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Winnebago Solis: Facts You Should Know

Winnebago Solis: Facts You Should Know

The new 2022 Winnebago Solis comes with a gas engine with 280 hp and improved load-carrying capacity. It is a complete package with enormous features. It is an enjoyable and versatile camper van that can adjust 4 to 5 people.

2022 Winnebago Solis

The features of the new 2022 Winnebago Solis Camper van are unique and are abundant. You cannot neglect such beautiful moving homes with all the facilities. 


The external appearance of this camper is like a causal bus, but the features are diverse.

The design is not the same as a vehicle, and it comprises various modifications. The outer body is tough with insulation on the coverings. 

The doors and windows offer cross ventilation, and it provides a journey suitable and comfortable for every passenger.

The driving seat section has a separate door for the entrance. There are two seats in this compartment, and one is for the person. 

The other section is for the passenger who can travel without resting. It is a separate compartment from the backside home section.

It is beautiful, and the color varies in terms of the model. There are chances of customization due to the expanded and versatile design of the massive camper.

The windscreen is vast enough to provide a great view of the front road. The front lights also work without interruption and excellent efficiency. 

The entrance of the home section is through a moveable and massive door. 

There is a window right above the entrance area. A person from the inside can get the outside view and information.

The backside is also with a window that is adjacent to the living compartment.

The lights of the reversing action always remain active. In some situations, they are not apparent, and few of them are visible.

You can see a top-floor camping area at first glance of a Class B motorhome. The side mirrors are suitable to catch the background view.

Internal features

The interior features are multiple, and they have high efficiency. The internal seat plan comprises mega structures with leather covers.

They have seat belts to provide maximum security to the system. The seats are appealing, and they have tables in front of them. 

It is the dining area of the moving home. There is enough furniture for three to four people.

All of these things are rigid, and they have maximum control.

The fiberglass material gives a beautiful appearance and quality, and the driving area contains the steering wheel and its machinery. 

Everything is in its place without any turbulence, and the rear mirror provides the background view. A camera and touch screen panel allow the monitoring of roads and journeys. 


The engine of this RV is efficient in its performance. It directly impacts the weight carrying capacity of such massive structures.

It acquires and utilizes the gas for its functioning. The horsepower is enough for such setups. 

It has the power of approximately 270 to 290hp. The engine portion keeps the balance of the fuel and work efficiency. It never compromises the quality of the camper’s performance.

It can accumulate 3 to 4 liters instantly. The engine is V6 naturally, and it is one of the best additions to such a moving home. 

It has a separate compartment with insulation, and there are minimum chances of damages or any liquid penetration.

It works in coordination with the other appliance and supplies enough energy for excellent working. The engine keeps everything in link to offer the quality of the moving home. 


The efficiency of the engine affects the speed of the camper. It has a massive setup and a lot of weight inside it. 

It does not affect the speed quality because it moves with maximum power. It is a high-quality setup with minimum errors. The weight cannot minimize the movement patterns. 

It has an automatic mechanism of transmission. It moves with a 6-speed pattern. The drive is smooth, and it is capable of handling road jerks.


The wheels of the system are also efficient, and they work in coordination. It is a four-wheeler and can tow heavyweight.

The internal structure gives weight to the wheels, but they have suspensions. They take no stress on the external and internal environment.

The massive Solis moves smoothly and can move rough turns. There are minimum chances of turbulence in the setup due to wheels. The steering wheels control the movement of the tires. 

A slight turn of the steering device provides quick movements of the tires in the relevant directions. They are rigid enough to tolerate the rain and other weather conditions. 

Seating arrangement

The seating arrangement of the driving compartment is different than the internal living spot. It has two to three seats with seat belts.

They offer enough protection to the passengers during traveling. The setup is controllable, and it is with furniture.

There are few other small setups for sitting. It is a complete dining and resting space for all those who travel while sitting. 

Electrical sections

The electrical sections include the air conditioning devices and generator.

They are helpful to provide an uninterrupted connection of electricity, and there are no chances of electric short circuit or voltage fluctuations. 

The division of the electric power supply depends on the quality of the system. It is worthy of such a massive and complex structure.

The air conditioning devices are essential to control the temperature changes. They keep the internal environment safe from enhanced heat rates.

It is suitable for the passenger and is an automatic system. You can use a remote or push button to increase or decrease the temperature limits.

The presence of a generator is side equipment for emergencies. It generates electricity for the electric appliances during a shortage.

It is of enough size and work performance. You can settle it in one corner or install it permanently to reduce the electricity issues. The setup is suitable for long-distance traveling and other such conditions. 

Doors and walls

The doors are rigid and high enough for an adult person. The doors are strong in one place or moveable the front layout is rigid with clamps in its original position.

The central compartment comprises a moveable door, and it is of enough size. You have to move a bit while entering the middle area. It has a low roof than the front doors, and they are two. 

The central door is usually one and massive in terms of size. The walls are insulations.

They cope with the external heat and temperature variations. It never harms the internal passengers, and they travel in comfort. 

Accommodation space

It is a massive payout and has enough space for accommodation. You can settle three to four people inside the setup. The rooms and other sections have space to living and walk.

The furniture never interferes in the walkways inside the RV. The spot is suitable for peaceful traveling to long-distance places, and it is the settling space of the moving home. 

There is enough space in the driving compartment for two people.

It can easily adjust 4 to 5 people simultaneously. The mega sizes are excellent for no disturbance and never cause suffocation.

Popup camping

It is a camping section on the upper surface. It is for excellent space for sleeping and resting, and the area immediately increases from the normal condition.

You can settle approximately two people in this camping compartment. It has a covering, and no one can interfere in the privacy. The families prefer such a setup for easy sleeping and resting conditions. 

The internal ladder allows the free movement of members from the bottom to the top surface. It is easier to move to the popup section.

It has all the furnishing and requirements to lie down comfortably. There are minimum chances of head bumping on the rooftop. You have to understand the structure of this layout before entering.

It is a bit tricky than the casual entering points, and the section comprises lights and other suitable things. You can turn off the lights to reduce the internal view. 

The windows or the camping section have a curtain. There is no chance of an internal view from any corner of the setup. 

Room with furnishing

It is a massive camper van with enough space, but it has few limitations. The bedroom is without any door, and it comprises of a sofa bed.

You can fold and unfold this structure according to your need, and it can settle two adults and one kid at one time. 

There is a foamy material over the sofa, and it provides maximum comfort to the sleeping person. The sides of the furniture offer support, and they decrease the falling rates. 

There are minimum chances of any accident during the road jerks. The piece of furniture remains firm in its original state without any turbulence.

It has a special place and people prefer to install it permanently. It is high enough and has a versatile structure.

The head portion is above the body point. You can fold and fix it in one corner during the daytime or when you are not resting. 

It offers excellent comfort to the body of a person, and there is no excessive furniture.

The setup can occupy a lot of space, and it is a convenient layout for any family. 

Bathroom facility

The bathroom facility is wet bathing in terms of all the essentials, and it has a shower facility with constant water flow. The toilet portion is separate from the showering area.

The hot bathtub offers bubble baths, and it relaxes everyone during traveling. The freshwater tanks offer continuous supply during long-distance trips.

It never gets short of water, and it is an attractive feature. It has a door for privacy corners, and the locks are internal.

Space is enough for one person, and he can also walk inside such areas.

There is no congestion or suffocation during or after the shower. The ventilation areas decrease the pressure of heat and humidity and offer to breathe. 

Solar panels

It is an additional feature of this camper van that gets energy through the solar panel. You can charge it with sunlight before leaving for a journey.

It works suitably without any error until the device is efficiently working. It is a small device and can accumulate maximum joules of energy. It is optional equipment, and you can use it in emergencies.

Temperature changes

The walls and temperature moderators are suitable to cope with this issue. The outer insulation does not allow the entrance of extreme heat in the vehicle.

The device automatically turns on when they find the upper limits of heat. You can utilize the air conditioners every time because most people keep windows off.

It keeps the internal environment refreshing and pleasant. There is no problem with external light, and it reduces the use of electrical cooling devices. 


The whole layout comprises multiple lights with energy, and they are together. The engine and power system of the massive vehicle are in correlation. 

Few of them are light-emitting electrode lamps with white light. They keep it full of glorious looks every time, and it appears as a moving light star on the roads. 

Every small and big compartment comprises these lighting bulbs. The bathroom sections have separate LED bulbs, and they are usually two to three, and all of them connect with one electric power circuit. 

Ladder and furniture

The setup includes the ladder and other furniture for the convenience of the passenger. The ladder is woody or iron material, and it is rigid enough to bear weight.

The internal ladder is moveable, but few people fix it in one spot. You can move upwards to the popup section for sleep and resting.

It is a two-way passage, and you can come down any time without any restriction.

It allows the movement of one person at one time. The ladder does not occupy much space because it is vast in length.

The width is not so vast, but it has steps. The other furniture includes chairs, tables, and few decorative items. All of them occupy small space in the corners or middle section.

There is not a single item that interrupts in the walkways. The presence of a sink with a water faucet is part of the furniture.

It is with the side of the wall and presents internally. The constant supply of fresh water is suitable to wash the utensils and hands. It is clean and rigid with all the essential facilities. 

Storage compartment

It does not comprise a separate storage compartment. Few cabinets and other open sections allow the settlement of luggage.

You can open the backdoor of the vehicle, and it has storage setups. You can push the stuff under the seats, and it is an optional thing.

The organizers are not compulsory, but in some situations, they prevent the mixing of material. The storage area is safe and comfortable in terms of use.

The cupboards with doors offer the restriction of falling stuff on the vehicle’s floor.

The setup is in the form of drawers that are big enough to carry clothes and other such material. Few of them have locks, and you can protect them from any unfavorable robbery. 

Electric appliances

There are multiple electrical devices in the vehicle. The driving area comprises electrical ports to connect the mobile system.

There is a touch screen that is usually near the sink section. It has the map and manual of the whole layout.

You can use it to monitor any compartment of the massive structure. The electric sockets in Winnebago Solis allow the connectivity of mobile phones and their chargers.

The stereo system of the front cabin is also electric. You can use various ports with maximum electric supply.

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