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Range AFM Disabler Problems

Range AFM Disabler Problems

The Range AFM disabler is a small electric device that mounts inside the truck dashboard and regulates the engine cylinders. For improved mileage, GM manufacturers install them on pickup trucks.

Ranger AFM disabler problems include reduced mileage, excessive pressure on exhaust, additional emissions, and engine failure due to heat. In addition, the disabler trigger check light causes poor fuel efficiency, engine vibrations, and poor truck performance. 

The range is a company launched in 2010 and provides customized AFM disablers for GM motors. Furthermore, they are compatible disablers that regulate the performance of V6 and V8 engines. 

The following are the significant problems of a Range AFM disabler on GM pickup trucks.

Reduced mileage 

Range active fuel management disabler is compatible with the pickup trucks launched by GM motors.

In addition, it is a gas mileage regulator and improves the miles per gallon due to its composition and efficiency. 

During lightweight driving, it can shut half cylinders and reduces fuel loss. Furthermore, it can deactivate the cylinders to protect the gas loss. 

With a Range AFM, the cylinders of V8 and V6 can work at their full modes. In addition, their advanced technology can disable dynamic fuel management.

Moreover, they do not impact the electric control unit of the trucks. However, a few people turn them off because they undergo multiple problems. 

It can produce loud sounds from the emission system and reduces the tank’s performance. In addition, they can change gas mileage due to internal faults and decreases fuel economy. 

Its disabling can reduce the miles per gallon. Also, the mpg becomes lower than the standard levels. To avoid the problems, you can permanently disable it. 

However, you can improve mileage with the stabilized AFM. Use cruise control with an active fuel management system and reduce the load pressure from the truck. 

Use high-grade oils which have low viscosity. It improves the oil movement inside the chambers, which promotes ignition. As a result, the miles per gallon improve because half chambers do not work. 

Pressure on exhaust and additional emissions

A few people upgrade their camshafts and disable the AFM. However, the disabler has a built-in program that works with the ECU of a pickup truck.

Due to variable codes, AFM loses the information for correct functionality. However, a failed disabler puts excessive pressure on the exhaust system.

Moreover, the pressurized conditions can break the catalytic converter. As a result, the muffler loses its efficiency and the emission rate increase from the standard range. 

Due or this pressure, the engine can damage permanently. The emission of toxic vapors increases due to their failure. 

Moreover, the additional emissions of toxic carbon dioxide are dangerous for the environment. Also, it increases fuel loss and reduces the truck’s efficiency. 

Furthermore, the internal heat increases and leads to higher emissions. You can activate the disabler to reduce the usage of cylinders. 

Turn off half chambers and reduce the fluid flow.

Engine failure due to high heat

The Range AFM disabler comprises a built-in lifter that collapses due to excessive or false use. It can engage the chambers of an engine to reduce gas consumption. 

It can engage cylinder numbers 6, 7, 4, and 1. The lifter breaks due to excessive heat strain and old age. Due to its failure, the truck stalls suddenly. 

It causes grinding of the motor, which leads to its permanent damage. In addition, lifter failures cause the incorrect shifting of gears. In these conditions, replace the worn-out lifter of your Range AFM.

However, it is a complicated procedure, and you cannot perform it with a DIY technique. Delete the range active fuel management disabler immediately to protect the engine from failure.

It protects the crankshaft and motor from further damage.

Check engine light

For high-speed driving, the activated AFM is essential. But, it shuts off due to failures and incorrect performance. As a result, it affects the fuel efficiency of a pickup truck.

With a malfunctioning AFM, the engine cannot work accurately. It cannot depend on half cylinders when the truck requires more power. 

Due to its incorrect functionality, the engine works with more strength. As a result, it loses more energy and fluid. 

The chambers and other components cannot utilize the fuel according to the standard demand level. In addition, you cannot accelerate the pickup trucks with a malfunctioning range AFM disabler.

It cannot monitor, stop, or regulate active fuel management. Replace it with new options with the help of an expert dealer. Optimize its performance to stabilize fuel consumption. 

Range AFM has internal program failures that interfere with the other signals. As a result, the check engine light appears, which requires instant troubleshooting. 

Furthermore, you can remove the light by resetting the module. For this purpose, remove the connection of the module with the ECU.

Then, re-plug it into the truck when the engine is running. Drive the truck for 3 to 5 miles and check the module efficiency. It can reset the code and remove the warning sign. 

Vibrational damage to the engine

Several people disable their AFM to increase the speed during cruising. As a result, the engine performance reduces. In addition, you can hear loud vibrational sounds from the hood. 

The engine knocking is a significant fault. It happens due to the high internal temperature of the motor and spinning equipment.

As a result, the abnormal heat ranges turn off the active fuel management device and damage the engine. In addition, due to this problem, the knocking sounds become louder.

Moreover, they can distract the driver. To stop the vibrational damage, maintain an optimized oil level in the internal parts.

Restart the AFM disabler and stabilize its functions. Change the spark plugs and install tuning equipment.

Troubleshoot the combustion unit and replace the broken injectors. Also, provide adequate service to the rotational parts of your ignition system. 

Poor performance of the truck

Due to low-quality oil in the lifters, the Active fuel management (AFM) disabler malfunctions. Inadequate maintenance and service of the motor can damage it. 

Excessive use and pressure on the lifter crack it. Therefore, disabling AFM is dangerous for the overall performance of a pickup truck. 

Moreover, it reduces the standard efficiency of their engines. This is because the built-in cylinders cannot achieve the standard operation time.

Range AFM disabler loses sync, and the truck loses power during driving. Due to its failure, all cylinders become active and use additional power. 

Sometimes, they use power when it is not essential for driving. It increases fuel consumption, and the truck loses its performance.

Moreover, you can stabilize the performance by decreasing the usage span of these lifters. Always use high-quality lubricants for these built-in lifters.

Monthly maintenance of the motors is essential to stabilize the cylinders.

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