start your truck and move a few miles forward.

Turn off the ignition switch and do the whole procedure again. Now you can move forward without getting worried about any problems.

Why would you reset the Ford Battery management system?

The resetting procedure is necessary to remove the errors and bugs from the system because it can decrease the durability of the batteries and make them less effective.

Battery replacement

The battery often becomes dead and provides no electrical supply to the electrical system. Therefore, you need to change them to fix the problem.

Adding a new battery requires the recalibration procedure to fit into the system. In addition, it is also necessary to increase its working efficiency and durability.

The recalibration also optimizes its function and saves the power for later use. You need to update the new system in it for its appropriate functioning.

It can show the feature of the old one and not conserve the power when you do not reset the new ones.

Fix battery issues

The errors or issues are common in every part of the truck, including batteries. As a result, you cannot charge them accurately and supply the power to other electrical accessories.

These cannot hold the charge and charge from the alternators due to faulty components, sensors, or computer systems.

It can fix the bugs that give the wrong command to the system and cause improper charging conditions.

Less charging is problematic because it can cause the fuse to blow out and headlights to become dim during driving at night.

Increase durability and performance

The battery life decreases when there is some issue with its components. The resetting procedure helps to remove all of these errors from the system and optimizes its condition.

It can improve overall performance and durability. The deletion of errors and issues increases their working performance, and it can conserve power in a better way.

Moreover, it is inexpensive and easy and does not take excessive time.

It is also a better option than a replacement because it takes more time and money.

Prevent the battery from overheating

The overheating in these components comes due to overcharging. It can also explode when you give them a power supply more than its original capacity.

The faulty and bad alternators also cause overcharging issues. Overcharging also decreases their life and causes premature aging due to excessive water accumulation.

The incorrect current supply due to malfunctioned system can overload them with high ampere current.

The BMS negotiate these errors and prevent them from overheating and overcharging issues by omitting the errors.

How often to reset the Ford Battery management system?

It is necessary to do this procedure to remove the possible errors from the Ford BMS. You can do this process after every 2 to 3 weeks.

The time frame also depends on the type and model of the trucks. In addition, the chances of errors increases, and you have to recalibrate the system early after covering a long mileage.

The more mileage decreases, the recalibration time frame. Many people want to do it weekly because their vehicles and electrical accessories are more in use.

You can do it regularly to improve its efficient working capability.

What are the disadvantages of resetting the Ford Battery management system?

There are several benefits to resetting this system, but it can also produce problems in the battery, and it cannot work efficiently after this.

Void warranty

When you reset the ford battery management system, it voids your truck’s warranty, and you cannot get any free repair services from the company.

The different manufacturers provide a warranty for the replacement of batteries. You have to check the warranty before doing the resetting procedure.

The restarting system sometimes causes problems and malfunctioning. Automobile companies do not provide repairing services if the issue comes due to resetting procedures.

Delete date

It can also clear the cache when you recalibrate the battery management system. It can delete the language settings, and you must change them again.

It can also clear the data of the personal settings and time zone. You should not completely rely on these data to operate your truck’s electrical accessories.

The deletion of data causes a problem because you cannot restore it. In addition, it is time-consuming to adjust the time zone and make the new account.

How to tell if your Ford BMS needs a reset?

You have to check the electrical supply to recalibrate the Ford (BMS) battery management system. You need a voltmeter to check the voltage supply.

Attach the voltmeter with the battery’s terminals and check the reading on its screen.

The system needs a reset if the voltage is 12 volts or less. Moreover, you can also take your trucks to the dealerships to learn about the recalibration procedure.

Check the working headlights after turning on the ignition. After starting your vehicle, you must recalibrate the system if the headlights become dim.

You can also see the flickering issue when you turn on the headlights.

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