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How to Change Throttle Position Sensor on Ford F150?

How to Change Throttle Position Sensor on Ford F150?

The throttle position sensor in the Ford F150 determines the proper air-fuel mixture which delivers to the engine.

If the problem arises in it, then you have to make the replacement by the professional technician. You have to do the test for TSP working efficiency and determine the damage.

How to Change Throttle Position Sensor on Ford F150? You can change the throttle position sensor on Ford F150 by removing the body cover, disconnect the batteries, remove the wiring harness, unscrew the mounting bolt, remove the faulty TPS and install a new throttle position sensor, and secure the connections. The average cost for replacement $120-$210, the new one is around $18 to $49.

How to Change Throttle Position Sensor on Ford F150?

TPS is also called a throttle position sensor potentiometer in which the sensor has a direct connection with the PCM.

It provides a small voltage to PCM, which changes with throttle body position. Sometimes TPS gives a signal which diagnoses the detector system. The TPS is available with a minimum cost of around $28-$43 in different famous brands.

It gives the engine power according to demand and signal to the fuel injection system. The TPS signals are compatible with various parameters like air temperature, throttle position change, and engine RPM.

Where is the throttle position sensor located on a Ford F150?

In Ford truck, the TPS systems present on the throttle body driver side in which intake connects to the engine.

It is a component of your truck fuel management system and helps assure that the proper fuel and air ration combination reach your truck engine system.

When TPS damage or repair can result in improper functioning or shut and open of the throttle body, the engine system cannot receive the air and does not start if close.

What are the symptoms of a bad throttle position sensor?

Defects in the throttle position sensor are produced in various ways, which affect the fuel economy, a safety hazard. If the problem arises, check the engine light to turn on.

There are a few general affect produce after the TPS damage. In this case, the truck cannot run as compared to the original condition.

The Ford F-150 truck accelerates smoothly but has no power. In some situations, if you are not hit the accelerator to an extent, a vehicle may speed up during driving conditions. The appearance of these symptoms has a chance of throttle position sensor defect.

Another symptom appears if the TSP defects present as the stalling, poor idling, and engine misfires after the truck stops.

Engine misfiring usually occurs due to load, defect in a spark plug, valve spring breakage, and many others. The TSP failure may also occur due to low power produce acceleration but not speed up to its original exceed limit.

After putting the pedal pressure, the acceleration develops but cannot speed up almost 15-30MPH with less power. 

When any defect occurs in your truck, it means the check engine light turns on. Sometimes it may not happen because it can also illuminate when other engine system defects develop.

If other symptoms figure out first, then check your truck’s TSP system and try to repair it as soon as possible. This system can give your vehicle good speed, excellent fuel efficiency. You have to check out by yourself or o the auto service center mechanic. 

How to Replace the Throttle Position Sensor in Ford F150?

When a defect occurs in your Ford truck TPS system, it provides valuable information to your vehicle computer.

Check engine light illuminates, so you change the truck gear and face difficulty in it. It also drops down the fuel efficiency and gas level decrease after your truck full with a fuel tank.

While driving, trucks get drags themselves suddenly, the engine becomes stalling and speeds high during traveling on a highway.

In this scenario, you have to replace the throttle position sensor and reset the new, so the vehicle recovers its efficiency and engine performance. You can replace it in several steps that are following.

Items requirements:

  • Hammer
  • Thread sealant
  • Phillip screwdriver
  • Socket, ratchet almost 10mm.
  • New sensor with the best brand.

Remove the throttle body cover

You have to remove the throttle body cover, which acts as air cleaner and protects the body from dirt and dust.

It adjusts through 3-bolts 10mm in size so unscrew these by the socket ratchet. Next, lose the front body clamp pull up down the entire body duct, which helps clean the air.

A tube present on one side of it twists a little, so that remove it with ease. Then detach the other cables that connect to the duct and take it aside.

You have to remove the throttle body sensor, which separates the wire from it. It is present on the front part of the mantle body. In the end, through slight tabbing with a hammer and use a screwdriver to separate the accelerator cable. 

Disconnect the negative battery cable

After the engine throttle cover, make the disconnection of the negative battery cable. TPS present on the driver portion of its body, which connects through the 2-bolts of 10mm in size.

For your access toward the throttle body sensor, then separate the IAS hose. Easy to access makes you unscrew the bolts in less time. There is a water cable connecting along with the TPS, so use pliers to separate the hose clamp. 

Remove the wiring harness connector

In this case, you have to disconnect the throttle body sensor from the wiring harness connector. You can remove it in which pressing the tab unlocks and pull out the connector in an outward direction.

You use a Phillip screwdriver and remove the two bolts that connect with it. The bolt is tight because the factory seals them by applying of thread locker, face trouble in unlocking. You have to avoid striping from the head, will face extraction complications. 

Remove the vacuum hose

A vacuum hose is essential for engine running. It supplies vacuum to vehicle engine sensors and actuators.

This sensor can monitor vehicle performance and give proper input to PCM, which is an engine brain. Hose become damage due to dryness, heat which cause by hot weather conditions.

Hose leakage also occurs through chaffing and rubbing. You have first to remove the hose clamp through a simple twist and pull.

Try to remove the vacuum hose without damaging it through a simple twist that can turn clockwise or anti-clockwise without any hindrance. In the end, hold it tight on both opposite sides and pull to remove it. If you are unable to remove the hose, then use the knife and separate it. 

Unscrew the mounting bolt

In the end, you have to unscrew the mounting bolt. These are 2 in number and fix TPS tight so use the screwdriver. The expert mechanic tabbing the screwdriver with a hammer, so fix into the bolt turn point.

Next, twist the screwdriver and bolt clockwise and tab the hammer continuously to get them loose. You can apply this procedure for both mounting bolts. 

Remove the TSP

 Unscrew the bolt remove the TPS, and 2-screw bolts of the same size attach the throttle body from the engine system. If the old TPS remove from the body, buy the new one with the same size and dimension.

In this way, you cannot face any issue while fixing its position. Wipe out the throttle body well and ensure that dirt and dust do not present on it. 

Install the new throttle position sensor

You have to buy the new TPS, which is compatible with your engine system and maintains normal functioning.

You can get the new bolts of correspondence size with almost 10-15mm in size. Now, mounting the sensor on its position and put back the screws and tighten them with a ratchet and make it firm. 

You can install the TPS, and its front position is at 45 degrees angle point downward direction along the harness plug directed toward you.

In the TPS, you have to arrange the edge with grooves and push the sensor to mount on the throttle body. In the end, re-attach the hardware and use the thread lock of sufficient amount for the screws. Allen bolt is most safe as compared to the Phillip screws.

Install the electrical connector

In this case, reconnect the electrical connector back to its position as you remove it. Next, reconnect the negative battery wiring to its terminal.

Re-install the other parts

When you arrange all TPS systems, then fix the other parts as you removed. Put back the IAS hose, engine cover, and duct system.

Cost for replacement

The TPS replacement cost depends on the model available and its manufacturing. The average replacement cost for your vehicle should $120-$210.

The time duration requires for replacement and repairing is less. It depends on the mechanic’s efficiency. They can replace it in few minutes or 1-hour minimum for its fixing.

Ford Throttle Position Sensor Test

Another way to check the TPS performance with the test procedure, you have a voltmeter, one probe, center TPD signal wire, and black wire TPS signal return wire.

You have to unplug the harness wire and turn it on with the key but avoid starting the engine. The voltage during TPS closeness and its wide opening is around 9v and 4 volts.

It will appear on your sensor computer screen. In both throttle conditions, the voltage goes increasing. If the voltage does not give the correct result, observe the orange wire having a constant voltage of approximately 5V.

You want to check the resistance to connect the probe between the TPS signal wire and the black signal return wire.

The throttle pressure sensor test requires the determination of the TPS functioning. In this case, you have to disconnect the wire harness from the sensor.

Three pins present in which one center use to measure the resistance and observe the needle pin movement. Move the ohmmeter toward the outside pin, and the center remains to connect at its position.

The needle can move opposite direction it means the TPS is right. If the resistance not measure and it cannot move on either side, it means a problem occurs in the TPS system. Sometimes, the issue occurs in the wiring harness connector due to corrosion. 

Reset the throttle body in the Ford F-150 truck

If you face the throttle issue or poor idling and cruise control becomes high, this method helps your vehicle.

You can apply this method if facing a problem with gas pedal pressing, then try this. In this case, you have to turn on the position of the key but make sure that the engine remains off while doing this.

Next, slow press the gas pedal down and release it quickly, returns to its original position. In the end, turn off and repeat this method 3-times and start the engine.

Clear the memory code after TPS reset

Reset the ECU or clear the code from memory is the same thing. If the problem fix and code re-appear, it means the problem does not fix.

All the code clears if ECU memory removes it. It will sense all the valves and sensor engine systems working when you start your truck.

If the problem occurs, then code appears, which alerts the driver to take the vehicle for repairs. If the code appears after the TPS reset, it means a problem present other than that sensor. It may be the harness connector or negative battery wiring.

Idle Relearn procedure

Idle relearn helps the vehicle keep on track if you face a problem due to erratic idling or any action that clears out the KAM.

It is a memory store in the PCM like fuel shifting, idle training, and many other parameters that adjust with time. It becomes update with time due to several reasons like environmental changes, driving activities, and others.

When the battery disconnects from PCM can resulting in the KAM clearing, it is essential to relearn the idle, which makes it correct. 

In this case, set the parking brake but ensure that vehicle remains off. You off all other accessories and set up the gear shifter P start the engine until attaining the moderate temperature.

Turn on the air-conditioning and make the engine idle for a 1-month minimum. In the end, turn back the parking brake, but A/C remains on to put the engine in D drive position. Drive for 20-30 miles so that PCM relearn all the driving style.

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