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How to Disable the Ford F-150 Speed Limiter?

How to Disable the Ford F-150 Speed Limiter?

The speed limiter is the Ford F150 feature, in which the speed limit of your truck pre-determined. You can control its range by disabling this system.

How to Disable the Ford F-150 Speed Limiter? Speed limiter on Ford F150 helps prevent accidental risk and other problems like more fuel consumption, engine performance. There are different ways you can deactivate it, like MyKey, FORScan, accelerator, tune chip, and reprogramming the ECM.

How to Disable the Ford F-150 Speed Limiter?

It is present on the right side of the steering wheel side control through the press button. The specific symbol Like LIM on it from which enable you to activate its system.

 It is a device that limits the speed at the proper range and does not need the speedometer for its checking.

There is a speed limit sign, which positions around the road indicate optimizes their vehicle speed according to the need.

If it cannot control, then the risk chances of collision enhance. You can adjust the speed you want and make the journey easy for you.

It is a safety feature, and you cannot disable it from any set menu.

However, there is a third-party hack available to disable it that permits go beyond set speed limits. 

FORScan Software to Change ECM Settings

FORScan is third-party software that enables you to connect your computer or mobile with the Ford truck computer module and run onboard diagnostics (OBD).

OBD adapter is a battery-powered device available in a few dollars that allows the interface between the engine module and the FORScan app.

It has a free trial version, and you can use it in the vehicle factory settings. It is an easy way to set your truck desired speed settings or no speed limits.

By Pushing the Accelerator

In this case, you have to push the accelerator pedal and release it so back to its original position, and acceleration will become interrupted.

You can optimize the vehicle speed, in which the driver’s display color cannot change because the standby mode does not occur. 

Reprogramming the ECM

The engine control module is like the brain of the Ford F-150, and top speed settings saved in the module prohibit the truck from going beyond rated speed limits.

You can reprogram it to change the high-speed ratings above 100mph or more.

You should consult some expert mechanic to change the settings, and it will do this task without taking much time and disturbing other ECM functions.

However, companies authorized dealers will not assist you in change or disable the settings as it is an illegal activity.

Doing any tampering with ECM in the warranty period can get you deprived of the warranty. Therefore, wisely take the risk according to your limitations.

Use of Tuner Chips

Few tuner chips to modify the performance of the truck are available in the market that you can install.

The company does not allow modifying the programming settings related to safety features like a speed limit.

Therefore, few third-party manufacturers provide electronic chips to change the factory restored settings of the truck.

A few of the chips are edge, Superchips, and Hypertech. You can spend a few hundred dollars to install these chips from an expert mechanic.

Services of Expert Mechanic to Change Settings using Mykey

Expert mechanics have hacks or tools to increase the speed limits by disabling the speed limiter.

MyKey technology is the best option for safe truck speed. It helps in various ways like enhance the belt use, optimize the speed limit.

In this case, you have to turn on the ignition key and go to the setting menu and click the MyKey option and click ok by selecting the desired program.

Now, your truck drives with this feature through its activation. You have to perform the configuration setting and set it around 70-80mph.

You have to adjust the truck speed minders that activate the audible and visual warning at the selected point.

Deactivate it

In this case, you enhance your truck speed by your desire. You have to push the button on the steering wheel its limits marking which showed on the screen turn their color.

It can change from white to grey resulting in the deactivation for a time that can alter your speed setting.

Use the ATS

ATS is the Application tracking software you can use to disable your speed limiter. You have to install it and sign in to the screen display to show the feature like a cog at the top left side.

Go to the setting and remove the selected option. Then, move to the point after getting the server option and click on the gameplay feature.

In the end, go back to the truck setting menu and unselect this option to limits the speed.

Thumb rule for speed limit

When you cannot get enough knowledge about the road and its limitation, then the general thumb rule is the best option for you.

Although the law can vary from state to state, the target speed limit according to road nature, like local highway contains the 40-50mph. 

Types of speed limiters in Ford F150

The speed limiter is the vehicle’s legal requirement which offers various ranges like 52, 56, 60, and 70 mph. 

Adjustable speed limiter

The adjustable speed limiter can adjust the range from which you cannot accelerate it. During driving, it remains active but if you change it, then reset it again.

It can operate by the switch which presents on the steering wheel left side. The system turns ON, the speed range display on the instrument cluster.

Intelligent speed limiter

In the Ford series, the intelligent speed limiter is present, which can increase the first one. It can communicate with a camera that can detect the speed.

It adjusts the various ranges of speed when you drive in a specific type of area along with speed variation.

Purpose of the speed limit

The recommended speed that adjusts is to have a common purpose, so you do not neglect that point. Some roads have bends or curves which dangerous for you at high speed.

During bad weather conditions, at night, children, and pedestrians, it is best.

It identifies the system which depends on the audible alert and its functioning when the speed limit becomes above its given range.

How does speed limiter work?

The speed limiter can work in which sensor present to detect the speed and the information send to the engine computer.

When you reach the selected speed, the computer restricts the engine performance by airflow, fuel engine, and spark. 

Reason for disabling the speed limiter

Here are the main reasons that make people disable this feature.

Get the high top speed

You can remove it it to achieve your vehicle’s best performance. It can apply when you travel on the road where no limitation presents.

Better fuel economy

It can better for those who travel to high mileage and fleet manager. It can control the high speed and optimize it to obtain the best fuel engine performance and maintain the economy.

It can give you advantages like avoiding accidental risk, improve fuel efficiency and fleet emission. 

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