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How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

An SD card is the latest way to store map data and navigation systems for Ford vehicles. You can update the SD card to get road information with the MyFord touch screen and SYNC infotainment system. In addition, it allows you to insert the card for the latest navigation updates.

How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card? You can install the Ford navigation SD card by placing it into its slot. Now go to the Ford map update site and find the update according to the vehicle model and its year. Then, purchase the relevant update and complete the payment process. The update is available in the form of an SD card if the navigation system in your truck supports it. 

SD card option is available in the latest models with MyFord touchscreen and SYNC infotainment application software. 

How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

Mapping data is of prime importance in a navigation system that contains information about all roads, essential locations, and business points. 

The SD card has a slot available in the center console of the vehicle, and it contains both the map data and navigation software.

To add the Ford navigation system to your vehicle for the first time using an SD card, here is a sequence of steps to purchase an SD card with mapping data, a compatible stereo system like SYNC 3, and follow the upgrade or installation instructions on the touchscreen.

You have to purchase the card once you buy the truck and later purchase the map updates from Ford online store compatible with your vehicle. 

Do Some Research to get Details

The first step is to research the compatibility of the stereo system and SD card reader available with your truck to have map data. Next, find the available SYNC and database version and do the updates accordingly. 

You can also search for available updates on Ford stores by providing the model and year of your vehicle to check for available updates. 

They will also ask for the vehicle VIN and ESN to check for its compatibility with SD cards. Older models than 2014 have to replace the stereo units for the navigation to work.

Search out your Region

Ford provides various options regarding map data depending upon your requirements and intended application. For example, you can specifically select the map data of your area, state, or city where you live or frequently travel. 

Therefore, choose the map according to your choice and save some dollars. It will also be helpful in the future while purchasing the map updates for your truck in future. Larger maps will cost you more to update them.

Find a Compatible Device

To add a Ford navigation SD card, you must have a compatible set of hardware including, Syn3.0 or higher stereo system, SD reader slot, and GPS antenna.

 In the absence of any of those, you need to purchase them from a Ford authorized dealer or any other compatible system from online shopping stores.

 After buying them, hire an expert mechanic or auto electrician service to install them and make the correct wiring connections. You will also have to change the bezels to a newly upgraded version according to the stereo unit size.

Ford trucks after 2014 have GPS systems with SD card options available, and you need to update them only. But for earlier models, you need to upgrade those components for using the navigation SD card.

Buy the Ford Navigation SD Card

Ford launches updated maps every year containing information about any change in routes, maps, and directions.

It also has essential locations like business points and hotels. In addition, you can check the Ford website for updates available according to the vehicle type and model you own. 

After providing the application number of your vehicle, you will select the updated map of your area. Then, check out the cart to complete the purchase order. Ford will deliver the map stored in an SD card to your location.

Insert the Card in Slot

Trucks have an SD card reader slot available in the center console area near the radio option. Slot size can vary for full or micro SD cards. You can locate it by looking for a card symbol on it. 

After starting the vehicle, and turn off the engine and insert the card to identify it. The card slot has an opening that will not allow the wrong insertion of SD.

Push the card by its label side facing the passenger seat. Once you hear a click sound, it means you have installed the card and secured it in its place.

After inserting the card, turn ON the ignition, and you will see instructions to install the navigation software. Follow them for a successful installation. 

After that, you will see a navigation option besides the entertainment on the MyFord touchscreen. It will take a few minutes for updated maps to install on your vehicle.

Download Latest Navigation Software Version

While inserting the SD card, you may run into some issues upgrading the truck’s current software version.

You must download it, copy it to a USB device, and then upload it to your vehicle. In this case, perform some steps.

 You need a file explorer to open the file and copy to your drive, turn off engine idle, insert the USB drive into the vehicle drive slot.

How to Activate the Ford Navigation SD Card?

You have to find the SD card slot in your Ford navigation device. It is helpful since you can install a whole map rather than just a single map zone. In addition, for the complete map, you have a high storage memory card. 

Turn on Navigation Device

While installing, you have to determine and make sure you use the latest compatible version of the memory card and the application. 

After insertion into the slot, turns on the navigation device. You have to wait for a while to begin further proceeding.

In Error Switch OFF Navigation Device

When you turn it on but do not see any maps on the screen and receive an error message, turn off the navigation device. 

Install App and Map

The next step you should follow is the application and map installation. You may install the map with the help of a memory card reader, which connects the computer to the SD card. Next, click on the download application that appears on your display. 

Install the desired element in your SC card, then go to the home menu and click on the device, and disconnect from it or a computer.

Next, you have to make sure that the radio and other apps are switched off and add the card.

Turn on the engine, and the screen option appears on the display click on yes. The whole process takes about 2-3 minutes.

To get the map, go to the main menu on the screen and select the option to remove the SD card and carefully detach it from the slot. 

How to Update Navigation System Map by SD Card?

Your navigation system saves your time and gives related information and guidance about finding the route or any nearby area. You have to maintain it keep it up-to-date. 

With this, you will get the latest information related to your truck navigation system. Everything changes over time, and new things emerge. 

You have to purchase a new navigation map update from any authentic site and through their given menu, select your Ford model and year. 

Your update will be available on your SD card or disc. For example, you can upgrade the antenna splitter and SD card reader in an older model vehicle with an upgraded stereo.

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