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How to Turn Off Cargo Light on Ford F150?

How to Turn Off Cargo Light on Ford F150?

Here are easy methods to turn off cargo lights in your Ford F150. We have also added the benefits of using cargo lights in the truck.

How to Turn Off Cargo Light on Ford F150? You can turn off cargo lights in the Ford f150 with the help of a switch present in the lightning panel of steering. You can deactivate the automatic lightning system in the truck. You can install the dark mode feature.

How to Turn Off Cargo Light on Ford F150?

Cargo lights are illuminating lights that install to see things in the cargo box of trucks. These lights are present in all pickup trucks.

The cargo lights present in the central high-mounted stop lamps with a camera fixed in the middle of them. Sometimes these lights are also present on the rear sides of the cargo box.

When the vehicles move at a speed of about 4MPH, these lights automatically turn off. When you press these lights on after 10 minutes of use, these lights start to fade and then automatically shut off.

The cargo switch present in the lighting control panel of the vehicle near the steering. This place is known as the dimmer panel or the handlamp control switch.

Turn Off Cargo Lights in Models of Ford F150 (Year – 1996 to 2003)

In Ford F150 models of 1996-2003, there only a single switch called panel dimmer for turning on the cargo light with the interior truck lights. The ford f150 also includes the automatic system of lightning.

When the door opens, the sensor presents in the door latch, senses it, and turns the light ON.

For turning the lights off, the same process repeats by pressing the button in downward direction cargo lights turn off, and by tightly closing the door, these lights automatically turn off.

Turn off cargo light in Ford F150 (Year – 2009 to 2021)

In the 2009-2021 Ford F150 models, there is a button called dimmer located in the light controlling panel or the handlamp section, slightly below the steering wheel near the door of the vehicle or in the cargo box.

Cargo lights can effortlessly turn on by pressing the dimmer button on the right side near the steering wheel for some seconds. With the sound of a click, and the cargo and the dome light automatically shifted ON.

For turning the cargo light off, press the same button in the opposite direction i-e near the door some second, you hear the click sound and all your lights turned off.

Deactivation of automatic lightening system in Ford Trucks

The tools required to deactivate this system is:

  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-nose plier
  • Wirecutter
  • Rubber electrical tape

You can deactivate the automatic lighting system to turn off the cargo light and interior light when the door opens. You can cut the wire that relates to the power lock of the truck door.

The wire is in black and light blue or green color. The switch color describes in the manual of your truck that performs the sensing work.

This switch locates in the driver seat door, but you can test it by opening all the doors to see which door connects with the automatic system. After this test, you can easily disable it from here by opening the interior door structure.

Carefully separate the wire with other wires by using the needle nose plier. You can cut the wire with the help of a wire cutter. Connect the remaining wires with rubber tape.  

Open the door and see the interior lighting and the cargo light turn on or not. Through this process, you can also save battery drainage.

Dark mode activation in Ford Trucks

The dark mode is a software programmer that is present in every Ford f150. You can also activate this feature through dealers.

The essential function of this software program is to hide the activation of lamps. When you open the door, it deactivates the automatic lighting of the dome and cargo.

You can easily reactivate the interior lights of the truck manually by turning on the dome switch. These automatically turn on during alarming situations like post-crash alerts etc. The most beneficial effect of this program is its low price for activation.

Ford F150 Cargo Light Won’t Turn Off

There are several factors due to which the cargo light does not turn off:

The first reason is the tailgate ajar. When the tailgate did not shut properly, the dashboard shows a cargo lightening indicator. It will keep turning on until the tailgate rigidly attaches to the cargo bed.

The second reason is the faculty sensors that show the tailgate opening signs in the dashboard and turn it on. The repairing of sensors also helps to solve this problem.

The third reason is the door ajar because there is a sensor attached to your door. When the door opens, it will automatically turn on. You can resolve this problem by shut the door of the truck firmly. You can fix a magnet inside the door latch that works as a door lock.

The fourth reason is the fault in the dome light control switch, which is found near the steering wheel and controls both the cargo and interior truck lightening.

You can fix it by lowering the dimmer control wheel fully down. You can also resolve the problem by replacing the switch with the new one.

There is a fuses box 12,15 present in the passenger compartment that also involve in cargo light activation. Some problem with this fuse causes the interior lights to continuously stay on.

What are the uses of cargo light?

There are several functions of cargo light. Some of them listed below:

These are perfect to illuminates the inner compartments, when there is tonneau covering over the cargo bed, these lights also help in seeing the material.

In new models, these are fixed in cargo lamps to increase their brightening ability. This feature helps in loading things in tailgate during the night and helps in connecting with a gooseneck trailer.

Another modification is the placing of a camera in its middle. This camera is present in the new trucks of Ford F150. The camera present will aid the drive to get the view from the top of it.

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