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How to Install Bull Bar on Ford F150?

How to Install Bull Bar on Ford F150?

You should select a bull bar for a Ford F150 according to the design and front structure of your truck. These are heavy structures and require assistance for handling.

How to Install Bull Bar on Ford F150? You can install a bull bar on a Ford F150 by accessing the front location, find dimensions of brackets, and make spots. Next, drill holes, insert mounting brackets and adjusts the bull bar on them. Finally, add the bolts, tighten them with a wrench, and reinstall the removed license plate.

Always purchase new bolts and keep the number more than the actual requirements. 

How to Install Bull Bar on Ford F150?

I have added 9 easy steps to install a bull bar on your Ford F-50. It takes around 60 minutes to 80 minutes to complete this process.

Purchase a new bull bar and tool kit

A bull bar for a Ford F150 is an upgrading agent, and it also enhances the appeal. It restrains the effect of damages to the central body of the truck, and it is one of the best protection tools. 

They have installation abilities on the front side of the vehicle. 

It must acquire the ability to adjust in one particular position. For example, take the dimensions of the front sections of your truck. Select it according to the size of this area.

Narrate the dimensions to the pull bar experts and then purchase an error-free gadget for your truck.

They include in the package but check them according to your requirement. In case of any tool absence, purchase it from the hardware store. 

Gather the tools before starting the installation procedure. It saves you from future problems and frustration. 

Access Ford F150 front and clean it

Access the front location of your Ford F150 and estimate the area for the installation of a bull bar. Use a fiber-free piece of fabric for the cleaning of this area. 

The removal of dirt and other stain helps in accurate attachment of the pull bar with the front section. Also, use a cleaner to remove the harmful material from a bumper section.

Leave the structure for at least 20 to 25 minutes and allow it to dry naturally. 

Remove the front license plate

Remove the license plate; it is present on the front side of the pickup and can interfere with the installation procedure.

Take a screwdriver and adjust it on the screws of the license places. Then, unscrew them one by one and detach them by loosening them.

Discard them from the license plate and hold them throughout the process. Take the support of assistance to perform this particular function. Keep it aside in a safe corner and utilize it in the future. 

Access holes and hooks

Face the front side of your Ford F150 and then access the bumper section. In few designs of these trucks, there are holes and hooks for the attachment of the bull bars. 

These are built-in structures that make the process less frustrating. Read the manual and access these holes. The pictures and data of the manual also guide the presence and design of these hooks.

Also, consult with a professional person about the availability of these holes and hooks.

Use a drill machine to make these holes in the bumper section. Next, measure the size of bullbar brackets and then make a layout on the front side of the pickup.

Use a non-permanent marker and then draw spots on the particular section. Next, insert the drill machine on these spots and then generate holes.

You can also adjust the pull bar and its brackets on the bumper. Perform the process of spotting with this process. 

Adjust bull bar brackets

Adjust the mounting brackets on the holes which are present on the bumper. 

Check the adjustment ability of these structures on the holes because they have to pass through the holes. 

It is a check for the estimation of this bracket adjustment. Thus, it can save you from future errors and time consumption.

Attach the mounting tool

Multiple brackets support the overall structure of a bull bar. These structures attach to the lower and upper sides of the device.

All of them have the mounting ability with the pre-drilled holes and hooks. Insert the mounting brackets one by one in the openings.

Make sure you are pushing them in the similar hole of one aligned path. Attach tools with the hook of the opening. 

Tuck the mounting brackets inside and stabilize them. The supporting structures remain stable due to these attachments.

Few pre-existing hooks are already in use of the driver. Remove them by unbolting them and then perform the bracket mounting activity.

Adjust the bull bar on Ford F150

Adjust the bull bar on the front side of the Ford F150 and the bumper section. Secure the bull bar on the mounting brackets with skills and care. 

A minor error can make the process challenging for the person. 

Consider that the holes of the bull bar and openings of the mounting brackets are in one line. 

Also, find a straight line of the pre-drilled holes on the bumper section. 

Adjust and tighten the bolts

Adjust the bolts in these holes that the tools cross the front opening and lead to the last end. Use a bolt tightening device like a wrench of high quality. 

Adjust it on the bolts and then tighten them firmly. Follow a similar process for every bolt according to the holes.

If you make extra openings, then purchase new bolts. Always consider the new structures for tightening and control. 

They have maximums strength for tightening, and you can also stabilize these heavy structures on the front side. However, the tightening of these bolts requires enough force. 

Ask a friend to follow a similar tightening pattern after you. Hold the pull bar during these fixation procedures. 

The free-falling of these heavy tools can cause wounds, and the process becomes longer than the standard time specifications. 

Fix and stabilize the bull bar

Fix the bull bar in one position with the attachment equipment. Fix it until you remove it manually with specific techniques.

Make sure it is not moving in its axis or when someone touches it. The stability of the specific structures is necessary during the driving conditions as well. 

It is not a suitable condition because you can lose this structure. In addition, it can bend and mold due to sudden pressurized striking with the road surface.

Add the license plate of your Ford F150 on the front side of the pull bar. You can also use a relocation method for these plastic structures. 

The stability of the structure enhances due to such methods. Take the help of a mechanic in such tricky situations.

How much does it cost to install a bull bar on a Ford F150?

These are moderate to expensive products, and you can purchase them according to your requirement. 

On average, the cost of a bull bar is around $370 to $450.

Overall it can cost you around $1200 to $2700.

The labor cost according to per hour pattern, and an average cost of the labor is around $60 to $150.

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