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How to Install Toilet Paper Holder in RV?

How to Install Toilet Paper Holder in RV?

Many people do not know how to hang a toilet paper holder in their RV properly. Therefore, I have added easy methods along with suitable locations to attach these products.

How to Install Toilet Paper Holder in RV? You can install a toilet paper holder in your RV by using the paper template of the holder to drill holes in your RV and attach its assembly. Its suction cup can easily adhere to non-porous surfaces by pressing its cup and rotating its knob in a clockwise direction. 

They also provide a hygienic appearance to your bathroom by protecting tissue rolls from contamination, dust, and moisture and give accessibility to the user. 

How to Install Toilet Paper Holder in RV?

 You can easily hang toilet paper holders in your RV bathroom by following these techniques:

Permanent installation of the holder with drill machine

You will require a drill machine, stud finder, wall anchors, toilet tissue rack, and screwdriver for this technique. 

It contains paper templates for the accurate drilling of holes in your desired location.

Ensure to match the size of your drill bit with the wall anchors and make drill holes in the bathroom wall; after that, add wall anchors in them. 

You can also use a hammer to pass these anchors in the wall and then add installation screws in the bracket plates.

 After that, add tissue rolls on the rod of the holder and connect it with its cover so you can easily use tissue papers according to your requirements. 

Hanging the toilet paper holder with the help of adhesive pads

This type of toilet paper rack is easy to install and matches well with your bathroom decor. 

Ensure to install them on smooth glass, metal, or tiles because they do not fit well with rough surfaces like painted walls or wallpapers. 

 You need to clean the desired area of installation with the help of a wet cloth and let it completely dry.

 After that, remove the adhesive liner from its surface and press the holder assembly with the wall for 10 seconds.

 After that, leave the area for 1 to 2 days so that the assembly of the holder firmly attaches with it.

Things to consider when selecting a toilet paper holder for your RV

It is essential to consider the following factors before purchasing toilet paper racks. Some of them are as follow:

Material of the product

The toilet tissue holders are available in different materials like ceramic, wood, stainless steel, iron, etc.

The aesthetic appearance, durability, and corrosion-free property of stainless steel holders make them one number priority of its user.

The ceramic products can effortlessly prevent corrosion due to the presence of moisture and chemicals. 

Wood products give your bathroom a rustic look, but the presence of moisture can damage its assembly. 

Size and installation technique

It is essential to measure the appropriate size of your holder according to your bathroom space and then buy the product with an arm length of fewer than 7 inches so that it can easily hold the assembly of tissue rolls.

Most of these are available in three different installation methods i-e the self-adhesive one with 3M pads, suction cups, and the one that requires permanent installation with the help of wall anchors. 

Price and aesthetic appearance

Their price varies dramatically from each other. For example, the stainless steel and iron racks are more expensive than plastic one due to their durability and finishing. 

The finishing not only increases the aesthetic appearance of your RV bathroom but also increases the holder’s price. 

The chrome and nickel finishing will increase the corrosion resisting ability of the holder and make them shiny and dust-free.

Type of toilet paper holders for RVs

They are present in various sizes and designs with varying techniques of installation and weight carrying capabilities, so you can quickly select them according to your requirements. 

Some of them are as follow:

Toilet paper holders for installation on the wall

The holders for the installation on the wall can easily install on smooth areas with the help of adhesive pads that do not require drilling holes and extra installation tools. 

They require low maintenance strategies due to their superior durability and long-lasting materials to protect their assembly from excessive moisture and dust. 

They also contain a long bar that can swiftly hold the weight of toilet rolls and conserve the space of your camper’s bathroom. 

Freestanding holders for RV bathroom

This rack can settle in different areas of your bathroom according to the owner’s preferences without the need for permanent installation.

You can also place these types of racks in your kitchen countertops because they can easily store jumbo or 2 to 3 small tissue rolls in them and save space in your cabinets and draws.

The unique design of its bottom prevents the assembly of tissues rolls from water, dust and keeps it sturdy during driving. 

Toilet paper holder that can attach with a water tank

You can prevent the mobility issue of your bathroom tissue holder by installing them with the toilet’s water tank.

For this purpose, you need to lift the lid of your water tank and attach the hook of the holder with them and then rearrange it. 

Suction cup holders for toilet paper

You can install a suction cup holder on smooth and non-porous areas like the shower wall and bathroom door. 

For this purpose, attach the suction cup with the wall and press its assembly for 7 to 8 seconds. 

After that, rotates its knob in a clockwise direction to make the assembly airtight.

They are more reliable due to the holding strength of their silicone cup that can easily hold up to 6 to 8 pounds of toilet rolls weight. 

What is the best location to hang a toilet paper holder in an RV bathroom?

The placement of the tissue holders depends upon the dimension and available space of your bathroom. 

The general rule of thumb for installing toilet paper holders in the bathroom is to fix them next to your toilet, whether right or left, depending on your preferences. 

Measure the height of the sink and establish a holder approximately 25 to 27 inches above the camper’s floor.

It is essential to prevent user’s discomfort by placing tissues rolls within their reach, like 9 to 10 inches from the front or side of your toilet.

In this way, the user can efficiently utilize it without moving from the toilet seat or bend over from its place to get a piece of tissue paper. 

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