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How Do I Keep My RV Shower Curtain Closed?

How Do I Keep My RV Shower Curtain Closed?

The RV shower is a beneficial facility for those who travel long distances. This small compartment has no doors precisely. Instead, a shower curtain maintains privacy for the person. 

How Do I Keep My RV Shower Curtain Closed? In general, you can keep an RV shower curtain closed with upgraded liners and curved rods. Add weights to the edges of the curtains and install curtain clips. Purchase heavy curtains and adjust magnets to keep them closed. Use tracks instead of rods and adjust the hooks in the closing process. 

How Do I Keep My RV Shower Curtain Closed?

Many people do not know how to keep the RV curtain closed. Here are 9 easy DIY methods to do it yourself within a few minutes.

Use heavy shower curtains

The RV showers are different than the homely shower compartments. They do not comprise the specific doors for the enclosure. Instead, they contain a curtain for closing and protection. 

You can resolve this problem by purchasing high-quality and heavy curtains. They can resist the wind in the best possible way. 

They retain in one position, and a person can shower without any disturbance. 

The results are excellent and satisfying for the user. The demand for heavy shower curtains increases in all RV users. 

Use magnets to close the RV shower curtain

Few people cannot afford the heavy material of curtains. They prefer other techniques to resolve the folding and movement of the curtains. Magnets are one of the best solutions to close the curtain in one position. 

You can adjust the magnets on the shower rod near one end. Then, add another tool on another sticking surface.

You can open and close the curtain any time you desire. They are moveable and provide maximum security. 

They lock together, and a person can enjoy a shower in an RV with privacy. These magnets are the standard tools.

Install new liners

The curtain liners play a vital role in their support. They have a vast range of sizes, and you can select them according to your need. 

There are maximum chances of its blowing and gets wet. The heavier liners are beneficial to support them and keep them stable in one place. Invest your money in high-quality and heavy mass liners.

They are expensive than the other curtain liners. However, the investment of money is worthy due to excellent benefits.

They have firmness in terms of their installations. Always select the curtains according to the weight of your liner. 

Install curtain rods with curves

The rods that install the shower curtains of an RV are different. They are in the form of straight rods, and few of them have curves. The curvy rods are beneficial than the straight ones.

They can move the fabric in two directions, and the rod’s turn enhances control and stability. There is a minimum possibility of any open edge in such conditions. 

The fabric closes up to the ends. It is one of the most suitable hacks to remove all the errors. The privacy quality of the inner person enhances more than the standard conditions. 

These curved rods are expensive than straight rods. However, they can handle all weights of the curtains. The results of these curvy tools are extraordinary. 

Use Hooks

Make holes in the wall with the drill machine. Sew the hook in the curtain and make it stable. You can use these correlating hooks as a lock. 

They join together when the person has a shower. You can open them manually, and they never stick together permanently. They are cost-effective tools and available in all hardware shops.

They never lose attachment capability, but human errors can lead to this factor. Therefore, adjust them at an accurate distance with the maximum amount of strength. 

Add clips to shower curtain

Use binding clips to close the curtain in one spot. Purchase high-quality and appropriate size suction cups.

It is a beneficial technique for those who have no bathing tub inside the shower compartment. Use the suction cups as the holding tool of the binding clips.

Adjust the suction cups on both ends of the walls, and add the binding clips near the suction cups. Attach the clips on both sides of the attachment point. 

The suction cups can adjust and attach the binding tools. Adjust and stabilize the loop of wire on the suction cup. They can control the clip and curtain simultaneously. 

You can open the loop after the completion of the shower. These suction cups and clips are available on authentic online websites. You can also buy them from home decoration stores. 

Use a suitable size curtain

The heavy fabrics are impossible to handle for a showering person. Resolve this problem by purchasing an accurate size curtain.

Never select a small or large size piece of fabric. The materials have more attacking abilities because they can fold inside.

The weight depends on the selection and quality. The fabric encloses and attacks the inside person during the shower.

The selection of the right size reduces all of these issues. Next, measure the liner, rods, and area of the cabin.

Finally, buy a curtain according to these measurements. 

Use Better curtain tracks 

The curtain tracks are different types of stabilizers than the rods. They can control the curtain and other structures, and they do not allow the free movement of the fabric against the wind.

The stabilizing capacity of these tracks has increased their demand.

They are cost-effective products with various features. The tracks are expensive than the rods, but they are not costly on the budget. 

These tracks are mostly a once-in-a-lifetime investment. However, the support and control features are tremendous.

They have convenient installations, and they never leave stains on removal. In addition, these are smoother to clean, and they can hold the fabric firmly. 

Add weight on edges

You can select heavyweight according to the size and weight of the fabric.

Use a paperweight or a small vas for such a purpose. Make sure the material with mass is sufficient to control the curtain.

Close the RV shower curtain and place it on one end. They are enhancers of privacy until you touch them.

The paperweight has a stable bottom, and it remains in one position. You can also use heavy pebbles or stones to restrict the curtain. It remains closed throughout the showering condition.

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