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How to Remove Ford F150 Air Vent?

How to Remove Ford F150 Air Vent?

Air vents are present in Ford F150 trucks and, it used to provide comfort and calm in both summer or winter seasons. The air valve is the component of HVAC, denotes the heating vent & air conditioning.

How to Remove Ford F150 Air Vent? To remove the Ford F150 air vent, park the truck and locate the air vent. Detach the air valve and remove electrical connections. Next, remove the radio and remove all screws and bolts. Finally, move the air vent and detach it from the main panel.

It permits the air cycle in and out of the Ford F150. Through the air jet, frigid and hot air is scattered in the truck by the HVAC technique. When the problem occurs in the air valve, you can not warm up or cool down the truck.

How to Remove Ford F150 Air Vent?

You have to know about a few considerations, need some specific tools, require an understanding of how to open clips. 

It is not an easy project and, they find it more difficult when they do not know about it. Therefore, you should understand the few facts carefully.

Park the Ford F150 on a level floor

First of all, you should place the truck on level ground. It will be beneficial for doing the whole process properly. 

Use Torchlight

An air vent is near the steering wheel and, it is visible to everyone. You can use your cell phone light instead of a torch.

Some pickup trucks have inserted outlets on the driver side dashboard and, in few trucks, they plop on the passenger side. 

Take an accurate torchlight and find where the screws, pins, bolts, and clips are locating. No need to hurry open these latches with patience and, you may require a wrench for opening. 

Remove air valve

The air valve housing is the initial point that we should remove.

Read the truck manual and find the accurate appliances to unscrew the bolts and clamps that carry the housing top. Usually, in most Ford trucks, it is held by four clips.

Disconnect its electrical connections

Before uninstalling the dash trim, you should remove electrical connections because the dash is attached to these connections.

Carefully disconnect hookups from a splash to prevent damaging the wires. Next, open all four bolts that are clasping the stereo. Finally, pull the panel, and remove wiring or connections. 

Remove the radio

After removing electrical joints, remove the radio and underside layer with specific tools and check the manual for safely doing the process.

Loosen the fasteners

Mostly, a vent port is fixing with pins on each corner of the vent. However, in some vehicles, fasteners are covered within the pop-up assembly and, you may require to find these fasteners for accessing. 

When you find these nails, put one hand on the air system because it may drop after unscrewing.

Hold the screwdriver with another hand and rotate it counterclockwise direction until latches come out from ventilation. Then, firmly hold its borders with your palm and drag it.

How to clean Ford F150 air vents?

Typically, you have to remove the air vents when you do not clean them for a long time. This is because dust particles may be stuck in it and block the airflow. 

Before disconnecting the air shaft, you should try any possible method to rinse it. You can clean air jets in several ways and techniques, but you should follow them carefully. 

The one thing that is most common among people for cleaning tools is a rough and soft bristles brush.

There is a specific brush available that is manufacture with fluffy microfiber, which comes for vacuuming vents. It can reach in the narrow slat, where most of the dust particles assemble. 

You can also clean them with homemade cleaning liquid. Add the same quantity of white vinegar, water, and lemon juice.

Mix it well, dip a foam brush, and press among the air jet. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse out with water properly.

You can clean them with steaming cleaning solutions and, brushes can not clean them properly than steaming can do.

You can use this method when dirt badly sticks on the slants. It is appropriate when you neglect them for much time.

When you want to remove an odor from the vehicle that comes from the air jet, you can do it with scent cleaning.

You can choose a cherry, orange, or other smell and spray it over the entire system. Left it for 10 minutes, wipes out the remaining solution with the towel.

Why would you remove the air vents in a Ford F150?

Usually, there are three main reasons to remove the air vent in a truck.

The sudden weather changes or when you are driving towards too hot or too colder climate, your air vet may not function properly.

You have attempted every possible way to repair them but, you become fail. Therefore you need to withdraw them for repair.

When dust, grime, or tiny particles are stuck in the vent and, they stop working. You would make an effort to do it yourself at home and sort out this issue.

Sometimes if there is a minor problem such as cleaning, you can solve it without removing air vents from the truck. But in another case, you have to uninstall and take it to the mechanic for restoration.

11 Examples of Ford F150 Air Vents with their size and price

You should choose the accurate vent that can fit in your vehicle. It is the most important decision if you want an appropriate heater and air conditioning. 

  • Dorman air shaft – 5.5 × 5.5 × 6 inches – 5 ounces – $27.24
  • Auto air vent – 47.89 × 12.78 × 2.51 inches – 1.5 pounds – $65.99
  • Ford Dash air duct – 7. 45 × 6.25 × 3.2 inches – 5.1 ounces – $ 45.88
  • Scents air jet – 9.88 × 6.52 × 0.15 inches – 4.3 ounces – $ 16.19
  • Motorcraft vents – 4. 98 × 4. 57 × 5.0 inches – 3. 21 ounces – $ 35. 78
  • Red Hound air vent – 8.1 × 7.5 × 3.1 inches – 8 ounces – $ 48. 95
  • JeCar vent opening – 8.45 × 5.02 × 1.2 inches – 2. 01 ounces – $ 15.99
  • A-Premium vent – 9.99 × 5.21 × 4.02 inches – 2.01 pounds – $ 18. 78
  • Front fender vent – 15 × 5 × 2.5 inches – 4.0 ounces – $ 38. 99
  • NewYall air shaft – 13.11 × 5.99 × 3.15 inches – 15. 4 ounce – $ 78. 99
  • XtremeAmazing venntilation – 13.3 × 7.09 × 3.01 inches – 16 ounces – $ 88. 75

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