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How to Adjust Tension on RV Day-Night Shades?

How to Adjust Tension on RV Day-Night Shades?

Here are 9 easy steps to adjust the tension on RV day-night shades. All of these methods are easy and you can do it within a few minutes.

How to Adjust Tension on RV Day-Night Shades? You can adjust the RV day-night shades with the maintenance of the spring areas. Settle the side spool with a right-size screwdriver. Identify the accurate section of low tension and fix it by applying the same amount of force at both sides simultaneously.

The RV day-night blinders are like curtains of any particular windows and they help to adjust the amount of light coming inside the vehicle.

How to Adjust Tension on RV Day-Night Shades?

The shades are efficient during the day-light, and they allow the right light in the RV.

These blinders offer maximum privacy to all the passengers with the light invasion as well. In the night times, there is a complete blockage of external light. 

The passengers can sleep and rest without any disturbance. There is no invasion of dark light directly inside the vehicle.

The setup remains safe, and no one can see from the external environment. These are moveable with a single string. You can get the outside view without any blur effect. 

These shades can stop working due to the loosening of any side. They stop working appropriately in such circumstances, and it is a tense form.

The crossing of light gets inappropriate, and it is not suitable for casual functions. The curtains lose their efficiency and worth.

Any crack of the window blinders is also the tension of the RV day and night curtains. The insufficiency of casual functions is the worst condition because the massive vehicle depends on them. 

Minor negligence leads to alteration of the whole procedure. It is not advisable to skip any detail of the method.

Loose its screws

The screws of the system are already in a loose condition. You have to reduce their grip to their original states.

Use an accurate size screwdriver with precise size. Use anticlockwise directions to lose these tiny things.

You can remove them and keep them aside. In few situations, leave them to a level that they stick to their positions with slight trembling.

Balance them in their original states without any turbulence. 

Rotate the spooling tool

The spool of day-night shade is one of the essential supporting factors.

It takes the maximum effect of tension and stops working. The light intake and exposure turn into a critical situation. 

Its system gets disturbed, and it is not suitable for the internal environment. Rotate the spooling tool with your hand or use the accurate size wrench. 

Keep the rotation anticlockwise because it helps to enhance the maximum level of tension. Reach that point of RV blinder tension and leave the tool in that state. 

Tightening at the opposite side

Always start the process of tightness, and it instantly starts reducing the tension.

The system gets its grip in the appropriate way repeat the tightening process until you make the system firm.

Always observe it during the process and keep on doing it. It is one of the best ways to reduce the tension of window blinders.

The spool lacks all the amount of tension and gets back to the original state. The curtain instantly starts to work appropriately.

In this step, hold one side and tight it without touching the other corner. Always move to the opposite side and then tighten it because there is no help.

Always perform these steps one by one and spend few minutes. Never push them to the breakage because they are fragile to some extent. 

Move the day-night shades

Move the shades upside down and also in the opposite direction. It is like a test to check the movement and quality of the blinder.

In those situations, when they move upwards and downside without any restriction, then it is a safe situation.

There is no sign of any tension in this case, and that means the method is effective.

You can perform it by yourself without any help. The expert guidelines are beneficial to carry out such procedures in a massive vehicle. 

Repeat the process

Sometimes the system gets active and works in good conditions. It has some tension inside the spool area in some situations.

You should repeat the tightness process until you get complete control.

It is helpful to make the system immune to further challenges.

Reduce the tension on RV day-night shades

It is another method to reduce the tension of the RV day-night window. They work efficiently after this process. 

It is a bit different than the above method, and you can take the help of a friend. In the extreme levels of tension in RV blinders, consult for professional expertise.

Use a screwdriver and loosen the screws more than the present condition. Never remove them because you can lose them. In this way, you may increase the level of tension to a certain extent.

Keep on doing it until you lose all of them. The window blinders stop working ok any particular limit after this step.

It is a peak of high tension in these curtains. Perform this on both sides of the equipment with the help of a friend.

You and your friend must have complete knowledge of the tension reduction procedure. You may lose your window blinder with minor negligence. 

Apply the reducing force on both sizes at one time. It is the significant step of this whole procedure that leads to other ways as well.

You should apply the mechanical force on the spool part and ask your helper to do the same. 

There is no need to wait for the other side while working on one corner. Use and apply the same level of force and make sure the number of strokes is also similar.

You can interchange the opposite side with your friend during this process. It is helpful to minimize the amount of tension from the day-night curtain. 

Handle strings

There are one to two strings in the day-night shade that controls the movement. They also get the impact of tension due to loose effects.

When you apply the force on both sides, and then check these strings. Pull them and then leave for some time.

Repeat this process three to four times to check the movements. Never leave them instantly, and do not pull them forceful. All of this can lead to breakage and system damages. 


In the last step, follow the same guidelines as the above method. Use a screwdriver and tighten the nuts and bolts from both sides.

Tight and push the spool into its original position. Carry out the process on both sides at one time. Keep the amount of force at the same level.

Why would you adjust the tension on RV day-night shades?

One of the advantages of tensions reduction of RV day and night blinders is to avoid frustration. People use such massive vehicles for long-distance trips.

They want immediate response of all the internal and external equipment. In those conditions, when the RV blinders do not respond instantly, then the user feels frustrated. 

There are chances of damages in case of any tension. Any string of control parts can leave its point of connection. It leads to damaging conditions and whole window cracks.

The system loses all the energy to perform accurately. It is a deadly condition and requires tension reduction methods.

Never leave this light crossing equipment without maintenance and control.

The repairing costs reach up to hundreds of dollars. The minor issues lead to critical issues like the removal of RV window curtains.

Sometimes the whole system disables due to minor damage of string. There are multiple kits of restringing with needles and other essential equipment.

You can buy these kits from a local market or online stores. The instant remedy of the tension makes the equipment functioning.

It is easy to utilize the window blinds at any time of the day. 

They are human-friendly, and you can learn their use within minutes.

The tension reduction procedures are easy and convenient. You can perform them inside your RV with specific tools.

Always carry tool kit with different size screwdrivers and wrench.

If you think that the system is vulnerable, keep the alternative apparatus every time. Utilize the above methods by following every step.

The expert guidelines reduce the chances of error and offer maximum results.

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