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How to Install Towel Rack in RV?

How to Install Towel Rack in RV?

Most of the factory-fitted towel racks in RVs are inexpensive, small, and less durable, with poor quality and design that can quickly decrease your RV aesthetic appearance and worth. 

How to Install Towel Rack in RV? You can install a towel rack inside your RV bathroom with the help of a drill machine and butterfly bolts to make the assembly more sturdy. You can also make screw holes with a thumbtack and fix the rack assembly with screwdriver or Velcro strips. In addition, adhesive-type towel bars preserve the space of your RV bathroom and protect its walls.

Every bathroom requires several sets of towels for cleaning and drying purposes. You can hang towel racks inside your camper’s bathroom to easily store the clean towels in them and provide comfort to its user.

How to Install Towel Rack in RV?

Towel racks help organize your bathroom accessories by storing neat and clean towels. I have added easy steps to hang these racks in your RV.

Installation of towel bar with drill machine

It would be best to have a cordless drill machine with appropriate drill bits, a Phillip screwdriver, butterfly bolts with a towel bar kit, masking tape, and a stud finder for this procedure.

You need to assess the center of the towel bar with measuring tape and mark its location with a marker.

Now measure the center of the wall and assemble the brackets of the towel bar with its hardware. 

You can also measure the center hole of one bracket with another one and mark its location on the wall where the bracket holes should drill.

Use a stud finder to inspect the electrical or plumbing pipes inside the wall before making drill holes in that specific area. 

Now create a hole in the center of the wall with the help of a drill machine and insert a butterfly bolt into this hole by pinching it close from its side so that it can easily pass inside it. 

Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the towel bar and tighten it with the help of the Phillip screwdriver. 

You can also use construction adhesive for securing the assembly of brackets with the wall of the bathroom.

Adhesive type towel bars for RV

You can also select the adhesive-type towel bar for the shower area and bathroom door of your camper. 

For this purpose, clean the area with the help of a dry cloth and use an adhesive cleaning sheet that comes with the bar assembly. 

Ensure to cut the adhesive foil of the cleaning sheet from its dotted line and do not touch its surface with your fingers. 

You need to apply the cleaning sheet downward on the area where you want to attach adhesive strips for bars installation and wait for 6 to 7 minutes until the surface starts to dry completely. 

Now remove the strip liner of two adhesive strips from one side and connect this side with the mounting base of the bar. 

After that, remove the liner from the other side of the adhesive strip and fix these bases with the towel bar assembly. 

Now firmly hold the towel bar assembly with your hands and attach them to the desired location.

Slide the towel bar assembly upward after pressing it with the desired installation area for 1 minute.

Now press the mounting bases of your bars with your hand’s palm for 60 seconds and leave them to dry on the wall for 1 to 2 days.

After that, reattach the towel bars on these bases by sliding them in a downward direction and hang your favorite towels on them. 

Installation of towel hooks holder

It would be best to connect the parts of the towel holder with mounting screws that are available in its package with the help of a screwdriver before fixing them on the wall. 

After that, carefully make screw slots on the RV wall with the help of a thumbtack to protect them from damage. 

After that, attach some velcro strips on the frame sides; it will make the assembly more sturdy and prevent them from moving while driving. 

Types of towel racks for your RV bathroom

The smaller bathroom makes it quite difficult for its user to accommodate different bathroom accessories due to the absence of large cabinets.

 For this purpose, you need to choose the appropriate size that does not create storage problems and fulfill the requirements of its owner. 

It would be best if you considered different factors while purchasing a towel rack, like its ability to bear the weight of wet and dry towels so that you can get dry and clean towels without any inconvenience and its holding capability.

From my experience, I recommended these styles of towel racks for your RV bathroom that can accomplish all your considerations as mentioned above:

Multi-tier towel rack

This type consists of multiple bars for hanging different kinds of small and large towels. 

They are also available in various designs, so you can easily accommodate your bathroom space over the wall and the door.

You need to consider the weight of wet and dry towels according to racks’ capacity and arrange them in such an order that they provide a neat and clean look to your bathroom. 

Swivel type towel bars

The swivel-type rack consists of a single metal plate on which two to four hinged bars attach that can easily rotate in different directions. 

This type requires robust anchoring hardware that can quickly drill on the bathroom wall and support the weight of these racks.

Towel hooks

You can easily install towel hooks in the bathroom’s shower area, so you can effortlessly get clean and dry towels without stepping on the cold floor.

They do not take a lot of space and are available in various forms with different installation methods like the self-adhesive one that can easily mount on the door and the bathroom walls.

Before purchasing them, you need to consider the weight carrying capability, durability, and mounting strategy of these hooks to prevent your walls from drilling holes.

Where to install towel racks in the RV bathroom?

It is essential to evaluate the available space of your bathroom before installing different types of towel racks.

 For this purpose, close the bathroom door after stepping inside it, measure the unoccupied area on the walls and door with measuring tape, and then purchase your racks according to these measurements. 

You can hang these holders near the sink and the shower area to effectively utilize them during the time of need. 

It is essential to consider the weight and height of your towel racks before hanging them on the walls because RV walls cannot hold heavyweights of different products. 

You can also utilize the area above the toilet for the installation purpose of racks so you can quickly get dry towels without stepping out of the shower area.

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