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GMC Voice Command Not Working

GMC Voice Command Not Working

GMC truck is equipped with the latest features, including android auto. You can connect your phone with it and use the feature of your mobile phone by using voice control. Using this feature, you can make phone calls, send messages and use the navigation system.

GMC voice command does not work due to poor internet connectivity, outdated mobile and android auto app software, and the use of incompatible mobile phone devices. You can also face the problem if the microphone is muted or faulty, there are incorrect language settings, the app is not refreshed, and the maps are not updated. In addition, the sound distortion, use of emoji, characters of symbols with phone numbers, and inappropriate pressing of a button on the steering wheel cause this issue. 

You should check the voice command system when it is not working for safe driving. It can reduce the distraction while using the touch screen with fingers.

In addition, you can better focus on the windshield while controlling different features with voice control.

The issue with internet connectivity

You need a strong internet connection to use Android Auto on your screen. You cannot connect your phone with this app without the internet.

A strong internet connection is needed to give the command to the android app. The android app does not command when the internet connection is not present.

You can see the loading dots after giving the command to the app. The issue comes when your internet device is faulty, and there is an issue with their connections.

Moreover, you can also face the problem when moving to remote areas where the internet connection is not much strong.

The google assistant cannot detect your voice due to poor internet connections. The issue also comes due to changes in weather conditions.

The google assistant cannot work when the outside environment is too windy because of distortion in internet signals.

The google assistant cannot work in your GMC Acadia truck, and you cannot use the voice command to operate your phone while moving in hilly areas.

The hilly areas do not have strong internet connections. Therefore, using your touch screen with your fingers is better but drive carefully.

In addition, you should also install or reinstall the app to fix the system. You should also check that your app’s OK google detection toggles are on.

Turn on the setting, select the voice, and turn on the voice match detection toggle for the appropriate working of this system.

It is beneficial for drivers and reduces these distractions on the road.

Mobile update

It is necessary to update its software to improve the functioning of GMC voice command and make them reliable. In addition, the software needs an update to make them more accurate and decreases the chances of errors.

The updated software is faster and provides updated data. For example, people often update the android auto app in their trucks, but it does not work with your phone.

The issue comes because your phone is not updated and does not support the latest version of the android auto.

In addition, updates of Smartphones and Android Auto apps are both necessary for their appropriate working.

Google always provides new updates to decrease errors in its system. Therefore, you should not block the update alerts on your screen.

You can fix it by manually checking the updates on google play. Always use the latest version of the voice access and google app to get rid of all types of problems.

Incompatible devices

All of the phone devices are not compatible with the android app of your GMC vehicle. Therefore, you should check the compatibility of the voice command system for its better use.

Check the compatibility of this system with various phones of different companies. Sometimes you cannot use this feature because of the updated software of your mobile phones.

Many people complain that this feature does not work in their truck after updating the android version of their phone.

Mostly the issue comes in android 10.0 because of the latest data. Therefore, you should reset the GMC IntelliLink system after updating your android phones.

Turn on the IntelliLink home screen and go to the setting menu. Select the option of “return to factory setting” in the setting menu.

You can see the three more options after selecting this menu. These three options are ‘restore vehicles setting, restore radio setting and clear the private data.

You should select the restore vehicle sets from all the above options and wait a few minutes to reboot the system.

Mute Microphone

The microphone is attached to this system that detects the voice messages and transfers them to the computer-based system to interpret information and show it to your screen.

People often forget to turn on the mic or turn it off unknowingly, which can cause an issue in voice recognition.

The faulty mics can cause this issue, and you cannot see the correct command on your home screen. In addition, the dust accumulates on the mic when you drive with open windows.

It cannot recognize the voice accurately due to windy noise and driving with open windows.

You can also face this problem when you speak speedily, and the mic cannot detect it. In addition, the microphone cannot identify low-frequency sounds.

It means that the GMC voice command problem comes when you are speaking with low intensity. You can fix this issue by speaking clearly and reducing speedy talking.

You should also turn on the microphone before using this feature. Turn on the app go to the setting, and click on the microphone option.

Select the microphone access icon from its settings and turn it on to fix the issue.

Incorrect language settings

The various language setting options are in the android app according to state and region.

Many times, people unknowingly select the different languages from Android phones. The issue also comes in your mobile phones by default.

The app can only detect the language set on your connected devices. It does not give the command to proceed with the request when you speak different languages.

In addition, it is also possible that data for this specific language is not present in your android app.

Moreover, the issue comes with unfamiliar and less common languages that are not stored in the computer system.

It is necessary to select your language on your phone according to the specific regions. You can select the different languages on your mobile phones by opening the google app.

On the bottom right corner, tap on the more settings option and change the language according to it.

App not refreshed

It is necessary to refresh the app once a week to clear the data. In addition, you should clear the cache from the app to reduce the chances of the error.

The storage of excessive data in the app can cause malfunctioning and recognition issues. You have to refresh the app if the problem does not solve after installing or reinstalling.

Open the app and go to the setting menu to clear the cache. Tap on the storage menu to see the clear cache option.

Press the clear data button to remove the previous data.

Not pressing the button correctly

You need to press the steering wheel button on your GMC truck accurately to turn on the google assistant and see the ok google option on your screen.

You should press the button on the steering wheel and wait for the beeping sound. The issue comes when you speak before this beeping sound.

The beep sound predicts that the android auto is listening to you, and you should decrease the intensity of your speaking volume.

You should not press and hold it for more time because it can exit the app, and you have to restart it to restore its functioning.

Moreover, people do not press and hold the button accurately and give a voice command. Therefore, you should press and hold the button accurately and not speak before the beep sound.

Sound distortion

The voice command does not work in GMC due to sound distortion in your surroundings. For example, the loud sound of your friends in the truck can cause this issue.

The problem comes when your friends gossip behind you. For example, you can face an identification error when loud music is playing in the background.

The problem in processing the command occurs when multiple people speak the same thing.

You should reduce the volume of your music before speaking and giving signals t the android app. In addition, it is also necessary that only one person speaks at a time.

Emojis and characters in contact names

You can pick up the calls, dial the number and send or receive a message through this app using voice control.

People often use specific emojis, characters, or numbers with their friends’ names or phone numbers.

The use of this symbol cause issue when you speak something to dial the number or send a text message.

You should save the phone number of your family members and friends without any symbols, emojis, or characters to fix the command errors.

Maps not updated

You can also control the navigation system with this feature to find the right and shortest path for your required destination.

Many people complain that the navigation system does not work accurately with the voice control. The navigation issues come when the maps are not updated appropriately.

The locations you are speaking about are not updated in the navigation system. You can fix it by keeping the navigation system up to date.

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