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How to Fix Ford F150 Loose Fuel Door?

How to Fix Ford F150 Loose Fuel Door?

The fuel door of the ford f150 is a security tool to protect the inner material. It prevents the entrance of harmful material inside the fuel tank. In addition, the fuel door protects from corrosive properties due to accurate covering. 

How to Fix Ford F150 Loose Fuel Door? In general, you can fix the Ford F150 fuel door by turning off the electric supply, remove its plastic stickers and discard bolts. Next, detach the filler neck and add a paper clip, then cut the boss flush. Finally, twist the hinge pin, connect the springs, and tight the fuel door on Ford F150. 

In the absence of such security gadgets, the system becomes vulnerable. The harmful materials penetrate inside, and they lead to damages. 

How to Fix Ford F150 Loose Fuel Door?

I have described 10 easy steps to fix the fuel door on your Ford F150. Adopt these techniques and prevent the fuel door from irreversible damages. 

Shut off the power supply

Shut off the electric power supply of the ford f150. Detach the batteries from their terminals and allow the structure to cool down. It is necessary to secure the performer from electrical accidents. 

Safety measures are necessary during such fixing procedures. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the heat that produces due to electrical flow. 

The results are deadly accidental situations. These accidents are life-threatening for the performer. Always take the preventive measures and then proceed to further process. 

Access the fuel door on Ford F150

Approach the fuel door of the ford f150. It usually exists on the passenger side of these structures. 

Take the help of a professional expert to identify such structures. It prevents human negligence and other errors. 

It attaches to a spring that allows free movement. Few designs comprise a lock, and you can open it through a key. 

Remove its plastic stickers

There is a plastic sticker around the fuel filler neck. It is a safety tool to protect the seal and other attachment points. 

The plastic stickers vary in size and composition. As a result, they can interfere in the proper adjustment and lock of the fuel door.

The removal of these sticky materials is necessary before fixing the problem. You can detach them manually because interference if sharp tools can lead to damages.

Use fingers and detach the sticker from one edge. Pull it from the original position and then discard it. You can remove it after its replacement. 

Remove the plastic fuel door

Remove the plastic fuel door; it is a convenient but tricky process. You must acquire professional knowledge to detach such small tools. 

These doors have a slide attachment and are conveniently removable. Open the device and observe the inner latch.

It has a push ability due to plastic material and manufacturing design. Take a screwdriver and push it on the plastic structure.

Hold the plastic fuel door from the outer side. Pull it in your direction and slide it simultaneously. 

Keep pushing it from the inner side because it is necessary for error-free sliding. Next, remove the plastic fuel door and keep it on one smooth surface. 

Remove its bolts

You can see three to four bolts around the fuel filling neck in the fuel compartment. The bolts become visible after removing the device. It makes the process convenient without adding the fixing techniques.

Use a bolt puller in those designs that have pressurized attachments. You can pull the bolts out of the device with this device. 

In those designs that have bolts fixed with the circular rotations, use the wrench. Adjust the accurate size wrench on each bolt and spend time.

Keep the rotation anticlockwise and then remove all these bolts. Adjust them in a plastic bag, and then mark the bag. 

Remove filler neck and discard housing

The removal of filler fuel neck is necessary to perform such fixations. You can use a fuel neck puller and bring it outside. 

Remove it and allow it to pop out. Unfortunately, there are no attachment tools with the housing section. However, you can pull the housing outwards and adjust it on a surface. 

Make sure it pops out of the hole accurately without any disturbance. You can also pull the housing if it fits inside due to corrosion. 

Remove spring and hinge pin

The fuel section of the Ford truck works with the help of a spring. The stretchable movements of the spring allow the movement of open and shut conditions. 

There is a hinge pin that plays its role in its sliding. In addition, there is a plastic material that supports the movements and tightening of its door.

In few conditions, the plastic boss steps working, and it loses efficiency. As a result, it loses the ability to fit in the original attachment point.

Add a paper clip

In this step, you require the hinge pin and keep it on a stable surface. Next, take the removed spring of the fuel door and access the hinge pin.

Pull off the hinge pin and then bring it outwards. Never detach it from the door housing.

Take a sharp cutter and then detach the boss flush out of the structure. 

Make sure it detaches from the housing. Then, use a drill machine and make a hole inside the hinge pin.

Always select a bottom position to generate such holes. Then, use a paper clip and insert it inside this bottom opening.

The paper clips stop the uncontrollable movements of the hinge pin.

Always consider the preventive measures while making a hole in the hinge pin. Use the precise size paper clip to adjust in this hole. 

Twist the hinge pin

It is a challenging part and requires expertise. The adjustment of the hinge pin is a tricky process. It is of metal material and requires strength for molding. An irregular turn can lead to irreversible errors. 

You have to adjust the hinge pin with the spring. Then, adjust it with the fuel door in a way that tolerates the flexibility of the spring. 

The twisting of the hinge pin is a time taking process. Therefore, you have to show patience to get desirable results.

Make the connection between the swing arm and spring

The position of the fuel door spring is in a direct link with the swing arm. Therefore, you have to adjust both tools in an arrangement. 

Tight the spring with the perch. You can use zip ties during such attachment activities. Measure the directions and distance of the moveable arm and spring.

Make changes in case of any problem, and then adjust the spring on the perch. Finally, remove the zip ties and allow them to work without any support. 

You can also tie the spring with the zip tie permanently. It also provides excellent control and attachment. The chances of error are negligible due to such protective tools.

Fix the fuel door on the ford f150 and check it. Then, push the door and shut it off to observe its tightening ability.

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