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How to Replace Battery of Ford F150 Key Fob?

How to Replace Battery of Ford F150 Key Fob?

Here are the 9 easy steps to add a new battery to the Ford F150 key fob. The key is the essential feature of your truck, which contains 3-4 buttons that control your truck door lock, unlock the system, and then start the engine.

How to Replace Battery of Ford F150 Key Fob? You can replace the battery of the Ford F150 key fob by removing its cover, check the type of battery, add the new battery, place its cover, and screw the bolts.

Sometimes the problem occurs, when the key fob battery becomes dead that leads to improper working, so replace it with the new one. It is a simple task and less time-consuming, around 2 minutes, and costs between $10 to $15.

How to Replace Battery of Ford F150 Key Fob?

A key fob defines as a small electronic device used to lock or unlock your ford door or start your pickup..

These can start your truck engine from a distance which is approximately a hundred feet or above. It performs many other functions after the door lock opening and closes.

It operates when the properly charged condition has appeared. Sometimes the issue occurs like drainage, corrosion, and discharging lead to die.

In this case, you have to replace it with the new one. You have to change even after the 40,000-60,000 miles.

You get its power from the small battery, and the longevity time of it is around 2-5 years, but it can slow down.

When your fob key battery is low in voltage, you have to replace it with the new one. Some essential steps help remove and install the new one.

Open its blade

The active key fob key contains a button that releases the interior key press the blade becomes open up.

Each model year fob key comes with a specific feature like 1998-2016 have the 3-4 buttons. 

Remove its cover

The screwdriver, coin, or notch help, place it between the sides and its back grooves. The notch is hard to find, so make it obvious.

The entire device split the battery portion and it becomes open.

You have to identify the twisting motion spot then your desire one. If you cannot do this, it will damage its cover and cause cracks.

Identify the battery model

When it opens up, you have to identify the battery model through its marking.

You have to purchase the new one with the best quality and suitable voltage. Without damage, the internal circuit removes it from the interior through the tool help. 

Install the new Key fob battery

The total period for its replacement is around a few minutes. You have to install the new one with the compatible feature of the previous one.

You have to ensure that the battery is in its appropriate place with both terminals settings as the positive terminal is upward.

In the end, you have to test it by locking and unlocking the door.

Place the cover

After replacing, you have to cover up your device, the front and rear one, which becomes properly close with squeezing.

The cost of the ford f150 fob key battery replacement is around $10-$15.

Key fob functioning

The new technology pickup contains many features which one is the key fob. It can work to send a low-frequency signal to your vehicle system with the button click to initiate the engine.

It contains the radio frequency identification system, which gives safe information to the fob.

Radio waves use through the key fob, which interacts with the reader insert in the door latch and program to open it.

It gives you the opportunity of keyless entry inside your vehicle.

Open the window and sunroof

In this case, you have to press the unlock button and repeat once again around 8-10 seconds, and hold it until the entire window opens.

Seat adjustment memory

When you drive or choose your seat as you want and set the memory, the fob assigns a specific number and can identify it. It can also control the mirror folding, trunk, and alarm.

Sign of weak fob battery

When your car battery low resulting in a few problems you face, like you cannot unlock the truck. You have the problem in fob key smooth functioning and require more effort for its operation.

It also contains a button, which sometimes fails due to this battery issue. It has a transmitter, which covers the specific range it cannot work.

The truck push-button start cannot figure it. In your display, the low battery warning alarm start, which causes trouble for you. 

When to replace the battery of Key fob?

The key fob contains the LED light, which becomes on when you press its button. When the battery discharge or die result in no illumination.

You can use the voltmeter to detect its voltage like 4 volt indicates less than of it. It shows that you need replacement with new. 

Can Ford F150 run due to the low battery of Key fob?

The warning light illuminates due to its low battery. It cannot affect the truck performance, but its battery low voltage resulting in the unable to start your vehicle.

It can drive in other conditions like placing the key fob close to the push button or into the console compartment slot.

You have to replace it with the new one and cannot ignore that issue.

If it cannot start, then go to the repair service center they diagnose it and fix the problem. You can also consult with your specific vehicle model manual. 

Low warning light key fob

During its use, the computer monitors its battery output voltage. When it low down or comes to that critical point, the indication appears as a warning light illuminate.

You have to choose the best quality with a specific voltage according to it.

If you have various keys at the same time, then replace them all simultaneously. You can drive your truck with that low warning light illumination.

How to start your truck after the key fob low/dead battery?

You always have an alternate solution for each problem. In the fob battery case, if it damages or dies, you need another option. 

With SYNC technology

In this case, you have o install the ford pass application on your phone. It contains different features on its home screen from which you select the required option. You have to use SYNC technology for this purpose.

It helps you, when you do not have the ford key or its battery dead or not properly functioning, then it is the best option. With it, you can start the engine and lock/unlock your truck door. 

Without SYNC technology

Your fob also contains the hidden key, which helps to unlock the door. In the console chamber, there is a key slot and insert it.

Then, press the on button and start your vehicle. If it does not resolve your issue, then with press key it, in dead battery condition.

Key fob re-programming and its cost

In this case, you require the RFID writer and the blank fob. You have to close your vehicle door and unlock the driver-side door button.

Next, turn ON and OFF your ignition key multiple times, around 8-10 seconds. When its programming activates, this will result in the door lock and unlock.

Next, click the remote button to make it work. You have to do this process same time, and the door code also comes in working condition. If you cannot do this process or do not have enough knowledge, go to the repair center.

If you do it yourself, then you are free from the cost-related tension. If you fix it at the workshop service center, it is approximately $200-$400.

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