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2022 Ford Maverick: Facts You Should Know

2022 Ford Maverick: Facts You Should Know

2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck comes with unibody construction and front-wheel-drive configuration. It should have a turbo-4 and 3-cylinder engine option with advanced features. It attracts the customer due to its size, exterior look, and affordable price range.

2022 Ford Maverick

The Ford truck series disrupt this trend and become the most selling truck in America. The Ford Maverick 2022 is the new model, which is a small-sized pickup truck.

With time, pickups have become more advanced, heavy, well-equipped, and expensive.

It is a compact size as compared to the Ford F-150 and the Ranger.

These have various features, trim options, cost-effective and reliable. This model uses few innovative properties from the Bronco sport crossover.

Maverick has various models, but only the standard remains. The previous model has the gearbox property it lacks in the latest model that allows reducing the cost.

However, it maintains its level in the marketplace due to reliability, loyalty, efficient engine performance, and off-road ability.

This competitor has unique features due to its compact size and a bunch of new features. 

Where will the Ford Maverick be built?

Maverick build in Mexico at the Cuautitlan factory or the Monetary brand facility that supports the Fusion and Lincoln MKZ.

It indicates that they want to avoid the despised Chicken Tax and sell it without any penalties and charges in core markets like Brazil, USA.

Unibody platform

In the United States, two types of construction for the truck are present. These are body on frame in which mount truck on a chassis.

Another is the Uni-body construction, in which truck body and frame manufacture as a single piece.

It provides safety features, improves fuel economy, and easy to design. These also provide a smooth ride and low center of gravity, so the rollover chances are less.

This truck will share the transverse engine layout and unibody with the Bronco sport and Escape crossover models.

It modifies from the Ford C2 architecture, which also available for the 4th generation Ford and SUV. 

Front-wheel drive architecture

The Front-Wheel-Drive architecture is the new global platform used by Ford. It has significant value after the body-on-frame.

With this help, the time for manufacturing of trucks saved almost 15%-20%. It achieves the target and flexible enough to handle subcompacts such as Fiesta.

It is also best for the crossover models like Edge and Escape. In this way, the automaker drives the better value and maintains the economic scale at the desired level.

It manages some particular points, like the front axle and ball of the driver seat.

Handbrakes, air conditioning unit, and seating structure module use for varieties of vehicles. In this case, you can reuse many possible modules for this purpose.

Exterior styling

It is a light pickup with a compact range below the mid-sized compared to Ranger with Unibody crossover.

Automakers tried to give the best contemporary look, which fulfills your need. The front side has the LED lights and has a high bumper like a pretty chunky.

It covers an area of about 50-51, which is like an upcoming Bronco sport. The large grille style provides the best mechanical support to the engine.

It has an upright windshield which gives the proper cleaning and maintenance of the front section. The cabin has a four-door arrangement.

Bed size

The bed size is approximately 5-6 feet with length, width, and height reach up to 205.8, 72, and 71.3 inches.

According to the report, based on configuration, the bed size is shorter than the Ranger, about 25-30 inches.

It cannot hold an extra load but can carry two bikes at a time.

It is an adventurous truck that can use for a quick visit and tour with essential accessories. It looks like one cohesive unit like body and cab are not in separate mode. 

Engine system

This truck should expect to have a turbo-4 and turbo-3 cylinder engine option that gives the facility of sufficient torque for better towing.

This model has 8, and 10-speed automatic transmission to provide efficient and smooth operation due to a better gear ratio. 

Powertrain and torque

Since the Maverick truck and Bronco sport are compatible so they some features similar to each other, like powertrain.

The client has two options for a turbocharged engine so choose 181 horsepower with 1.5L turbocharged inline-3 or with 240hp have 2-liter turbocharged inline-4.

An eight-speed automatic is standard in both cases. For the horsepower 280hp with 208kw, the turbocharged inline 2.3 can also include in this model. This new model’s torque rating according to power is around 270-277lbs of torque.


For the transmission, there are two chances available. For all the engine options automatic 8-speed gearbox is present. There are chances that the 6-speed also can use for this purpose. 

Towing and payload capacity

It belongs to the small pickup truck, its holding capacity depending on the bed size and its support.

Customers are habitual to the midsize and large pickup, but it is satisfying for those who want to ride their family or friends at the small unit.

It is best for the tour or adventure and can carry two bikes easily.

It should haul the 2000-3000pounds of the payload capacity. It is best for easy transportation to the grocery store and wading through the high traffic. 

Interior style

It has a stylish design and a long list of excellent features. Except for few components, these are similar to the exterior design of Ranger.

It is more spacious and has proper interior arrangements with the best configuration. The roofline framework provides extra headroom.

It contains a large knob that gives information about climate control and fundamental stereo function. 

Seating arrangement

There are wide storage cubbies, and at the front side, two-seat arrange alongside the console compartment with the option of the individual front bucket seat.

The rear arrangement should meet the standard criteria like a 3-seating layout. Although, it is not surprising if automakers give you a choice to remove it.

It helps to provide extra storage space for your easy and comfortable living. Both seating areas are free from gravity which makes the body neutral prevents it from destabilizing.

It maintains your posture position during long traveling so that you are not getting tired and remain comfortable. They have the better leather upholstery brownish color with excellent and durable stitching. 

Ground clearance

This truck has 8-10 inches of ground clearance. This feature is also known as ride height which is the essential dimension of your vehicle.

It is defined as the minimum distance of the bottom truck chassis to the road.

It is the best adventurous truck because it is best for off-roading and hilly areas need high values.


This 2022 pickup model has an affordable price range of around $25,000-$28,546, which varies from the base level to the most advanced version. It is low in price as compared to the Ranger, Bronco sport.

Release date

The production of this latest truck is under process at Hermosillo in Mexico plant. The automaker will announce the date of its release at the end of 2021. However, it is available at the start of 2022 for the buyers.

Customers are waiting for the unveiling and buy this truck after a few months later. The price for the clients is the most satisfying factor.  


This truck rides on 17 inches wheels with steel or aluminum rims that give the best driving performance off-road.

It also has an option of 18-inches to bear the rough terrain easily. By the terrains management system, drive test applied on it which gives the best result. It can pass through the sand, mud, snow, and hilly areas. 

Safety features

The manufacturers make advancements in the vehicle feature by introducing new technology.

For driver safety and better assistance during driving, they develop advanced automation and safety features.

They provide the rear cross-traffic alert, which monitors the vehicle distance behind both left and right directions.

When the vehicle enters that region, the visual or auditory alarm becomes ON makes you alert from the situation.

Another feature is automated emergency braking which prevents you from the immediate vehicle crash.

This system alerts you to take action to avoid the accident. The blind-spot monitoring feature is present on the mirror side or rear bumper.

It has a sensor and camera which detect the lane-centering assistant. Standard lane departure warning system alerts the driver when they drift out the vehicle from a lane without a turn signal.

It contains adaptive cruise control technology, which allows stop and go feature. It prevents the least driver effort and maintains the fuel economy.

Suspension system

The suspension system provides easy driving at off and on-roading because the shifter paddle present on the steering wheel.

Its cooling system improved and it can drive for prolonger period without overheating. The shock absorber facility and the 1-2inches suspension lift better the ground clearance.


The tailgate of Maverick is small as compared to the Ford F-150 and Ranger. The name embossed at its bottom as a blue oval shape cut-out.

This name is mentioned on the truck bedside to identify the vehicle quickly. With time, new advancements add to the tailgate.

It has different features which allow easy access to cargo and second-tier loading. It should open and close by the key fob and button help. It can prevent the stuff from sliding out. 

Infotainment system

This feature allows you to command various activities like calls, music, driving direction, and other beneficial information. Sync-4 or 3-infotainment system depends on the vehicle, screen size.

The users use it to get much information they need at a time. The display screen is multi-tasking 8-10inches.

You have an option of listening to music or another streaming service on a smaller display along the navigation route on it.

You can open various features on it according to the screen. Customers can have an experience that customizes their vehicle based on the size of screen they choose.

Ford automakers give wireless facilities, like Apple Carplay, which implement and sync various applications like Waze. 

Through this, you can optimize various features like radio, climate, and lightning.

Its manufacturers use many processes to introduce new technology in the upcoming generation, which interacts with the customer more.

You can use the SiriusXM 360L to access many events, concert interviews, and others in your truck by this facility.

Fuel economy

The fuel economy factor depends on various conditions, which affect it. It includes road conditions like rough terrain, driving, and load capacity.

According to EPA estimation, three-cylinder engines can cover 25-30mpg on the city and highway, respectively.


2022 Ford Maverick has several color options for the exterior truck portion. The prominent color which you can see are the white, blue, red, and shiny appearance gives a unique look. 

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