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How to Install Block Heater on Ford F150?

How to Install Block Heater on Ford F150?

Block heaters in Ford F150 increase the efficiency of its engine. However, the cold conditions damage your truck’s engine, and these heaters keep your truck running smoothly.

How to Install Block Heater on Ford F150? In general, you can install a block heater on your Ford F150 by removing the coolant from the drain plug. Then remove the freeze plug and place the heating element there. Next, Attach the power cord with your engine and refill the cooling system in the radiator.

On average, it takes between 6 to 8 hours to attach a block heater to your truck correctly.

How to Install Block Heater on Ford F150?

I have explained 9 easy steps to install a block heater in your Ford truck. Before starting the procedure, turn off the truck engine and let it cool for 10 to 15 minutes. Next, park it at the level surface and then lift it.

Draining of cooling system

The cooling system of your Ford truck contains the coolant, and it protects its engine from overheating.

Ensure that you completely drain your cooling system to install a block heater. Now drain the coolant from the drain plug that is present on the lower side of the radiator.

If there is no drain plug, then lose the clamp of the lower hose to drain the coolant.

Take a clean pan clean to collect your coolant, and later you can reuse it. 

You should lose the drain plug or lower hose clamp and place this pan under it to fill the coolant.

Allow filling the coolant from the radiator until clean water comes from the engine. The coolant present in the radiator must be low in level from your freeze plug.

You should fasten the clamps after filling the pan and save the coolant to use after you have installed your block heater.

Location for installation of block heater

It should be necessary to place the block heater in the right place so it can warm up your engine and oil.

Ford F150 block heaters consist of two parts; the heating element and the power cord. The heating element is present on the side of the driver, lower to the engine block. Next, you should remove the port of the freeze plug and place the heater in this port.

Its cord moves forward along the driver’s side and reaches the engine.

Remove the Ford F150 freeze plug

Sometimes in your Ford F150, a separate plug is present for the block heater. If there is no plug then, you should remove the freeze plug to install them here.

This plug is present in the engine block is made of metal material and round in shape.

It is better to tap it in the middle with a hammer, once it is loose, then move it to a right angle to remove it. Next, grab your plug firmly with pliers and take it out from the hole.

Clean a freeze plug

I always clean the freeze plug before this step for better results. Using sandpaper to remove any bumps and sharp edges around the surface provides good results.

Then, use baking soda or any cleaning solution to remove corrosion or rust from the freeze plug, and it only takes a few minutes.

Installation of block heater in Ford F-150

After removing the freeze plug, you should place your block heater there. The majority of such devices come with the O-ring; place this ring in the freeze plug hole.

After installing it, lubricate it with silicone grease to make the installation process easy. You should grease the hole properly to prevent the entry of moisture and air.

Then place the heating element of the heater in the plug and fix it tightly. Once it is attached properly, you can tighten its screws to secure it.

Attach its wires

It is necessary to attach wires with the electrical system of F150 to run your block heater. Attach the one side of your cord with the heating element and take it towards the front grill from the driver’s side.

You can attach its wires with the grill because you can disconnect it and propels it backward when they are not in use.

Once you fix it properly in your Ford F150, then tie up its cord. Next, wrap your power cord with electrical tape to keep its three wires separate.

You would place the cables away from any heating material to prevent their melting. The heating system supplies power through the cord to warm up the truck engine.

Refilling of the Ford F150 Cooling system

After setting up block heaters in your truck and connecting it with the power supply, the last step is to refill the coolant. Take the coolant that you have drained in the pan and put it in the radiator.

 Start your truck after filling the cooling system until the fan of the radiator starts moving. While driving, you should take care that your vehicle is not leaking and overheating.

Why would you install a Block Heater in your Ford F150?

Block heaters work best in freezing temperatures and help to maintain your vehicle performance.

In winter, your engines get blocks and not working, then to overcome the situation is better to use these heaters to start them.

It warms up the coolant present in the truck engine, which warms the oil. As a result, the oil becomes viscous and moves consistently in your vehicle.

I recommend you to start them before one to two hours of driving. So they can provide a continuous supply of oil to your trucks and save your fuel cost.

They run on a low electricity supply and also save the power supply of your vehicle. Because once your engine and its components warmed up, you can travel several kilometers without turning it ON.

Many people complain that when they move urgently to somewhere some times, their engine does not start.

In cold conditions, the fuel comes in the gelled form. Then it should be better to use a block heater to initiate your vehicle.

During extreme winters, the fog comes on the front mirror and windows, and it causes difficulty in driving and seeing clearly. These warm-up your truck and reduce the fog on the front mirror.

These are also important for the mechanical health of your engine and truck. When you are not using your vehicle for a long time, it prevents cold starts and increases the life of the battery and vehicle.

They prevent the ejection of fuel in the environment and saves our surroundings which are also beneficial for the health of other species.

Are Block Heaters safe to use in Ford F150?

There are many advantages of using them but, safety is needed to overcome disadvantages.

The heavy trucks, when they travel a long distance without any rest, they get heat up. This overheating caused an explosion of the heaters.

Sometimes the short circuit occurs in your cord because of the heavy current flow in them.

Due to heating the power cord also melts I recommend that you must check it after few weeks.

The coolant present in these can leak, and it is a difficult situation to handle. When this coolant contacts the wire, it causes fire.

Many people do not fasten the wires with the heating element tightly. As a result, the loose connection between them damages the heating element of the heaters.

Many people do not fix the heating element properly in the plug. As a result, the loose connection causes more heat production; it can catch fire and burn out.

I recommend checking the functioning of block heaters before using them. Maintain them for their better working and prevention from such conditions.

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