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How Much Does a Honda Pilot Weigh?

How Much Does a Honda Pilot Weigh?

Honda Pilot is a compact SUV that offers smooth and comfortable drive. However, its weight depends on the quality of the exterior material and the amount of steel in them. 

How Much Does a Honda Pilot Weigh? In general, a Honda pilot weighs between 4400 pounds to 4600 pounds with a maximum of 185×74×65 inches in size. However, the latest models are lightweight and compact. On average, the weight of the Honda Pilot is 2.4 tons with a 250 horsepower engine.

The weight is significant to change their shape and make them different from other competing company SUVs.

How Much Does a Honda Pilot Weigh?

It is necessary to know their weight for a safe and comfortable ride.

The Honda Pilot SUV has maximum weight in models of years 2006-2008,2010,2012,2014, and 2015. The vehicle with maximum load has large and heavy tires in them.

The use of steel rims and wheels hub to make them cool also puts more load.

These heavy and oversized tires are more protective than shorter ones. 

These models are equipped with 20 to 30% of high-strength steel that is increasing their load. In addition, high-strength steel does not bend easily during road accidents. Therefore it also decreases the repair and maintenance cost.

The heavier SUVs are also safe for high-speed driving. Moreover, they also look luxurious and fabulous. 

However, in starting years of manufacturing, transmission issues were common, which caused bouncing and problems in shifting gears.

So, the company solved this issue by upgrading the brake pads, transmission, and gear system in coming models, increasing their weight.

Now, the latest models are equipped with high technology braking and transmission system.

There is also complain of noise in them from outside that disturbs the attention of driver while driving. So, the company used high-quality glass doors to make the front glass window thicker and add a windshield.

The problem is fixed with these modifications, but it eventually poses more load.

The roof is also wrapped with a panoramic sunroof that provides protection during summer and improves the working of air conditioners. 

21 Examples of Honda Pilot SUVs with their weight in pounds, kilograms, and tons

Models Weight in pounds Weight in kg Weight in tons Size in inches Engine power
2002 Honda Pilot 4435 pounds 2011 kg 2.2175 tons 185 × 74 × 66 inches 235 hp
2003 Honda Pilot 4434 pounds 2012 kg 2.217 tons 184 × 74 × 65 inches 236 hp
2004 Honda Pilot 4436 pounds 2013 kg 2.218 tons 184 × 74 × 68 inches 237 hp
2005 Honda Pilot 4428 pounds 2008 kg 2.214 tons 185 × 73 × 68 inches 251 hp
2006 Honda Pilot 4521 pounds 2050 kg 2.2605 tons 185 × 74 × 69 inches 240 hp
2007 Honda Pilot SUV 4520 pounds 2049 kg 2.26 tons 184 × 73 × 66 inches 241 hp
2008 Honda Pilot 4522 pounds 2051 kg 2.261 tons 185 × 72 × 67 inches 244 hp
2009 Honda Pilot 4541 pounds 2059 kg 2.2705 tons 186 × 74 × 69 inches 246 HP
2010 Honda Pilot 4540 pounds 2060 kg 2.27 tons 187 × 75 × 69 inches 245 hp
2011 Honda Pilot 4539 pounds 2058 kg 2.2695 tons 187 × 74 × 68 inches 244 hp
2012 Honda Pilot 4546 pounds 2061 kg 2.273 tons 188 × 75 × 68 inches 247 hp
2013 Honda Pilot 4604 pounds 2088 kg 2.302 tons 188 × 75 × 69 inches 248 hp
2014 Honda Pilot 4547 pounds 2062 kg 2.2735 tons 187 × 74 × 67 inches 243 hp
2015 Honda Pilot 4544 pounds 2061 kg 2.272 tons 189 × 73 × 69 inches 248 hp
2016 Honda Pilot 4280 pounds 1941 kg 2.14 tons 191 × 75 × 65 inches 276 hp
2017 Honda Pilot 4281 pounds 1942 kg 2.1405 tons 190 × 75 × 66 inches 275 hp
2018 Honda Pilot 4279 pounds 1940 kg 2.1395 tons 190 × 74 × 65 inches 274 hp
2019 Honda Pilot 4283 pounds 1943 kg 2.1415 tons 193 × 75 × 66 inches 273 hp
2020 Honda Pilot 4284 pounds 1944 kg 2.142 tons 193 × 74 × 65 inches 272 hp
2021 Honda Pilot 4350 pounds 1973 kg 2.175 tons 192 × 75 × 66 inches 277 hp
2022 Honda Pilot 4330 pounds  1964 kg 2.165 tons 190 x 73 x 67 inches 271 hp

Its minimum weight

The latest model of the SUVs that comes from 2014 to 2021 has minimum weight. The changes in them occur due to customer demand.

The production of lighter vehicles is now the demand of the market and industry.

The company uses a high horsepower engine but redesigns the exterior and changes its material to people’s demands.

Customer wants to try something new after some years, and they are always attracted toward stylish and modern SUVs.

The Honda pilot fully redesigned their latest models and make them more attractive and stylish. But the question is how they make them more modern.

The company change its truck-like and boxy shape and gives them a fully cool and sporty look.

This redesigning shed some weight, but new models look more beautiful and different from other SUVs.

Many people most like this exterior and their rating increase and it also increase the sale of latest models.

The manufacturing company also uses steel aluminum and magnesium; magnesium is lighter and decreases the load.

SUVs with minimum weight are also easy to drive young children who have fond of driving can move them.

The lighter vehicles also move faster, and they do not need much effort from the engine to start them. It can also increase fuel efficiency and decrease fuel economy by producing less load on the engine.

It can also allow the brakes to work more efficiently and reduce the brake distance, which prevents accidents and crashes.

The use of more aluminum in combination with magnesium makes the steering wheel also comfortable and lighter.

It can increase the control and stability during driving and prevent from swaying. The company also reduce their mass to decrease the load on braking pads. Therefore, the transmission system is less prone to damage, and it ultimately reduces the repair cost.

Size of Honda pilot SUV

The SUVs from 2003 to 2009 almost have the same length, width, and height. These models come in the early year of launching and have mid-size.

From 2010 onward till the latest model, the company redesigned its structure and make them bigger. It is the largest SUVS that the Honda Pilot is making.

It has three rows of seating that is very crucial for families. The excessive space in them increases their demand by customers.

The 7 to 8 persons can sit in them easily without being tired or having any problem. Moreover, the large dimensions make it a family SUV, and it is also suitable for large families.

Due to the large space, the families can easily plan long trips and place their luggage in them. 

The large cargo space in them also makes them more comfortable for school pick-ups. Children can comfortably sit on seats and place their bags on the back.

Due to the large space, you can also install a luggage rack if it is not present. One of the draws back is that you cannot park them in short parking areas because their size is large.

The towing capacity of Honda pilot

The hauling capacity of 2 AWD SUVs ranges from 3400 to 3600 pounds when fully equipped.

In the latest models that are 4 AWD, their towing capacity increases and ranges from 4500 to 4800 pounds.

What Vehicles can a Honda pilot pull?

  • Trailer whose weight is less than 5000 pounds
  • Small boats
  • Luggage
  • Due to low weight capacity, you cannot attach a large camper
  • You should only attach pop up trailers and stand-up trailers
  • Camper if it is less than 4000 pounds

When planning a trip with your family, you cannot haul heavier campers with this SUV because they have low towing capacity.

They are larger and heavy, which can damage their different parts. Therefore, you can only use small campers for your stay with small living rooms with less weight of beds and other furniture.

You should attach short-size and lighter-weight boats for the enjoyment of the tour. The boats that are less than 4000 pounds are safe for these vehicles.

Gross vehicle weight and curb weight

The maximum gross weight that the Honda pilot can carry is about 5400 to 5800 pounds. So it is the load that your SUVs can bear.

Before filling with passengers and luggage, take them to weight stations and know their curb load.

The maximum curb weight ranges from 4400 to 4600 pounds. Above this, if you attach trailers, campers, and boats with them, their total load should be lower than the payload.

If you add more load to them, it loosens or damages the suspension coils, and it causes bouncing.

The overloading also imposes heavy fines on the road. In addition, the brakes do not work efficiently, and distance is also increased when you apply brakes, and it causes accidents.

It can also make handling of the SUV difficult and decrease the stability of the steering wheel. The overloading also increases the rolling resistance between tires and road, which can damage their tread surface, and this can cause unbalancing and poor alignment. Due to this issue, it can move to one side, and it is dangerous.

This overloading also decreases the life of the vehicle and breaks the engine mounts that cause vibration.

To increase the life and durability, do not make them heavy from their GVWR.

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