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What is Ford F150 Back Window Size?

What is Ford F150 Back Window Size?

The Ford F150 back window has a standard size, and these have specific structures. The beneficial models have versatile and appealing designs. They are suitable for the rearview and protection from environmental conditions. 

What is Ford F150 Back Window Size? In general, the average top width of a Ford F150 window is around 56 inches. The bottom side of the window is up to 66 inches. Therefore, the Ford F150 back window is around 17 inches tall. The specifications are standard with a minor fluctuation according to variants. 

Its measurement is an easy process if you have expertise. However, take the help of a friend to get precise data about the dimensions. 

What is Ford F150 Back Window Size?

Here are few ways to determine the size of a back window on the Ford F150. You can take measurements with manual or digital tools. It takes around 15 to 17 minutes to determine the size.

11 Examples of Back Window Size on Ford F150

Ford F150 models Back window Dimensions
2012 Ford F150 64 x 17 inches
2013 Ford F150 64 x 17 inches
2014 Ford F150 64 x 17 inches
2015 Ford F150 16 x 17 inches
2016 Ford F150 16 x 17 inches
2017 Ford F150 17 x 17 inches
2018 Ford F150 64 x 17 inches
2019 Ford F150 61 x 18 inches
2020 Ford F150 60 x 18 inches
2021 Ford F150 61 x 19 inches
2022 Ford F150 60 x 19 inches

Determining the standard size of a Ford F150 back window

Read the manual to get accurate information about the particular design.

In few models, the manufacturers provide standard information on the tool. You can check the values of the manufacturing company on the model.

The involvement of gadgets is not advisable for such measurements. The heavy or sharp tools can lead to the breakage of the window glass. 

Take the data from the top corner and then take measurements from the bottom side. The tallness of the window depends on the wheel height as well. The standard specifications remain the same.

Few variants have a modification of inches. The top corner width changes according to the design of the window. It is a minor change but can cause adjustment issues. 

Measure outer boundary

The measurement of the outer boundary is necessary. Its external surface provides a clear picture of the dimensions.

Use a measuring tape during such measurements. Begin with the edges and corners of the window on your truck.

Adjust one end of the measuring tape on one edge and move it to the other corner. You can take dimensions of the width in this particular way.

Digital equipment is also beneficial to take such measurements. They provide error-free information about the width and height of the structure. There is no fear of any misinformation due to such gadgets.

You have to be careful and precise while taking such dimensions. 

They have various glass models, and the inner frame comprises similar dimensions. So the variation is one or one and a half inches. 

The average width of the back window on a Ford f150 is 66 inches from the bottom sides. The top corners of the window comprise 56 inches. Thus, the tallness of the window is around 17 inches.

Take dimensions from inside

You can take the dimensions of the window from inside. Get inside the structure and adjust on the back seat.

Keep your direction towards the window glass. Take a measuring tape and then measure the inner frame.

It is the same according to the outer structure. Thus, the adjustment of the frame is free from all types of errors. 

You can adjust the measuring tape on one edge and check the width. It provides similar information as the measurements of the external body. 

The variation of few inches occurs due to frame structure. The width can increase up to 58 inches on the top corners.

It is necessary to take the dimensions of the window frame from both sides.

It makes the installation procedures convenient. You can also make changes in the windows and their frames after collecting such information. 

Measurement with seals

In few designs, the malfunctioning of the built-in seals depletes. Therefore, it results in the replacement of such structures.

Measure it with these seals. Few designs of the sealing rubber material have more width, and it can change the standard dimensions.

The measurement of the sealing section with a digital gadget is more efficient than the measuring tape.

In addition, the subtraction of the excessive seals offers precise data. 

Why would you measure the size of the back window?

Here are the main reasons that explain why it is essential for you to know the dimension of your back window.

Purchasing glass or frame

It offers informative data to select a new window frame. For this, you have to remove the back window and then add the new one.

You can add the measurements on paper and keep them with you. You can also show the dimensions to the seller. They provide the best material in terms of adjustment capabilities.

It happens due to the non-variability of the rear window models. Therefore, the manufacturers keep the size similar on all trucks.

It is essential to take the dimensions even if you comprise such information. The age of the seals and inner frame can modify the measurements. 

The environmental conditions also have a direct effect on the seals and inner rubber bodies. The modification of the frame occurs due to molding.

The measurement resolves such errors, and you can buy the new device according to the old structure. In addition, it protects time consumption and adjustment issues.

Addition of prints

Few people like to add stickers and window papers on the glass surface. They require precise data in terms its measurements.

The adjustment of the paper and printed stickers becomes convenient. 

Use specific tools to take the width and height data of the window on your Ford. Write this information and save the data for future use. It protects the money loss and prevents time.

Replacement of seal

The replacement of sealing material is a tricky process. First, it requires precise information about the dimensions of this structure.

Follow the same measurement-taking process and then buy the new seal. The process becomes comfortable for the installing person.

The standard measurement changes when the built-in rubber seals break down.

You have to check the structure with a measuring tool to get precise data. However, the error-free dimensions of the back window offer convenience and protect the budget.

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