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Sunseeker RV AC Not Working

Sunseeker RV AC Not Working

It is challenging for people to enjoy the journey when it is extremely hot inside and outside. People prefer to plan a trip in a Sunseeker RV in the summer, but it is impossible and uncomfortable to sit in motorhomes without AC.

Sunseeker RV AC stops working when you park them in non-shady areas. In addition, the problem also arises due to clogged AC filters, the issue with condenser coils, low power supply, and tripping of circuit breakers.

People often complain that the AC fan is not working in their RV because of faulty blades and motors. You cannot receive the cold air and maintain the humidity levels because of the malfunctioning of fans.

Problems with Sunseeker RV AC Solutions
Parking in non-shady areas Park in shady areas or use window tints
Clogged AC filters Remove and clean air filters
The issue with condenser coils Use AC cleaning spray
Low power issues Inspect power sources
Tripped circuit breaker Check circuit breakers
Poor sealing of sealing Use aluminum tape to prevent air leaks

Parking in non-shady areas

Summer is the best season for camping when AC in your RV is running accurately. People avoid going in winter because of the dangerous animals moving outside to hunt for food and store them before the arrival of snowy days.

The temperature in some areas is extremely high, so you have to turn off the fan at high speed for a better exchange of air and more entry of cold air into the interior.

Sometimes the air conditioning units do not work when you park the motorhomes in non-shady areas.

The outside temperature is extremely high, which interrupts the functioning. As a result, the units work harder to remove the warm air from the inside.

The walls are not insulated, so the interior becomes relatively warm. The walls are also thin and cannot act as a barrier to stop the entry of sun heat.

The working efficiency of ac also becomes low when parking them in areas exposed to direct sun heat.

You can fix the issue by selecting suitable and safe areas for parking. It is also better to tint the windows to maintain internal temperature and block the entry of sun rays.

You can also insulate the walls to reduce heat entry into the cabin.

Clogged AC filters

These units contain narrow filters to prevent contaminants and dust particles from reaching the internal parts.

The air comes out from the unit after going through these filters. You cannot receive enough amount of cold air when these filters are blocked with an accumulation of dust and contaminants.

The filters become clogged when you do not change them for longer. The issue also comes when there are more contaminants in the air.

The air conditioners also drain more power from the battery when filters are blocked with dirt and contaminants.

The working efficiency becomes relatively low due to clogged filters. In addition, the interior cabin of the RV takes more time to cool because of the lesser amount of cool air coming from the air filters.

You can fix the issue by replacing the air filters if the old ones are completely blocked, and you cannot clean them.

It is better to maintain their cleanliness by treating the air filters with warm water to remove dust. Take out the filters and put them in lukewarm water for several minutes.

You can also add vinegar to the water to remove the clogging from its narrow holes. Then, use the freshwater to wash them and completely dry the filters before reinstallation.

The issue with condenser coils

The condenser coils are the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system, and their primary function is to remove heat and moisture from the air.

The cooled air then passes through the filters and helps to maintain the temperature. You cannot receive sufficient cool air when these coils are clogged.

The condenser coils become clogged due to the dust and foreign particles accumulation. Moreover, small insects also enter the coils and clog them.

The blocking also comes due to the accumulation of algae inside the coils because of humidity. The water is constantly flowing in the evaporator coils and causes the growth of algae there.

These are on the outside of the Sunseeker RV roof, so the dirt from outside also affects them and blocks the passage of cool air.

You can clean the condenser coils by climbing on the roof of the motorhomes. It is risky to climb on their roof, but you have to do this for the cleaning procedure.

Turn off the power supply while treating the ac unit. Then, open the four side screws to access the interior coils of the condensers.

Take the soft brush with you to loosen the dry dust and contaminants from the coils. Then, use the cleaning spray and spray the solution on the coils.

Low power issues

The air conditioner needs a power supply for its functioning and to run the cold air. Therefore, you can face the problem if there is an interruption in the power supply.

Power inverters charge the batteries to run the electric equipment in the RVs. However, sometimes the battery becomes dead and does not supply enough power.

The loss of power issues also comes due to poor grounding and the use of other heavy equipment while turning on the ac.

You cannot feel cooling in the interior cabin when the voltage supply is insufficient to power these heavy devices.

It is better to check the voltage because a low current can also damage the whole unit. Resolve the issue by directly using the power from the generator to turn them on.

Tripped circuit breaker

The circuit breakers are present in Sunseeker RVs to protect the electric components from damage due to a surge in the power supply or high flow of electric current.

The circuit breakers get tripped to stop the high electric current flow to these systems. Sometimes the circuit breakers are tripped, and you cannot turn on the ac in your motorhome.

Tripping also comes due to short circuits in wires or poor grounding of ground wires. You can fix it by checking the circuit breakers and ensuring none of them is tripped.

Check enough power supply when you are sharing it with other electric sources.

Poor sealing of its roof

The sealing of the Sunseeker RV is not of good quality. Several small holes in them affect the working of air conditioners.

These units do not work enough and maintain the temperature because of heat loss through these holes.

The ceiling is thin and not insulated properly, causing the cold air to get out of it. It also causes the entry of warm air from outside and disturbs the temperature.

Sometimes the ac does not work because of air leakage through the vents. The leakage occurs due to gaps in the vents and their incorrect installation.

You can use aluminum tape to seal the small holes in the ceiling. Then, fill the gaps in the vents using glue and prevent air leakage from it.

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