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How to Keep RV Cabinets From Opening?

How to Keep RV Cabinets From Opening?

Here are 9 easy methods to stop RV cabinets from opening when you are driving. If these cabinets are open, they can distract you when you drive the RV.

How to Keep RV Cabinets From Opening? There are different latches available in the market to keep RV cabinets from opening The magnetic latches and push-button latch are the most preferred ones. The cord and spring release latches’ attachment; double roller latches also prevent your cabinets from opening during driving.

The cabinets are where you store plenty of your household items. The most annoying thing is the opening of these cabinets during driving.

How to Keep RV Cabinets From Opening?

Some uncomplicated ways are available to fix this problem and prevent them from falling on the RV floor. You can effortlessly use this method in your RV.

Establishment of magnetic latches

The best method to stop your cabinets from opening during driving is by installing these latches.

Magnets formed these latches; they are easy to install in your RV cabinets doors and are present in a wide variety.

The preferable feature of these magnetic latches is that they are economical and available everywhere.

They are present in great diversity. Some of the latches are available with screws. You need to attach them to the cabinet door and, after that, attach a metallic catcher inside the cabinet.

Make sure to mark their place accurately before installing them.

Some of the magnetic latches are available with adhesives, also known as invisible magnetic latch.

It would help if you mounted the adhesive latches in your cabinet door, and you can open your cabinet with the help of a magnetic key.

They can secure your cabinet door firmly; if you need to open your wardrobe, take the magnetic key with you.

Set the key against the cabinet door, and you hear an opening sound, and your cabinet becomes open.

The vital feature of these locks key is that they attach to any place made of metal like the fridge door because they have a magnet. 

The magnetic latches firmly link your cabinet’s gate to their site and prevent their opening during traveling in your camper.

You need to mark the space and then attach these adhesive latches because they can damage your cabinet’s paint.

Install these latches only one time. These are also known as child safety locks and can open with significant strength. 

Push-button latches for cabinets

You can attach push-button latches to your cabinets. They are easy to use because after pressing their button, they become lock and prevent things from falling out.

You can easily install them with some tools like clamps, push-button knob, drill machine, and some pencil and measuring tape.

Also, use a spade bit and some screwdriver to tighten the bolts. The push-button must be the spade bit’s width and have some ridges to fix the hole quickly. 

The spade bit can also help make a hole in the cabinet door and select the push button. Measure the cabinet board with the help of measuring tape and mark the position using a pencil.

Mark a hole with the help of a drill machine by attaching a spade bit in it. After that, sand the corners and add the push button’s bevel inside the hole.

Add the push button unit and make it as straight as possible and screw it. Check the button functionality by pushing it.

The button is hard to press if the screw is too tight; try to lose them. Now attach the latch on the inside, measure the push-button center and then attach the metallic catch according to it.

Check the process by opening and closing the door while pressing the button. It will help secure all your product inside and prevent them from falling. 

Cord method for securing RV cabinet

You can a long bungee cord and wrap it around all the cupboard knobs. Make sure to tighten the ropes between the handles properly. 

They correctly secure cabinets and cannot open them by the jumps on the road. In this way, you can protect it from the falling of heavy things on your floor.

It can also increase safety because they cannot open separately and protect your cabinet from future damages.

They are economical, but there is only one disadvantage of using these cords that are visible from the outside.

Slide cabinet locks

These locks work on the principle of a cord attached to the cabinet handles.

They are present in different varieties; you can easily install them on the cabinet handles and become locked.

There is no need to add screws in them or make holes in the cabinet doors with drill machines. It would help if you fixed slide locks on the cabinet’s handle without any adhesive; they work fine. 

Spring release latches for interior and exterior cabinet

Some other products are available in the market that works on the same principle as the cord fastening method around it.

Some attach to the exterior surface of cabinets, and some other attachment to the interior. The exterior contains a powerful spring releasing system primarily present in the latch’s middle.

The side-by-side cabinet latch that attaches to the outer surface has a cord-like structure that goes on its handles, and the springs lock between them fasten firmly.

There are also indicators link to them that tell you that the latch is appropriately secure or not.

There is no need for any tool to attach the cord on the handle of two separate cabinet doors and check the indicator. 

They are the most substantial latches that can open only with significant force. It will prevent the opening of cabinet doors during driving.

The spring release that attaches to cabinets’ interior surface is available in a little arm-like structure.

They fasten to the cabinet door with adhesive, and their arms grip on the brim of the interior cabinet surface.

If you want to open your cabinet, push the handle, the cabinet open. Push the spring release arm until the cabinet becomes open.

Use velcro for securing cabinets

You can also use velcro that is a self-adhesive tape mostly use to secure the drawer. You can also use them on your cabinets.

They are cheap and available everywhere. They are easy to install and can tighten your wardrobe firmly. 

For velcro attachment on the upper cabinet door of your RV, you need regular tape also. Try to cut them to the appropriate size.

Attach the regular glue or tape on the bottom of the cabinet door, and then attach two velcro strips in different directions to properly secure it.

Check the process. It will fasten its door more firmly and can use again and again.

There are available in a distinct color, so you can easily match them with your cabinet colors. The only drawback of this self-adhesive tape is that they need some bottom edge to attach them.

For this purpose, open its door, attach this self-adhesive tape on the inside of the cabinet frame, and close its door.

Check the process. If it’s not working, you can paste some more adhesive strips on it.

Double roller latch for cabinets

They are the most common latch holder. They are available everywhere, easy to fasten with the help of screws and drills.

They are economical but have low latch ability than other latching options. Their latching ability becomes loose after some time, so you must replace them.

 Add Carpet in front of the lower cabinet

 This method is not permanent. You can use this procedure when driving, and there is no availability of any latches or tools.

You can stop your lowers cabinets from opening during driving by rolled-up carpets, towels, and or some other heavy clothing.

You need to wedge the heavy clothing between the floor and the cabinet. Place something heavy thing in front of them, so they easily remain in their places.

Prevent overloading in cabinets

It is crucial to prevent the overloading of items in your cabinet. Most of the time, for traveling, we pack extra things.

Try to clean it properly and place all the necessary things in them. Make sure to put all the heavy stuff at the back of the cabinet.

It will also prevent the risk of floor damage due to their falling. The most filled cabinets of the RV are the kitchen and bathroom.

Try to clean them before traveling and remove all the unnecessary things. It will also help close it properly and allow the latches to perform their work accurately.

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