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How to Convert a Truck into a Dually?

How to Convert a Truck into a Dually?

Here are 9 best DIY methods to convert your truck into a dually. The truck is the crucial vehicle for lifting loads, and it is also used for transportation. The holders of the business also use the trucks. The trucks do not carry the heaviest loads because there are only four wheels. The vehicles are converted in the dually because dually are used for lifting the most massive loads.

How to Convert a Truck into a Dually? Yes, you can convert your truck into a dually by elevating the truck, removing posterior wheels with bolts and axle, fix a new dually and connect it with the brake and axle of the truck.

People often buy new vehicles to lift the most massive loads. If you have a vehicle and you want a dually to lift the heaviest loads. It is often used in lifting heavy materials and machines.

There are additional rear wheels in this. The two extra posterior wheels give support and also help to lift the heavy loads. The stability to lift the heavy loads is also increased due to double wheels, sometimes, the danger of overloading is increased in the pickups. But in this case, there is no risk of overloading due to the extra wheels.

The rear posterior wheels give support to the vehicle. A load of a material divides on each wheel, and through this, it becomes easy to use it for transportation. The capacity of the weight is enhanced due to the two additional posterior wheels. The braking presentation of two rear wheels is not excellent. The other two posterior wheels strengthen the performance of the braking system of the vehicle.

How to Convert a Truck into a Dually?

There is a simple method of converting the truck into dually. We have divided the entire process into 9 easy steps. You can drive this easily on snow and rough paths, as it depends on your drive.

Tools required are jack, jack stand, pry bar, lug wrench, open-end wrench, brake line wrench, safety glasses, screwdriver, torch, safety gloves, hammer, socket set, wood bars, U-bolts, heavyweight leaf springs, socket set, dual wheels, and double axle.

Elevate the truck carefully

First, you should elevate the pickup carefully with the help of jack stand. You should wear safety glasses before starting this work. First, park your vehicle on the smooth and voluminous ground. Turn OFF the engine, then, place the bricks or wedges at the corners of the rear wheels.

These wedges will give support and also help in lifting the pickup with jacks. Then place the jack near the posterior wheels of your vehicle. There is a thin lip at the side of your vehicle and near the posterior wheel.

Therefore, check the thin lip with your hands and then place the jack under it. If you don’t find the place for the jack, then you should check your holder’s manual, and there will be the safest image of the place where you should put the jack.

After placing the jack in the right place, then insert the handle according to the suitable direction of the stud. Raise it enough to uplift the wheel in a way through which you can easily replace the wheels. You can use the same method to get your truck out of snow.

Remove the rear wheels

The second step is to remove the rear wheels, first, flat both rear tires by eliminating the stem lid from the valve. After this, remove the bolts of both rear tires with the help of a lug wrench. It is difficult to remove the bolts from the tires because they are firmly fixed in the tires.

Therefore, firm the lug wrench on the bolt and then rotate the lug wrench in a clockwise direction. This will lose the bolts of tires. After removing all the bolts from the tires, it will become easy for you to remove the tires.

Place all the bolts apart and remove the wheels. Now, you have removed both rear wheels and lift your vehicle with the jack stands because by doing this, you will quickly remove the wheels. You should know the average weight of Ford F150 before starting this procedure.

Remove the bolts from the driveline and brake line

After removing the wheels, remove the jack from the side. Place it near the driveline and brake line to lift the pickup. You should be confirmed that the jack stand is firmed because you will unbolt the driveline by placing yourself under it.

The driveline and brake line is attached to the axle. First, mark the right position of the driveline. The bolts of the driveline are very tight; therefore, it is difficult to unbolt them.

Take the open-end wrench and firmly press it against the bolt and rotate it in a clockwise direction. The bolts will become lose by doing this, carefully remove them, and place aside. There will be four bolts attached to the driveline.

Then, take a pry bar to meddle the driveline beyond the axle. Place the pry bar amongst the axle and driveline. After removing the bolts from the driveline, you have to remove the bolts from the brake line. Take the brake line wrench and remove the bolts of the brake line from the axle. It is recommended to check the engine and its bolts to prevent your vehicle from blowing black smoke when driving.

Remove the axle

You can fix the axle with the nuts. Therefore, take a screwdriver that has a flat blade and put it between flippers of the rotor to adjust the position of the axle. Then, remove all the nuts and disconnect the nuts with the help of a screwdriver.

Then, take a torch and look at the spindle. There will be a spring setup, and you have to release the stabilizer bar from the axle. Take a lug wrench and remove the screws, by doing this, bar jaw will release from the spindle.

Then, drive the axle back through the spindle. Then, put the nut back on by doing this, the shaft will lose. Then, put a force through the hammer on the nut and then lose the nut again. Then, again hit the nut with a hammer and remove the nut.

The nut will easily remove from the axle. There will be another three bolts that fix the axle, by going under the surface, remove these three bolts. After removing these bolts, remove the axle. It is recommended that you should wear safety glasses and safety gloves while doing this step. You can use this same method when modifying your box truck into a camper.

Lift the center of the axle

Now, you have to lift the center of the axle with the help of a jack. Move the jack under the center axle. If you understand the better position of the jack, then you should check your owner’s manual.

In the owner’s manual, there will be an image of lifting the center of the axle with the help of a jack and jack stand. After lifting the center of the axle, fix the shaft on the jack.

Then, place another jack, where the leaf springs are present. It is recommended that you should place the jack with great care. You should check its firmness after placing it under the vehicle. Use this same method when converting a truck into a hybrid.

Fix the heavyweight leaf springs to your truck

Heavyweight leaf springs are only placed near the rear wheels. The leaf springs are different as they give support to the vehicle. Take the bolt and fix it in the straight line in leaf springs. Put the leaf springs at its previous original location.

When the leaf springs fit perfectly, tight the bolt, then place the jack under the leaf bolts and lift it. Then, hit on the bolt with the hammer to fix it. Then, attach the U-bolts at the center of the leaf springs and hit on it with the help of a hammer to fix it correctly on the leaf belts.

Then, fix the frame under the U-bolt with the help of a socket set to fix it. There will be a space for fixing the bolts under the U-bolt. Fix the bolts with the help of a hammer. After fixing the heavyweight leaf springs, the next step is to fix the new axles. It is recommended that you should buy those leaf springs that are of good quality.

Fix the new dually axle to your truck

It is compulsory to fix the new double axle to complete this procedure. Push the jacks under the vehicle and fix it carefully. First, mark the right position of the axle under the surface. You should buy a new additional axle which of a reliable brand.

If you find any defect in the new axle, then you should replace it with the new dually axle. You will need a helper for this step. Place it in the right position and tell your helper to fix the bolts with the help of the socket set.

Remove the U-bolt from the dual leaf springs and fix it properly. It is crucial to protect the double shaft with the help of U-bolts. You should tighten all the bolts and U-bolts so that there will be no deficiency in the firmness of the dual axle.

Connect the brake line and driveline to the axle

Then, attach the new driveline and brake line to the axle, attach the driveline safely to the axle, and you should fix it with the U-joint. Remove the two caps of the U-joint and place it on the driveline.

Push the cap in the hole and place the lid on both sides of the driveline. Hit the hammer on the caps of U-joint to fix them. Then, take a yoke and put it on the U-bolt. Attach this with the help of a U-bolt and nuts.

Tight it well with the help of a wrench and fix all the bolts after connecting the driveline with the axle. Now, you have to connect the brake line with the pickup. You will need a wrench set to fix the brake line. Just attach the brake line at its previous location with the help of bolts.

Attach the dual wheels with the bolts

First, attach the wheel stimulator on both rear wheels, then, lift the rear wheel with the help of jack and jack stand. Fix the one rear dual wheel on the pickup firmly.

Then, repeat this procedure on the other side of the wheel. After fixing the wheels, examine the correct position of wheels on your pickup. The wheels should be straight and firm.

After attaching the additional rear wheels to your vehicle, remove the jack and jack stand under the pickup. If there is no covering above the new tires, then you should cover the upper side of the set of wheels with the wooden bars. These bars will maintain the equality of the frame as well as the wheels will also cover with wooden bars.