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How to Install Fender Flares on Ford F150?

How to Install Fender Flares on Ford F150?

You can add fender flares on a Ford F150 front and back tires for security. They have a range of colors, and the style also varies. 

How to Install Fender Flares on Ford F150? In general, you can install fender flares on a Ford F150 by adding screws, select spots, and adjust the trim on the fender flare. First, clean the corrosion, drill holes in the Ford and fix it. Next, tighten all the screws, fix fasteners, and pull them to check the firmness. 

Make sure they suit the overall design of the tires and are enough to cover the area. 

How to Install Fender Flares on Ford F150?

Install them on a Ford F150 according to the compatibility and color coordination. 

The wheels on rotation can withhold multiple things like mud, debris, rotten leaves, and other small rocks. 

The circular movements of these tires are so fast that these things flow out of every time.

The fender flares are protection tools on these tires to restrict the throw of these things. 

The mud and other road liquids also affect the appearance of a Ford F150 in the absence of a fender flare.

They work by restricting every harmful substance to the truck and other vehicles on roads. 

Select suitable fender flares for Ford F150

There is a variety of these fender flares to adjust on your Ford F150. Few of them have built-in screws, and holes and others require drilling. The painted and non-painted flares are also part of these categories. 

The variable design and colors appeal to the buyers but select them according to the shape of your Ford wheels. The color also plays a vital role in selection because you cannot add an odd thing to the front section of your truck. 

The budget of a person is also essential before buying these items. They have moderate to expensive rates, and the selection depends on the customer’s demands. 

The options to customize the flares are also available, but it adds to the total amount of the budget. Many people add raptor fenders to F150.

Select precise screws and other tools

It is a challenging procedure because you need to perform various modifications to these items and the Ford body. 

The hardware stores provide the options of bolts and other tools that are sufficient for the adjustment. 

Ask the seller to match the compatible tools with your flares. They offer the best products with maximum fixing abilities. 

They are inexpensive materials and arrive in the form of a package. These screens are multiple, and all of them are sufficient for these installation procedures.

Select an appropriate location

They have fixation procedures over the wheels of a Ford F150, and they cover the whole surface. The curve of the fender flare makes the proceeds tricky. These are ideal to cover rust and prevent further damage.

Comprehend the design of the tires or hire a professional person for this procedure. If you are installing it without any help, then access the top side position of the tire. 

Start from any wheel from the front or back direction. Adjust them and check the positioning of these items without any problem. 

Take a friend’s help to hold this and draw spots at the connecting points. The tires also comprise holes for the adjustment of these tools, and if there is no hole, you have to make modifications.

Use a non-permanent marker to draw spots according to the holes of the fender flare. These are the connecting points of the item and the surface near the wheels. 

Adjust nuts and washers in fender flare

Adjust it on a smooth table, and bring all the screws out of the package. 

Adjust one washer with the nut and then push it inside the flared opening. Use a nut socket to adjust appropriately inside the surface. 

Tighten them until there is no rotation left on them. 

It takes more time than the overall installation procedure. In case of any problem, consult the mechanics and then proceed with the process. 

Adjust the plastic trim

The plastic trims are sealing material that enhances the ability of their adjustment. It is a long bunch of plastic trimming, and you can purchase it from the hardware stores. 

These are also available online with different cost ranges and size varies according to customer demands. It provides a proper fit due to corners. 

It settles on the edges and has a sticky cover on the back. It is long, and you can start the placement from one edge of your fender flare. 

Add it on one side and press it on the edges. Remove the bottom strip slowly and tuck it inside. Avoid the scratching of the item during these adjustments. 

Keep the movements consistent and slow for the smooth adjustment of the trim. Make sure it covers the edges and upper surface. 

At the end of the fender flare, cut the remaining trim with sharp scissors. Make a fine cut to offer a clear and stable appearance to it. 

Cleaning of corrosive material near a tire

The presence of corrosion on the wheel top is due to the accumulation of moisture, dirt, and other environmental effects.

Use the cleaning techniques and anti-corrosive material. Stabilize the surface with smoothness. 

Drill holes for proper settling

In fee cases, there are already existing holes on the sides of the ford wheels. In other situations, there are no accurate holes according to the design of these items. 

Use a drill machine and make holes on the marks. Adjust the flare after making any hole to check the accuracy of the procedure. 

Adjustment of fender flare on one edge

Adjust the new tool on one edge of the Ford F150 wheel section. Fix it on the curve and push it slightly inside to fix it. 

The plastic trim is suitable for such adjustment, and it also fits the item. Hold it on one edge and then check the connection on another side. 

Use a high-performance screwdriver and tighten the screws of the fender flare in these side holes. 

Adjust them appropriately to prevent the sudden falling of this item. Follow the tightening activity for all screws and reach the final point. 

Fix the screws and fasteners

Adjust the washers and nuts of the fender flare inside its body and on the front surface. Few of them have clips with a curved shape. 

Fix them inside the top surface with a particular amount of strength. Hold the device throughout this process. 

Reinstall the removed screws of the fender flare near the wheel edges on your Ford F150. People remove them due to their hinder in the procedure. Put them back and provide a finishing appearance to your new addition.

Few designs arrive with fasteners of plastic material. Fix them in specific spots with pushing. If they require fitting, then use a high-quality Philips screwdriver to tighten them. 

Pull it and test the adjustment

Slightly pull the fender flare after this adjustment procedure. Test the stability of the item and tighten the screws in case of any turbulence.

How much does it cost to install?

The cost to install these items varies from $500 to $900 with the price of these flares. 

The Fender flares have variable cost ranges, and few of them are expensive due to their extraordinary design. 

The additional adhesive material and paint enhance the standard prices of these items. On average, it costs around $320 to $460. 

The hardware includes in the package and separately costs you around $35 to $56. 

The special screwdrivers have different costs, and a few of them are around $24 to $50. 

You can hire a professional person to install these extensions on your truck wheels. He can charge around $50 to $79.

Time required

The time consumption depends on the style and design of these items. For example, the process takes approximately 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

It is a quick and convenient procedure for those who acquire expertise. However, for beginners, the process can prolong up to 40 minutes to 55 minutes. 

An expert can fit them in less than 19 minutes to 22 minutes. Make sure the fender flares for all tires are similar on a single Ford. 

It prevents inconvenience and adjustment problems. It takes less time to adjust them rather than the settlement of variable designs.

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