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How are RV Blinds Measured?

How are RV Blinds Measured?

Measuring RV blinds is tricky and you have to follow few rules. Proper measurement of RV windows is necessary whether you are purchasing new blinds or replacing the old ones.

How are RV Blinds Measured? You can measure RV blinds by taking three measurements of your RV window length and width at its top, middle, and bottom for inside mounted blinds. While for outside mounts, you need to enhance the margins by 1 to 2 inches of window size on all four sides to ensure full coverage. Remember to use a steel measuring tape for all measurements to ensure accurately sized blinds.

Improper fitting of window shades compromises your privacy and comfort by allowing sunlight and headlights of other vehicles to shine in your RV cabin.

Therefore, hire some experts or follow the instructions to get appropriate measurements for properly fitted blinds.

How are RV Blinds Measured?

Many of us purchase RVs to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature and the wilderness. However, it is essential to maintain the comfort level and our privacy on camping sites in other campers’ presence. Windows and door blinds of the vehicle serve both of these purposes. 

Proper installation of blinds is mandatory to ensure their purpose and enhance your vehicle’s style and look.

The second step in this process after selecting the blinds types to take measurements so that blinds fit in your windows like they are made for each other.

This article will discuss the method to accurately measure windows dimensions for inside and outside mounted blinds, drawbacks of improper measurements, and remedies to ensure proper fitting.

Measuring Tools Required

You should keep the following materials with you to facilitate the accurate measurement of RV windows:

● Steel Measuring Tape (Don’t use the ones made of cloth, plastic, or fiber as their looseness results inaccurate dimensions)

● A Calculator (To round up the measurements between the measuring tape markings)

● A page and pencil to write down the measurements    

Measure Inside Mounted Blinds of RV

Inside mounted blinds will fit into the window frame in front of the glass panel. They provide a compact, streamlined, and slim look according to the window size.

It requires measuring four dimensions, including height/length, width, depth, and diagonal, for the right RV blinds size.

Round off all the readings to the closest ⅛ of an inch. If a value is in the middle of two ⅛ inches, choose the next ⅛ inch or higher value.

Remember to measure the exact window size and do not make any deductions. Experts with the supplier or manufacturer will make adjustments according to their requirements. 

Measuring Height

For an inside mounted blind, measure inside the window frame from top to bottom. Take three readings on both ends (left, right) and center of the window. Choose the largest of three measurements.

Measuring Width

Measure the window’s width at three places on the top, center, and bottom of the frame. Choose the smallest of three readings to ensure the proper fit of blinds in the window.

If the difference in any of the two measurements is more than ¼ of an inch due to the window frame’s inconsistency, consult some experts for proper size selection. Write down all readings on paper to keep their record.  

Measuring Diagonal

It is an optional measurement for inside mounted blinds and is required only to check the uniformity of windows dimensions.

Take measurements along both diagonals from top left to bottom right and from bottom left to top right. Both of these measurements should be the same for uniform frames.

Depth Specification of Windows

Depth measurement is necessary in the case of inside mounted shades only. It confirms the required minimum depth for the fitting of blinds accessories. It is measured from the glass panel to the edge of the window. 

Depth specifications for different blinds vary from each other. If the depth is not enough for the inside mount, we have to go for the outside mounted blinds.

Measure Outside Mounted Blinds of RV

These blinds are installed outside the window frame. You choose the shades’ dimensions slightly larger than the window frames to avoid sunlight from the sides and ensure privacy.

The accuracy of the measurements should be maintained at ⅛ of an inch. All the readings should be exact without any deductions.

Measure the RV window’s length/height with minimum overlapping of 2″ at the top and bottom of the window. However, there are no specific restrictions regarding outside measurements.

Similarly, measure the width between the two farthest ends of the windows frames having overlapping 1″-2″ on both sides. You can also increase the overlapping area according to your choice. 

Suppliers don’t make any changes in your measurements for an outside mount. Therefore take the readings with caution and as per your requirements.

Is there any difference in measurements for different types of RV blinds?

There is a mild difference in taking measurements for different varieties of blinds for RV. Therefore first select the type of shades according to your choice and then measure the window’s dimensions.

Some of RV shades’ common examples are pleated, solar shades, roller shades, wooden blinds, roman, cellular, and skylight shades.

For inside-mounted blinds, use the width measured at the top of the window for solar ones while the smallest of three for all other types.

For height, use the smallest of three readings for solar, roller, and sheer shades while using the longest one for remaining shades.

There is no significant difference in measuring window size for outside mounted shades as you will overlap the window, and no perfect fit is required as per window frame.

Common Mistakes made during Measurement of RV blinds and their Solutions

People make few common errors while taking measurements despite the repeated instructions from suppliers, and online support is available.

Assume the Measurements of a Single Window for all Others

Most people assume that their vehicle’s all windows are the same. They take the measurements for a single one and order the blinds according to it for all others. It results in improper fitting always. 

All windows have variations in their dimensions with time due to wear and tear and environmental factors. Therefore, note the measurements for each window and order the blinds accordingly.

Measuring the Size of Blinds

While replacing the worn-out RV blinds with new ones, people take the blinds’ measurements and not the window opening. Blinds vary according to their types. Therefore it results in an improperly sized delivery to your doorstep.

Always measure the size of the window opening where blinds will be fixed instead of older blinds.

Writing the Measurements with Deductions

RV owners, while taking readings, make some deductions assuming that blinds would be smaller than window frames. It results in improperly sized blinds that do not fit in place.

To avoid this, measure the window opening from end to end and report the exact figures. The supplier will make any necessary deduction.

Taking Single Measurement Instead of Three

It is a common problem that people take single readings of length and width and order the blinds accordingly. It results in improper fitting.

Remember to take three readings at both ends and the middle of the window because no one has a perfectly rectangular frame, and there is a difference in measurements at different places. Moreover, different shades styles require different one of the three readings as mentioned earlier. 

Furthermore, It is a wise practice to double-check your measurements before placing an order for precise results.  

Measuring with Cloth or Plastic Tape

All the manufacturers and suppliers use accuracy of ⅛ of an inch. Therefore, measurements should be pretty much accurate and precise.

If you use a cloth or plastic measuring tape or a ruler, it results in a higher reading, different than the acceptable limit. Supplied blinds won’t fit in the RV window, and their purpose will be lost.

Remember to use steel measuring tape by some reliable brand as it is accurate and maintains its shape without any error in measurements.

Do not Bend the Measuring Tape at Corners

Bending the tape at corners to note the measurement value results in a loss of ¼ to ½ inches, which is above the accuracy limit of measurement.

Therefore measure by putting the measuring tape body in one corner and extending the free end to the other. Then add the body size of the measuring tape to the measured length. You can find the size of measuring tape on its back.

Human Error

You should measure the window size for installing blinds in your RV if you know how to use the measuring tape and how to read the markings on its scale.

In case you don’t know, avoid doing this on your own as it will cause improper measurements and shades. Therefore, hiring some experts from the market or different suppliers also provides technical services to do these tasks.

Overlapping in Case of Outside Mounted Blinds

Some inexperienced persons measure the window’s exact size without any extra width and height for outside mount blinds. It results in lights entering the RV from the sides.

Remember to add some extra area as mentioned above on both sides and top of the window dimensions to fully cover the window and avoid leakage of light into the cabin and loss of privacy.

Mixing the Measurements

Although it seems weird that people receive the blinds having different dimensions than their requirements. Upon inquiry, they found that it was the result of mixing the window dimensions.

It is a good and safe practice to use size sheets provided by suppliers with different width and height columns. You can also make one by yourself.

Drawbacks of Improper Measurements of RV blinds

Loss of Privacy

The primary purpose of the blinds is to ensure your privacy on the way and at the camping site.

In case of improper measurements, you will get blinds that won’t fit into the windows of your RV. There will be open spots on edges or sides, allowing others to peep through them into your privacy. Therefore, spend some time and measure the dimensions with a clear head. 

Loss of Comfort

Campers use day/night shades and different types of blinds to ensure their comfort level at night and during the summer season to avoid light entering the RV.

If you get improperly fitted blinds, it will disturb your sleep as flashlights or headlights of other vehicles can enter your cabin from the sides. 

Temperature Control

Another important function of blinds is to prevent sunlight from entering the cabin during the summer season as it will increase the room temperature.

Open spots at corners will result in the rise of RV temperature, put an extra burden on the vehicle’s air conditioning system, and increase your discomfort level.

Therefore, take the measurements carefully, following all the instructions, and avoiding common mistakes.  


Measuring the window dimensions for RV blinds seems a simple job, but it is the most important one on your end after selecting shades type.

Proper measurements will give you comfort for an extended period, while any mistake will result in financial loss and disturbance until you replace the RV blinds.

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